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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
The Old Exploding Card Trick	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Play after a player has drawn one or more cards. They must discard those cards, plus an equal number of cards at random.		Kevan
Mancala	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Action: Choose a player and a token type. Take all the tokens of that type belonging to that player, and redistribute them one-by-one, going clockwise around the table starting from the player to the left of their owner. Any player may play this action ability.		Kevan
Token Squash	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a token, if you control a token with a longer name. Any player may play this action ability.		Kevan
Dead Cow Cultists	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a living Thing you control and discard a card. Then take two extra Actions.		Zt
Life Insurance	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Play onto target Thing. When equipped Thing is destroyed, destroy this card as well and gain 5 moneys tokens.		Zt
Nuclear Power Plant	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Players who control radioactive tokens, discard a card at the beginning of their turn. Action: Gain two energy tokens. Roll a die. On a one this Thing's Action ability is triggered (this does not count as you playing a Thing).  Thing: Chernobyl II! All living Things are destroyed. Each player gains two radioactive tokens.	It's nucular. NU-cu-lar.	Zt
Moral Compass	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Whenever a player destroys an opponent's Thing, they gain one Evil token. If a player has any Evil tokens in play, they may not win the game. Action: Put a card from your hand into an opponent's hand, and destroy an Evil token. Any player may play this ability.		Kevan
Sniper	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Action: Name a Thing. Action: Destroy the last Thing that you named using this card's other ability.		Kevan
Four-Leaf Clover	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		You may choose to discard the first card you draw, during a turn, and draw another card.		Kevan
Flush	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Hand size limit 1 card.  When this card has been in play for one full turn, destroy it and draw 8 cards.		Binarius
Stunt Double	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		When this card comes into play, draw five cards and place them face-down under it.  If an opponent's Action targets you, you may divert its effects to Stunt Double's hand; if you would be eliminated, destroy Stunt Double.		Binarius
Laser Guidance System	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		When you play a card that calls for a decision to be made randomly, you may make the decision yourself instead.		Binarius
Smoker	cards_3201_3300	thing_zombie	Thing - Zombie		Action: Name a Thing. Action: Gain control of the last Thing that you named using this card's other ability.		Kevan
Boomer	cards_3201_3300	thing_zombie	Thing - Zombie		Action: Put five Zombie tokens into play. Action: Destroy five Zombie tokens to destroy a Thing.		Kevan
Hunter	cards_3201_3300	thing_zombie	Thing - Zombie		Action: Put a Crouch token into play. Action: Destroy all Crouch tokens to destroy a Thing.		Kevan
Hixkaryana	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		In every sentence with both a subject and an object, switch the positions of the two.		Binarius
Rogue Wave	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		You must play this card immediately when you draw it.  Destroy all but one of your Things and discard down to one card.		Binarius
Teeball	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		No player may be prevented from drawing a card at the beginning of their turn.		Binarius
Holographic Projector	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		At the start of your turn, destroy all other Things you control. Once during each of your turns, you may draw and reveal three cards; put any Things into play, and discard the rest.		Kevan
Vending Machine	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Action: Draw and reveal three cards. You may discard two cards from your hand to put a Thing card from among them into your hand. Discard any you do not take.		Kevan
Insert Coin	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Each player must destroy a token they control before playing an Action ability. If they cannot, they cannot play the ability.		Kevan
Mutual Assured Destruction	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	MAD	When this comes into play, publicly link one Thing controlled by every opponent to this card (make a note of which Things are linked). If an opponent has no Things, link the first Thing he/she plays after this. When any linked Thing is destroyed, all are destroyed, even if indestructible.		Goldenboots
Mountaineer's Rope	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		If you are eliminated, give this Thing to any opponent before you go. Action: Return an eliminated player to play. They draw five cards.		Kevan
Police Tape	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Thing cards may not be played. Play in response to a Thing you control being destroyed. You may not play this card during your own turn. Action: Destroy Police Tape.		Kevan
Gibbering Mouther	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Comes into play with one size token whenever this card destroys a thing add a size token to this card. Whenever this card would be destroyed destroy a size token on this card first if there are no more size tokens then destroy this card. Action: Destroy random thing.		gill_smoke
You are made of pure win	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		When you play this, choose the winner.		gill_smoke
Baker	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Action: Put a dozen Food tokens into play		gill_smoke
Facehugger	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Can only be played onto a living Thing; that Thing's card text is blank. If the Thing leaves play, put Facehugger into play under your control, attached to nothing. Action: If Facehugger is not attached to a Thing, destroy target Thing.		Kevan
Pawn Shop	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Action: Replace a non-token Thing you control with three Money tokens, or replace a token you control with a Money token. Any player may play this ability.		Kevan
Bus Stop	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		You may skip drawing a card to put a Time token into play. Action: Draw and reveal a card. Make a copy of it for every Time token in play, and put those copies into your hand. Destroy all Time tokens.		Kevan
Engine	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	7W	You may play an extra Action during each of your turns.		Bucky
Day Job	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	8W	Action:Gain two Money tokens.		Bucky
Night Shift	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		You may skip a turn to gain six Money tokens.		Kevan
Rubber Bands	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		If this card is destroyed, destroy all other Things you control which have Action abilities. Action: Activate the action abilities of all other Things you control.		Kevan
Park Place	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Whenever a player would destroy this they must destroy all of thier tokens first.		gill_smoke
Get out of jail free card	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Instead of being eliminated discard your hand draw three cards then destroy all of your things.		gill_smoke
Flat Tax	cards_3201_3300	thing_rule_	Thing (rule)		At the beginning of every turn before they draw players must destroy destroy a thing or discard a card. if unable they declare bankruptcy and are eliminated.		gill_smoke
Steep Slope	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		At the start of each player's turn, they must return a Thing they control to their hand, if possible.		Kevan
Just What I Always Wanted	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Draw five cards, then discard all but one card from your hand.		Kevan
Personal Bodyguard	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		If you would be eliminated, instead destroy Personal Bodyguard and continue play.		Kevan
Bravarian Illuminati	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Owner cannot draw unless they have no cards then draw they to their hand size of 10, if they discard a card they discard thier hand. Thing: take control of thing, destroy it at the end of your turn. Action: Destroy a thing.		gill_smoke
Balloon Payment	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Target player destroys all of their tokens		gill_smoke
Low Interst Loan	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Playable on another, when this comes into play player gains 10 money tokens at the beginning of every turn the owner must destroy a money token or be eliminated.		gill_smoke
Achievement Unlocked	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		If a player has five Achievement tokens, they win the game. If a player performs one of the following acts and has not already gained an Achievement token for it, they gain one: destroying a non-token Thing; destroying a token; drawing more than one card at once; returning a Thing to a player's hand; controlling ten or more Things.		Kevan
Flame War	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	9W	Action:Target player discards two cards and gains control of Flame War.		Bucky
Thanksgiving	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Every player may say one thing they are thankful for; if they do, they may draw three cards.  Destroy all edible Things; every player skips their next turn.		Binarius
Obesity Epidemic	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		If any player plays a Thing but not an Action during their turn, they gain a Fat token.  Any player with 5 Fat tokens is eliminated.		Binarius
Snowball Fight	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Any player who has been given three Snowball tokens must destroy them and skip their next turn.  Thing (Global): Create three Snowball tokens.  Action (Global): Flip a coin.  Take a Snowball token you control and on Heads, give it to a chosen opponent and draw a card; on Tails, destroy it.		Binarius
Illegible Fax	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	X400	When you play a Thing you may play it into any player's control. While playing a Thing into another player's control you may erase one word on the card, and/or replace a word on the card with "never".		Goldenboots
Junk DNA	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		A 'junk' token type is a token type where no current rule names the token type for a purpose other than creation. Any player who can show control of tokens of four junk types during his/her turn wins.		Goldenboots
Beach Ball	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		If Beach Ball is destroyed, discard a card.  Action: Give Beach Ball to chosen opponent.		Binarius
Hammer of Justice	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Whenever you must discard cards, every other player must discard one.		Binarius
Big Blind	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		At the beginning of your turn, discard one card.  At the end of your turn, give this card to the player on your right.		Binarius
Cicadas Attack!	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		At the beginning of your turn and when this comes into play place a Year token on this card and, if possible, remove seven Year tokens. When this card carries no Year tokens, your cicadas emerge and eat (destroy) a living thing of your choice.		Goldenboots
Dumpster Dive	cards_3201_3300	action	Action	1X	Move two random cards from the discard pile to your hand.  Shuffle the discard pile afterwards.		Bucky
Beam Spam	cards_3201_3300	action	Action	2X	Destroy up to 5 Tokens or 1 non-Token Thing.		Bucky
Greater Necromancy	cards_3201_3300	action	Action	3X	Move all living Things that are in the discard pile to the bottom of the draw pile, then gain a Zombie token for each Thing you moved.		Bucky
Baron von M√ľnchhausen	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Things you play cannot be prevented from being played. Instead of drawing a card you may draw a random card from target opponent's hand.	"That's a FACT!"	Zt
The Pope	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Non-blue Things cannot be played without your permission. Action: Search the draw pile for a card named "Jesus Christ Himself". If you find it, put it into play and destroy this card.		Zt
Friday the 13th	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		You may play this under target opponent's control. All eliminate effects target you instead of other players. All destroy effects target a random Thing you control instead of their original target. Action or Thing: Destroy this.		Zt
The river card	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	C5	Action: Everybody antes 2 money tokens. Counting cards and players discard cards from the draw pile until you reveal an action, resolve action and counted player gets money tokens. If you can't ante you are eliminated.		gill_smoke
The turn card	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	C4	Action: Everybody antes 2 money tokens. Counting cards and players discard cards from the draw pile until you reveal an action, counted player gets money tokens. If you can't ante you destroy one thing or you are eliminated.		gill_smoke
The flop	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	C3	Action: Reveal the next three cards and resolve all of the action crds revealed		gill_smoke
Life Drain	cards_3201_3300	action	Action	4X	Choose one: destroy a living Thing and draw a card, or destroy an undead Thing, or target player discards a card at random.		Bucky
Apoptosis	cards_3201_3300	action	Action	5X	Target Thing destroys itself.		Bucky
More than Mind Control	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	6X	Play onto another Thing.   You make any decisions required by that Thing's text, and may use its Action ability as if you controlled it.		Bucky
Robo Card	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	C6	Action: draw a card.  Action: discard a card.  Action: play two cards from your hand.		gill_smoke
Dead Man's Hand	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	A8	Playable on another player, unless you control an undead your hand size is 1.		gill_smoke
Full House	cards_3201_3300	thing_rule_	Thing (rule)	C1	At the begining of your turn draw to your max hand size		gill_smoke
Used Coupon Book	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	EXP 2010	When this comes into play, erase two of the Coupons below. Coupons  on this card may be used one per turn. When you use a Coupon, erase it.   Coupon: Every player draws two cards.   Coupon You draw one card.  Coupon Create a Coupon token   Coupon  Destroy two Coupon tokens, win the game.  Coupon target player discards a card.		Goldenboots
Better the Devil	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Whenever a player uses an Action ability, the player to their left chooses a Thing with an Action ability the first player controls. The player must use that Action ability instead.		Kevan
Power Cut	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		The text of all other cards is blank. Play only if there are more than five cards with Action abilities in play.		Kevan
Action Interaction	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	A1&A2&A3	Action: Swap your choice of Action abilities between this card and target Thing in play.   Action: Erase an Action ability from target Thing in play, replace with "Action: Draw a Card"  Action:Discard an Action card, draw a card: if it is an Action, choose to perform it immediately or give it to target opponent.		Goldenboots
Radiation Sickness	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Every player gains a Rad token at the start of each of their turns. Each player's hand size is reduced by the number of Rad tokens they control. Any player may skip a turn to destroy all Rad tokens they control.		Kevan
Malware	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Play onto a Thing with an Action ability. Whenever that Thing's Action ability is used, the person who played this card may take a random card from the Thing's controller's hand.		Kevan
Rag and Bone	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Each player may destroy any number of Things they control.		Kevan
Queens are Wild	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	4Q	You may play this on another. Owner may play as many action and thing cards from their hand but may not use action abilities.		gill_smoke
Suicidal King	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	1K	You may play this on another. Owner must discard a card and destroy a thing in order to play action cards.		gill_smoke
One Eyed Jacks	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	2J	You may play this on another player. Owner may not play things but may take two actions every turn.		gill_smoke
Skeleton Warrior	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		When this is destroyed, you may discard a card to put it back into play. Action: Destroy target token.		Zt
Skeleton Warmage	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		When a Thing you control is destroyed, you may discard two cards to put it back into play. Action: Generate a Skeleton Warrior token.	Don't speak in dark tongues, if you don't know the grammar.  Don't walk in the shadows, if you don't worship the Snake.	Zt
Dark Fakir	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Cannot be destroyed by tangible things. Action: Draw a card.	His bed - made of nails. His breakfast - glass shards. His favourite song - revenge. 	Zt
Fire Ants	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Action: Put as many Ant tokens into play as you have non-token Things. Action: Destroy a number of Ant tokens you control, to destroy a Thing which has the same number of letters in its title.		Kevan
Try Switching It Off and On Again	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Return all Things with Action abilities to their controllers' hands.		Kevan
Pandemonium	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Activate each Action and Thing ability of the Things in play once. You make any decisions for them.		Zt
3:2	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		You take three Actions. Then target opponent takes two Actions.		Zt
Haste!	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Play all Things and Actions from your hand, disregarding any per turn limits.		Zt
Jacks Or Better ...	cards_3201_3300	action	Action	JJ	Looking at the words in the title all players need at least one pair of cards in play with the same letter alphabetically greater than the letter J or be eliminated.		gill_smoke
... Trips To Win	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	333	Whoever has three copies of the same card wins.		gill_smoke
This ain't Fluxx	cards_3201_3300	action	Action	F(x)	Destroy all card that have beginning of turn or end of turn effects.		gill_smoke
Junkyard	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Action: Gain a token of any type that isn't already in play.		Kevan
Cage Fight	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		When this comes into play, each player may play a Thing from their hand, then must destroy all but one Thing they control (other than this card). Things may not be played. If there are two or fewer Things in play, destroy Cage Fight.		Kevan
Groundwork	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Action: Put a Research token into play. Action: If you have at least ten Research tokens, draw two cards.		Kevan
Strangers have the Best Candy	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		This card is black and pink at the same time. Action: Gain a strawberry candy token.  Action: Trade three strawberry candy tokens with a Thing controlled by target opponent.		Zt
Tragedy of the Commons	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing		Any player may use this Thing's action abilities. Action: Draw a card. Action: Draw two cards and destroy this Thing.		Kevan
Best Laid Plans	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Look at an opponent's hand, and choose a card from it. They must discard that card.		Kevan
Aces High	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Reveal any number of cards with an A in the title or cornervalue in your hand draw a card for each revealed.		gill_smoke
31 for two	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Create 2 money tokens draw a card.		gill_smoke
Blackjack	cards_3201_3300	action	Action		Create 21 money tokens		gill_smoke
Kill Sat	cards_3201_3300	thing	Thing	7X	Action:Gain an Energy token.  Action:Destroy three of your Energy tokens and one other Thing.		Bucky

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