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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Landfill Contract	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	8W	When this comes into play, shuffle the discard pile into the deck. Action:Discard a card, then draw a card. When the discard pile contains at least 20 cards, you win the game.		Bucky
Time Bomb	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	9S	Play into another player's control At the start of each of your turns, decrease all numbers in this card's cornervalue by 1.  If its cornervalue is ever '0S', you are eliminated.		Bucky
Wanted Poster	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Whenever a Thing is destroyed, the player whose turn it is may destroy this Thing and draw three cards.		Kevan
Generosity	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		At any time, you may give a card in your hand to another player.		ChippyYYZ
Litterbug	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		At any time, you may discard a card.		ChippyYYZ
Mana Potion	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		Gain 5 Energy Tokens.		ChippyYYZ
Corneraiser	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	0W	When this comes into play, increase all numbers in its cornervalue by 1 permanently. If this has a cornervalue of '10W', you win the game. Action:Return a non-token Thing you control to your hand.		Bucky
Not In My Back Yard	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	NIMBY	Pass any number of your things to another player.		gill_smoke
Zombie Drifter	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	Z23	At the beginning of your turn create Zombie Token Action and Thing: destroy a Zombie token pass Zombie Drifter to another player.		gill_smoke
Zombified Extruder	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	22Z	Attach to a thing that makes tokens it now makes Zombie tokens		gill_smoke
Sisyphus	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Whenever an Action card is played, return it to its owner's hand at the end of their turn. Action abilities cannot be played.		Kevan
Hot Potato	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	9S	Action:Give this card to the player on your left.  At the start of each of your turns, decrease all numbers in this card's cornervalue by 1.  If its cornervalue is ever '0S', you are eliminated.		Bucky
Bad Photoshopping Job	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		Delete any number of words from the end of a Thing's text, and add any number of words to it from the end of another card's text.		Kevan
Scroll Of Fireball	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		If you start your turn with 4 or more cards in hand, gain an Energy token. Action:  Spend three Energy tokens to destroy target Thing.		ChippyYYZ
Scroll Of Noxious Cloud	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		If you start your turn with 4 or more cards in hand, gain an Energy token. Action:  Spend an Energy token.  If you do, each opponent discards a card.		ChippyYYZ
Scroll Of Gale	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		If you start your turn with 4 or more cards in hand, gain an Energy token. Action:  Spend any number of Energy Tokens to return that many target Things to their controllers' hands.		ChippyYYZ
Scroll of Victory	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	9W	Action: Destroy ten Energy Tokens you control to win the game.	"I think these scrolls are just a little overpowered"	Bucky
Ambergris	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	M24	You may destroy this at the begining of your turn to create 10 money tokens.		gill_smoke
Two Bits	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	M22	Create 2 money tokens.		gill_smoke
Living Trust	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	M23	Create a money token for every Living Thing in play.		gill_smoke
Quoting out of Context	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		Pick three sentences from any cards in play, and add them to the end of this card, until the end of the turn.		Kevan
Fundrazor	cards_3901_4000	thing_pun	Thing - Pun		When another non-token Thing is destroyed, gain a Money token. Action:  Spend 3 Money tokens to destroy target Thing.		ChippyYYZ
Corner Virus	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	5S	Things that share a symbol in their cornervalues with this card or an Infected card are Infected. Infected Things are controlled by their controller and by you.		ChippyYYZ
Quote Quota	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		When you control at least 7 Things with quotations in their flavor text, you win the game. Action:  Target thing's flavortext becomes "Victory shall be mine!" - ChippyYYZ	"Quote me as saying I was misquoted." - Groucho Marx	ChippyYYZ
Corporate Investors	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	M26	Other things you control can not make money tokens. Whenever you use an action ability gain a money token.		gill_smoke
I got the hook up	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	M25	Give control of any number of inanimate things to other players create a money token for each thing given away.		gill_smoke
Too drunk to what?	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	R18	Attach to a Living Thing. It cannot take actions.	I think she said 'Oh'. -Ducky	gill_smoke
Industrial Revolution	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Once during each player's turn, that player may activate the Action ability of each Thing they control.		Kevan
Going for Broke	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		Discard your hand. Destroy a Thing.		Kevan
Scroll of Greater Victory	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	8S	Action: Destroy twelve energy-related Things you control to win the game.	Rule 3 is there for a reason	Bucky
Soul Crusher	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	7S	Destroy a living or life-related Thing.  If it was a Soul, eliminate its former controller.		Bucky
Silent Auction	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	6S	Each player secretly chooses a number that is less than or equal to the number of Things they control, then everyone reveals their numbers at once.  The player with the highest number destroys that many of their Things and draws three cards.  If that player wasn't you, draw a card.		Bucky
Second Opinion	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		The first time you draw a card each turn, you may discard it and draw another card.		Kevan
Wall of Tokens	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		If a player controls more than three tokens, then non-token Things they control cannot be destroyed.		Kevan
Data Immersed	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	C10	Reveal 10 cards from the draw pile put all things into play, put the rest into your hand.	Where did I see that quote. -Confused Academic	gill_smoke
Distributed Accounting	cards_3901_4000	thing_rule_	Thing (rule)	30M	Whenever you have to destroy a token you may create a negative token instead. Action and Thing: Destroy X negative tokens, Destroy X non negative tokens.	I didn't say they had to be yours.	gill_smoke
Ducky	cards_3901_4000	thing_person	Thing Person	NCIS	Action: Remove a Living Thing in the discard from play and create a murder token Action & Thing: Destroy a murder token and remove a Living Thing from play.	Observer: Does it help you to talk to them? Ducky: Well, they're still human. But what we do is so invasive, and impersonal. It helps me to establish a relationship.	gill_smoke
Headshot	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		Destroy a Thing, ignoring any protections against destruction that it may have.		ChippyYYZ
Escape Pod	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Action:  Remove this card and a Thing you control from the game.		ChippyYYZ
Phalanx	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		Switch any number of Things you control with Things from your hand.		ChippyYYZ
Fun with Semantics	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	5S	Action:Permit another player to play one.  Thing:Reveal it from your hand to gain a token with the same name.	Hint:Check the Glossary page	Bucky
Trade Route	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Action: Draw a card. An opponent of your choice may put a token of any type into play.		Kevan
Gratuitous Overdone Choreographed Wuxia style Kung-Fu Fight Scene	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		All players ante a living thing with a destroy action from either their hand or from play if unable create a card from the archive. Each player rolls a die, the highest roll gets a an action token reroll ties. The thing with action tokens greater than the total number of things in the battle wins, then things without action tokens are destroyed. Keep rolling until someone wins.	"Hiiia Yaa!" -Corrigan	gill_smoke
Going Out of Business Sale	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	M-2	All players get money tokens equally to the things they have in play. The player with the fewest money tokens auctions all of their things except money tokens destroying unsold items.	Final Days Every thing must go.	gill_smoke
Like Romeo and Juliet	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	2b	Destroy 2 living things at least one that you control.      	I hated reading that old sappy crap. -Bub	gill_smoke
Better the Devil	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		Draw two cards, read their titles and have an opponent choose one of them. Play the chosen card and discard the other.		Kevan
Travelling Salesman	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Action: Draw a card and give control of this Thing to an opponent.		Kevan
Electric Fence	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Whenever a Thing would change controller, it is destroyed instead.		Kevan
Splash Damage	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	4S	Whenever you destroy a non-Token Thing, you may also destroy a Token belonging to the same player.		Bucky
Peer-to-Peer Download	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	3S	Target opponent draws three cards, then gives you three cards from their hand.		Bucky
Tar Pit	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Thing cards cannot be returned to players' hands. At the start of each player's turn, they must destroy a Thing they control (other than Tar Pit).		Kevan
Emptying the Filter	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		Put a token of any type into play.		Kevan
The Pirate Bay	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Action: Reveal the top five cards of the draw pile, and pick one. Each player puts a copy of that card into their hand.		Kevan
Bank Fraud	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	28M	Target player destroys all of their Money tokens		gill_smoke
Stock with Dividend	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	M27	At the beginning of your turn create a Money token.		gill_smoke
Expired Patent	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	26M	Destroy 5 Money tokens to play, create a copy of an inanimate thing from the archive put it into play.		gill_smoke
Sandwich Break	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Action: Put a Bread token on a Thing. Action: Destroy a Thing with exactly two Bread tokens on it.		Kevan
Time Warping Field	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		Action:  Destroy all things you control and take two extra turns after this one.		ChippyYYZ
Auto-Troll Shuffle	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		Choose as many Things as possible that aren't controlled by target player, up to the number of Things they control. That player swaps their Things with the chosen Things.	With credit to xkcd.	ChippyYYZ
Whatchamacallit	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		 		gill_smoke
Booster Draft	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	C11	Everybody discards thier hands and draws 5 cards Keeping one passing the rest, keep passing drawn cards until all cards are selected.	What's next? a Swiss round? -Johnny Magic	gill_smoke
... but unfortunately	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	R31	Propose a draw, but eliminate a player.		gill_smoke
Speed Enhancer	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	2S	You may play an extra Action each turn, but only if you took at most one Action your previous turn.		Bucky
Breaking Blow	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	1S	Destroy an inanimate Thing.		Bucky
Paradoxical Carnage	cards_3901_4000	action	Action	sezU	Destroy one Thing per player (players controlling no Things may draw a card). If any player controls indestructible Thing(s), choose an indestructible Thing to destroy. Otherwise, you may choose or allow the player to choose which Thing is destroyed. This card overrules all other cards		Goldenboots
Inventive Genius	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	T1	When one IG Machine card triggers an ability all IG Machine cards do also. Action: Destroy 4 non token things without action abilities you control to make a new IG Machine card with one of the following abilities as rules text Action: destroy a token, Action: create a token, Action: draw a card, Action: Opponent discards a card.	"What did you do to my cat!?" -Bub	gill_smoke
dodad	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		 		gill_smoke
doohicky	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		 		gill_smoke
Hall of Mirrors	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing		At the start of each player's turn, that player may choose a Thing in play. Until the end of their turn, all Things in play are treated as if they have the card text of that Thing.		Kevan
Upward Copier	cards_3901_4000	thing_machine	Thing - Machine	1R	Action:Gain a Token that is an exact copy of another Token you control.		Bucky
Downward Copier	cards_3901_4000	thing_machine	Thing - Machine	2R	At the end of your turn, gain a Token that is an exact copy of a Token on Downward Copier(if possible)  Action:Remove all tokens from Downward Copier, then move one of your Tokens onto Downward Copier.		Bucky
Furnace	cards_3901_4000	thing_machine	Thing - Machine	3R	At the start of each of your turns, you may destroy a Token you control.		Bucky
Refinery	cards_3901_4000	thing_machine	Thing - Machine		At the end of your turn, you may change the type of a token you control.		ChippyYYZ
Transporter	cards_3901_4000	thing_machine	Thing - Machine		Once during your turn, you may give control of a Token you control to another player.		ChippyYYZ
I Am The King Of Tokens	cards_3901_4000	action	Action		If all Tokens and cards in play with the word "token" in their text are controlled by you, including at least 15 tokens and 5 cards, you win.		ChippyYYZ
The Well Is Dry	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	0	Every player must play at least one card every turn. Players may only draw a card by sacrificing a Thing they control, and may do so at most once per turn.		Goldenboots
Target Matcher Rack	cards_3901_4000	thing_machine	Thing - Machine	4R	If there are two Tokens of each of three different types on this Thing, and no other tokens on it, you win the game.  Action:Move one of your tokens onto or off of this Thing.		Bucky
Dozer	cards_3901_4000	thing_machine	Thing - Machine	5R	Once per turn, you may move one of your Tokens onto or off of a non-Token Thing.  You may not use this to cause a Thing to have more than one Token on it.	You can still remove Tokens from Things containing 3 or more Tokens, though.	Bucky
Vertical Girder	cards_3901_4000	thing_machine	Thing - Machine	6R			Bucky
Fishing Rod	cards_3901_4000	thing	Thing	0----	Action Gain control of a fish. If there is no fish in play, draw a card and take another Action (at most once per turn). 
Thing Create a Trout Token, which counts as food. Sorry, Kevan. Goldenboots Wiki Edit cards_3901_4000 thing Thing diff Action Edit the ruletext of a Thing controlled by an opponent. The opponent has a free immediate reaction ability to revert your edit, in which case, no change has occured. If the opponent waives this reaction, the new ruletext becomes operational after your turn ends. I edit wikipedia to alert people about the UFOs but ChippyYYZ keeps reverting my edits! Goldenboots Of No Official Title cards_3901_4000 thing_person Thing person When you play this pair it with a living thing in play and a gender. When played as a Male Action: Destroy target thing (except paired card). When played as a female Action: Take control of thing until the beginning of your next turn. All other genders Action: Trigger the action ability of a thing in play. gill_smoke Datacolapse cards_3901_4000 action Action Remove all cards from the game. There are no winners. That is why we back things up; and why you are fired. -Big Boss gill_smoke Chingaderra cards_3901_4000 thing Thing "It goes next to the doohicky over there" -Bub gill_smoke Marble Run cards_3901_4000 thing Thing Whenever a token comes into play, its controller must give it to an opponent of their choice. Kevan Kneejerk cards_3901_4000 action Action Starting with the player to your left, each player plays a card at random from their hand. Kevan War of Attrition cards_3901_4000 thing Thing 7R Whenever a player draws a card, they must discard two cards, destroy two of their Things, or eliminate themselves. Bucky Ingest Token cards_3901_4000 action Action 8R Destroy a Token and draw a card. Bucky Conveyer Belt cards_3901_4000 thing_machine Thing - Machine 9R Once per turn, you may trigger the Action ability of one of your other Machines, or give one of your tokens to the player on your left. Bucky Common Foe cards_3901_4000 thing Thing Play under any player's control. When this comes in to play, destroy any number of target Things you don't control. Your opponents are teammates. ChippyYYZ Albatross Soup cards_3901_4000 thing Thing If this card is eaten, the eater eliminates themself. Can you guess why? ChippyYYZ That Is Not Funny! cards_3901_4000 action Action Play only in response to a player making (or attempting to make) a joke or humorous/witty comment. That player is eliminated. ChippyYYZ Power Cut cards_3901_4000 action Action Everyone discards their hand. Kevan Check cards_3901_4000 thing Thing If a card would eliminate a player or cause them to win, it can only be played if the player playing it revealed it from their hand during their previous turn and said "Check". Players may reveal cards at any time. Kevan Barrel Heap cards_3901_4000 action Action 0R Pick a hexadecimal digit. Gain four Barrel tokens whose cornervalue is that digit. Bucky Have a Snit cards_3901_4000 action Action If you control a snit you win, otherwise give a non token thing to another player who is then eliminated. gill_smoke Dollhouse cards_3901_4000 thing Thing Action and Thing: Take control of target living thing whose rules text is now blank. Thing: add an ability from any card in the archive to a blank living thing you control. The ability lasts until the end of your next turn. gill_smoke Rick with a silent P cards_3901_4000 thing_person Thing person Action: Take control of a thing in play, give it to another player at the beginning of your next turn "I don't think I like you." -Bub gill_smoke Genetic Manipulation cards_3901_4000 action Action CAT? Select six Things in play with nonempty ruletext. Create a new Thing, under your control, with one sentence from each selected Thing's ruletext, in an order you choose. Also select one word from each selected Thing's title to form the new Thing's title, and up to one digit and one letter from selected Things' cornervalues to form the new Thing's cornervalue. Make up your own flavortext. Goldenboots Illusionary Confinement cards_3901_4000 action Action 0Q Swap target card's ruletext and flavortext until the end of the turn and take another Action. You win the game if you have played Illusionary Confinement targeting itself this turn, or otherwise turned this statement into ruletext. Bucky

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