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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
When me and Grandpa used to hunt Dinosaurs	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Everybody may use this Thing's abilities. Action: Destroy target living Thing controlled by opponent. If you do, gain a tooth token.  Action: If you control two or more tooth tokens, eliminate a player with no living Things in play.	"Everything was better back then."	Zt
The Gloves Are Off	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		If a player is forced to discard a card, but has no cards in their hand, they are eliminated.		Kevan
The Necronomicon	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		For every Insanity token in play, your hand size is reduced by one. Action: Draw three cards, and put an Insanity token into play.		Kevan
Going Through The Motions	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		When this comes into play, each player (starting with you) draws two cards and plays them both immediately. Repeat this until the game ends, or until this Thing is destroyed. Action abilities cannot be played.		Kevan
Friendship Sandwiches	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Draw two cards plus one for every opponent; give every opponent one of those cards, and keep the other two.		Binarius
Robot Sentries	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Return Robot Sentries to your hand when an opponent plays a Thing to return that Thing to your opponent's hand.  Destroy Robot Sentries when an opponent plays a Thing to destroy that Thing.		Binarius
Noodly Appendage	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Put a living Thing from the discard pile into play under your control.		Binarius
Taunting the Spy	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		You have no hand size limit. If you have fewer than ten cards in your hand, you cannot win the game or eliminate any players. Action: Draw a card.		Kevan
Secured derivitive	cards_2901_3000	bad_debt	bad debt	-10000$	if discarded you win	Its not a thing nor an action card and is therefore unplayable	gill_smoke
Charnel house	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing	Z1	Every time one of your living things would be destroyed, you may remove it from the game and create a zombie token instead.		gill_smoke
Haunted House	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing	G9	may be played on another player, owner must discard a card to take an action.		gill_smoke
If I Had A Hammer	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		You cannot play Action cards, or use the Action ability of any other Thing. Action: Destroy a Thing.		Kevan
Howling Wind	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Every player takes a random card from the player on their left, then discards a card.		Binarius
Staredown	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		When this card comes into play, every player secretly chooses a number of cards to discard and then discards them; whoever discarded the most gains control of this card.  On a tie, the tied players may bid additional discards for control.  Action: Destroy this card and take another turn.		Binarius
Disarm	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Every player must either destroy all Things under their control that can destroy other Things or discard their hand.		Binarius
Bubble Ghost	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Action: Give control of this Thing to a player who controls no Things, and draw five cards.		Kevan
Broken Fusebox	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Action: Activate the Action ability of another Thing you control three times, then destroy that Thing.		Kevan
Sins of the Father	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Whenever any non-token Thing is destroyed, the player who destroyed it gains a Sin token.  Any player with a Sin token may not win the game.  Any player may destroy a Sin token they control instead of drawing at the beginning of their turn.		Binarius
Security Council Resolutions	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Every player creates one card.  Put these cards to a vote on whether to be shuffled into the draw pile.  If assent is not unanimous for any one of them, none are shuffled in.		Binarius
Mersenne Mania	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Any player who controls 2n-1 Things, for prime n, may draw n cards.		Binarius
Dropped Brain	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		When a player attempts to draw a card when the deck is empty, eliminate that player and destroy this card.	"Are you still serving breakfast?" "Uh, today, or, like, in general?"	jtwe
The Eye of a Needle	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		If a player has one or more cards in their hand, they may not win the game.		Kevan
Will Work For Food	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Action: Gain control of a living Thing. Any player may play this ability.		Kevan
Unfair polling	cards_2901_3000	action	Action	D22	Take a vote for the winner the owner of this card gets 3 votes		gill_smoke
Over Full Graveyard	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing	Z2	if there are more than 10 living things in the discard pile living things that go to the discard pile are removed from the game and are replaced by a zombie token instead.		gill_smoke
Super Computer	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing	Cray5	Your max hand size is increased by 27	"I'm sorry Dave I can't do that" -Hal3000	gill_smoke
In This Week's Episode	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Reveal your hand. If you have any Things with Action abilities in your hand, you may play each of those abilities once.		Kevan
Boîte Diabolique	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		All sound-related cards are disabled.	It houses the 19 forbidden notes.	Pongo
Mall Drug Store Nerf	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		For every card created by Kevan played, create a drama token and put it into play.	10/14/08: NEVAR FORGET	Pongo
Turban Dead	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy all things with no flavour text.	Oh no, they're not getting me.	Pongo
WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		For each opponent, roll a die.  Give that many Dead Turkey Tokens to that player, then roll another die and give half that many Turkey Tokens to that player. Destroy a random non-turkey thing for each living Turkey in play	I swear to God I thought they could fly.	ChippyYYZ
Prototype Isochron Sceptre	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		When this comes into play, attach an Action card from your hand to it. Action:  This ability has an identical effect to the Action card attached to Prototype Isochron Sceptre, but you must discard a card to play it.		ChippyYYZ
Wait A Minute...	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Pause the game for 60 seconds.		ChippyYYZ
The Gods Made Heavy Metal	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Draw two cards at the start of your turns.  Destroy this card if you do not play both an Action and a Thing during your turn.  Action: Destroy target Thing unless its controller agrees to trade it to you for a chosen Thing you control.		Binarius
From Hour to Hour We Ripe and Ripe	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Discard a card, then draw three cards and play one of them.		Binarius
Castle	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Return a Thing you control to your hand and replace it with a Thing from your hand.		Binarius
Permab&hammer	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Action: Eliminate a player.		moot
Finish What's On Your Plate	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Players may not draw cards if they already have one or more cards in their hand.		Kevan
Assimite Vampire	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing	V2	When this card has more than 100 tokens on it remove it and its tokens from play.  Action: Destroy this card.	Do the impossible, see the invisible.	Pongo
Sicilian Dragon	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing	G6	When this card comes into play, discard down to one card.  Your hand size limit is seven.  Draw two cards at the beginning of your turns.		Binarius
Moral Victory	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Target Thing's controller must either destroy that Thing or show you their hand.		Binarius
No One's Head Shall Be Higher Than King's	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		No player may control more Things than you do.  If any player does when this card enters play, they must destroy their Things until they control as many as you.		Binarius
B-Movie fest	cards_2901_3000	thing_rule_	Thing (rule)	B2	Destroy this at the begining of your turn. When this comes into play move all living things under this card. When it leaves play shuffle and deal living things back to all players.		gill_smoke
Zombie grinder	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing	Z2	Action: Destroy a zombie to make a Green food token.	"Soylet Green, it's made of people."	gill_smoke
Jeff Gruber	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing	2G	Action: Daring Fireball destroys one thing.	"Oh yeah, well you suck." -JG	gill_smoke
Prophet's Work	cards_2901_3000	action	Action		Create a new card, of type "thing". Name it [random page on Wiktionary]ism and make its text forbid [random page on Wikipedia](s) from being in play, then put it into play. You may transliterate non-Latin titles.		Pongo
Pharmaceutical Giant	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		Action: Remove 10 money tokens you own, and create and put the card "Expensive New Drug" from the archive into play.		Pongo
Expensive New Drug	cards_2901_3000	thing	Thing		When this is played, choose any effects that can directly affect a thing, erase this sentence, note them on this card, and play this onto a thing. The card this card is on is protected from the effects you chose. At the beginning of your turn, remove a money token that you own or destroy this card.
Action: Move this card onto another thing. Pongo Random Peril cards_2901_3000 thing Thing 1 Whenever a d6 is rolled, any player rolling a 1 is immediately eliminated. Whenever a coin is tossed, any player tossing Heads must roll a d6. Baby needs a new pair of .... *&%*$% Goldenboots Today is [weekday]! cards_2901_3000 action Action Draw n cards. On Monday n is 1, on Tuesday n is 2... on Sunday n is 7. If today is Friday the 13th, draw 13 cards and destroy 13 things. (Consider "[weekday]" in the card's title the weekday it is currently, except on Friday the 13th, in which case it is "Friday the 13th".) All times described in this card are UTC. Pongo The Card that Changes its Text by the Hour cards_2901_3000 thing Thing This card has the text of the nth card of the Infinite Dvorak deck. n = ( ([current hour] + [current day of month] + [current month] + [current year]) x [current day of week] (Monday = 1, Sunday = 7) ) (in hh-dd-mm-yy format). All times described in this card are UTC. Add "Action:" in front of the text if the card is an action card. Pongo Member Bonus cards_2901_3000 thing Thing All players who have an account on the DvorakMUSH may draw an extra card at the beginning of their turn. Of course it's unfair. That's the whole point. Pongo Hot Potato cards_2901_3000 thing Thing 0 Play into control of an opponent. At the end of your (controller's) turn, roll a d6. On a 1 you are eliminated. Hot Potato is a living thing and a food. Action: Give Hot Potato to an opponent. Catch! Goldenboots If I Had A Penny cards_2901_3000 thing Thing Whenever a card is played, you may put a Money token into play. Kevan Fire Sale cards_2901_3000 thing Thing 123 When an opponent is eliminated, you act as auctioneer to auction off his/her non-token Things (singly) and hand (as one lot). Bids are in tokens: any tokens the bidder controls may be used. Winner of a Thing must put it in play immediately. Winner of the hand adds it to his/her hand. Items not bid for are destroyed. You may not bid. Winning bids are paid off to you, but you may destroy any tokens you receive this way. Goldenboots Musical Chairs cards_2901_3000 thing Thing n - 1 Create a Chair token. Give a new Chair token to an opponent. Anyone with a Chair token may use the action ability: Action: Give a new Chair token to an oppenent. If all players but one have a Chair token, eliminate that player and destroy Musical Chairs and all Chair tokens Goldenboots Zombified Plumber cards_2901_3000 thing Thing discard a card to play, whenever one of your tokens would be destroyed you may replace it with a sewage token. "Would you really let him work on your pipes?" gill_smoke Token Catapult cards_2901_3000 thing Thing Action: destroy two tokens destroy thing. Action: destroy three tokens target player discards a card. gill_smoke Zombie Catapult cards_2901_3000 thing Thing Action: Destroy two zombies destroy target thing if living replace with a Zombie token. gill_smoke Rewrite History cards_2901_3000 action Action H1 Reorder the discard pile. ChippyYYZ You're History cards_2901_3000 action Action H2 Put target thing on the bottom of the discard pile. ChippyYYZ Make History cards_2901_3000 action Action H3 Play this card at any time. Draw a card and play up to three actions or action abilities. "History shall speak well of me, for I intend to write it." --Winston Churchill ChippyYYZ Hostile Takeover cards_2901_3000 action Action Any player who controls more Things than every other player combined wins. Binarius Y3K cards_2901_3000 action Action Destroy all electronics-related Things. Binarius Mystery Science Theater 3000 cards_2901_3000 thing Thing Any Thing is destroyed if, immediately after it is played, each of its controller's opponents discards a card in ridicule. Binarius Proletariat Revolution cards_2901_3000 action Action Any player who controls more Things than every other player combined is eliminated. ChippyYYZ Esuna cards_2901_3000 reaction Reaction Play immediately when a card affecting you is played to negate its effect; if it is a Thing, it is destroyed. Binarius Integral Multiple of a Power of Ten cards_2901_3000 thing_math Thing - Math Evil When this card comes into play, destroy all Things whose cornervalues contain prime numbers. Action: Add a 0 to the end of a number expressed in numeral form on any card and return this card to your hand. Affected cards revert if this card goes to the discard pile. Binarius

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