Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 2501-2600

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Ricochet/A/Play in response to a Thing being destroyed. Pick a non-Token thing at random, from all the others in play - that Thing is destroyed instead.
skipcard Rocket Launcher/T/When this comes into play, put three Ammo tokens into play. Action: Destroy an Ammo token you control, to destroy a Thing.
skipcard Cloak of Polymorph (Z1)/T/Play this onto target thing. As long as Cloak of Polymorph is in play, the thing it was played onto has all types and colours and belongs to all classes. (That means the thing is living and undead and inanimate and a robot and female and male etc. at the same time!)
skipcard Talking Walls (Z2)/T/You may play this under an opponent's control. When this comes into play, turn all non-token things you control face down. As long as a thing is face down it's simply not there. At the beginning of your turn you may put one of your things face up again.
skipcard Technocracy (Z3)/T/As long as this is in play, all instances of "Action:" on the things you control read "Action or Thing:"
skipcard Lucky Bastard/T/As long as lucky bastard is in play owner decides the fate of all random events
skipcard Web Designer/T/<br\> (""They don't really DO anything" -Bub")
skipcard Toodles/T/If Owner controls a tooth they win the game. <br\>Action: Make a shiny token. (""She thinks she's the freaken tooth fairy" -Bub")
skipcard Commercialism/T/At the beginning of each player's turn, they must either put a Thing into play from their hand, take a non-token Thing they control back into their hand, or lose the game.
skipcard Fuel Injection/T/You may destroy this card at any time, to play a card immediately from your hand.
skipcard Cupboards raining from the sky/A/In this round, play as many things as you wish.
skipcard Albert Camus/T/Action: Generate a zombie token. (""How do you know he didn't summon zombies? You don't even know who he was!"")
skipcard Buccaneers/T/Instead of drawing a card, you may play an extra thing.<BR>Action: Gain control of a ship (spaceships are fine, too).
skipcard Blatant Violation Of Infinite Dvorak Rule #4 (2C)/A/Play in response to any action with effects that wear off or occur at the end of a turn. Those effects instead wear off/occur at the end of that player's next turn, at which point you must discard your hand for violating rule 4. ("No special rules.")
skipcard Cloak of Nilmorph (3C)/T/Play this onto any Thing. This card and the card it's attached to have no types or colors. They are not tangible, intangible, living, undead, etc.
skipcard E Unum Pluribus (4C)/A/If you control only one Thing, create four copies of it.
skipcard Truckosaurus Rex/T/Action: Discard a card and destroy a Thing.
skipcard Mitosis/A/Draw a card for every Thing in your hand.
skipcard Blue Sky Catastrophe (∞)/T/At the conclusion of every player's turn, they must reveal the top card of the draw pile and place it in the discard pile. Count the number of lines in that card's ruletext, and count that far through the normal order of play to find out who takes a turn next.
skipcard Ghost in the Machine/T/Action: Pick a random Thing from all those with Action abilities, other than this one. Activate that ability as if you controlled the Thing.
skipcard Conjoined Twin/T/At the end of your turn, take another turn (but don't take another one at the end of that one). If this card is destroyed, you lose the game.
skipcard Always Get Paid In Gold Bars/T/When this comes into play, any player with no Gold tokens gets five Gold tokens. If anyone controls ten Gold tokens, they win the game.
skipcard Venus in furs/T/None of a chosen opponent's living things may perform actions.
skipcard Golf Pro/T/Destroy a money token to play, any one of your living things may take two actions when they would take one. ("Try that again.")
skipcard Wirer/T/Destroy any number of tokens, for each token destroyed in this way attach two nonliving things together with a wire token, the attached things are considered one thing with all rules text. ("Yeah, I can do that.")
skipcard Missile Bank/T/Whenever a Thing comes into play, destroy it.
skipcard Godot/T/You may not play this card from your hand. If this card is in play under your control, you win the game.
skipcard You are a Nerd!/A/Choose a player. If he controls any things that are related to computers, internet, hacking or comics, he has to destroy all of them.
skipcard Poetry Slam/T/Every player may play as many things as he wants during his turn, as long as the things' titles all rhyme.
skipcard You are all going to suffer!/T/Play this in response to an Action. If the Action would have destroyed things you control, destroy target thing instead. If the Action would have caused you to discard cards, all other players discard their hands instead. If the Action would have eliminated you, eliminate all other players instead.
skipcard Out Of Sight/T/If any of your Things is to be destroyed, you may give the opponent who would destroy it a card from your hand to prevent its destruction.
skipcard Friends In High Places (6)/A/Destroy a Thing and draw four cards.
skipcard Past Life Melodies/T/Draw a card whenever you play an Action with a cornervalue. Whenever you draw an Action with a cornervalue, draw another card.
skipcard Alpha Male/T/Playable on another, If another card owned by controler tries to use an action ability, Alpha Male's triggers instead. <br\>Action: destroy random thing.
skipcard Beta Female/T/Playable on another, If another card owned by controler tries to use an action ability, Beta Female's does too. <br\>Action: play a thing from your hand.
skipcard Token Exchange/T/Destroy 3 tokens of differing types to play. At the beginning of your turns roll a 6 sided die the number minus 1 is the token exchange rate, all effects that create tokens create the exchange rate number of tokens. All players may use Token Exchange's ability. Action: Destroy the exchange rate number of a one type of token to create one token of a different type. This is unusable if the exchange rate is zero.
skipcard Treasure Chest/T/Action: Draw three cards, or put ten Gold tokens into play, then destroy this card.
skipcard Sifting/A/Every player draws a card, then discards a card.
skipcard Trap: Acid Spray/A/Victim discards their hand. ("From the Cube deck")
skipcard For the Orders Militant/A/If you control a living Thing and at least one other Thing, any opponent who does not control any Things is eliminated. ("Adapted from the Dawn of War deck")
skipcard Apollo Justice (6)/T/Draw a card whenever a living Thing comes into play. ("Adapted from the Phoenix Wright CCG card set")
skipcard K Street Lobbyist (+1)/T/When a vote is called on rules interpretation, KSL's owner picks an opponent, who must vote as KSL's owner directs. "Action:" propose a vote to change a single word on a card on the table.
skipcard Backroom Deal (<->)/A/You may agree with one other player to trade one word in the text of one of your Things with a word in the text of one of his/her Things. No more than three minutes may be spent negotiating the agreement.
skipcard Solor panels/T/At the begining of your turn you may create an energy token
skipcard Flobine/T/At the begining of your turn you may create an energy token
skipcard Power Outage (P0)/A/All players destroy 2 energy tokens or on their next turn they cannot take any actions. ("What are we going to do now, play cards?")
skipcard Cleanup in Aisle Seven/A/Return any number of non-token Things of your choice to their owners' hands.
skipcard Large Hadron Collider/T/Action: Destroy a token you control, and any other token, to reveal the top card of the draw pile and play it immediately. Action: Put a Proton token into play.
skipcard Thing Destruction/A/Destroy target Thing.
skipcard Waldo/T/You may reveal Waldo from your hand upon drawing him from the deck to draw five cards and shuffle Waldo into the deck.
skipcard When Octopi Ruled The Earth/T/All numbers in digit form are interpreted in base-8 <i>(The tens place is now the eights place, hundreds is now sixty-fours, etc.)</i><BR>When the digits 8 or 9 appear in the ruletext of any card in play or being played, shuffle this card into the deck.
skipcard Cornervirus (7S)/A/Destroy target Thing with a Cornervalue. Destroy all Things with cornervalues that shared a symbol with the destroyed Thing's cornervalue.
skipcard Game Corner (8S)/T/Whenever you play a Thing that shares one of its cornervalue symbols with at least two other Things, draw a card. If you ever control three Things with the same cornervalue, you win the game. (""Jackpot!"")
skipcard Corner Node (9S)/T/Whenever a player plays a card, you may change its cornervalue to the Roman Numeral corresponding to the number of Nodes you control. The change is permanent.
skipcard Quick inspection (Dy2)/A/Destroy all non token things in play without corner values
skipcard Free Parking (M2)/A/Create 1 money token for every token in play
skipcard Beauty contest (CC1)/A/Collect 1 money token
skipcard Old English Mansion/T/Action: Put a ghost token into play.<BR> Action: Sell the mansion: Gain ten money tokens or one gold token and destroy this.
skipcard Soviet Spy (CCCP)/T/Action: Take a card from the discard pile and play it for target opponent. The opponent makes any decisions for it.
skipcard Back to Nature (1GG)/T/You may play this under an opponent's control. At the beginning of your turn, take a thing you control back to your hand.
skipcard Bottled Time (1T)/T/Take an extra turn immediately after the turn in which Bottled Time is destroyed. ("If it's somehow destroyed more than once in the same turn, you take only one extra turn.")
skipcard Bottled Grime (2T)/T/When Bottled Grime is destroyed, gain two Sludge tokens. ("eww...")
skipcard Bottled Fairy (3T)/T/When Bottled Fairy is destroyed, draw two cards. If you would be eliminated from the game, destroy Bottled Fairy instead. ("Yes, you still get to draw the cards.")
skipcard Ten Green Bottles/T/When this comes into play, put ten Green Bottle tokens into play. If there are no Green Bottle tokens in play, you win the game.
skipcard The Day an Octopus got Elected President of the United States/T/All numbers on all cards read "four score and eight".
skipcard Mutato, the Master/T/Action: Mutato becomes a copy of target thing but keeps this Action Ability in his text. ("He could be everything. The chair you are sitting on, the water you are drinking, the air you are breathing. He could even be YOU and you wouldn't know it.")
skipcard I'm Saving that for Later/T/Indestructible.<BR>Action: Take a card from your hand and remove it from the game.<BR>Action: Take a card that was removed from the game back to your hand.<BR>Everybody may look at cards that are removed from the game.
skipcard Bottled Antimatter (4T)/T/When Bottled Antimatter is destroyed, destroy target Thing and gain three Energy Tokens. %r%rAction:Destroy Bottled Antimatter. ("Now ''that's'' going out with a bang.")
skipcard Giant Bottle (5T)/T/Action:Remove target Thing from the game an put it under Giant Bottle. When Giant Bottle is destroyed, return it to play. ("Relax, I'm keeping him perfectly safe.")
skipcard Bottlesuit/T/Things you control cannot be destroyed unless a player discards a card for each thing that's going to be destroyed. (""It's battlesuit, you idiot, BATTLESUIT!"")
skipcard Oktoberfest/T/You may play this under an opponent's control. At the beginning of your turn decide if you are drunk or lost during this turn. <BR>Lost: You cannot play things.<BR>Drunk: Destroy all money tokens you control and discard a card.
skipcard The Incredible Phantastatron Plus Plus/T/You may play this under an opponent's control. All players may use this thing's Abilities. If you control more than 2000 tokens, the Phantastatron explodes and eliminates you.<BR>Action and Thing: All tokens you control are copied.
skipcard Bottle Node (6T)/T/Whenever a Node you control is destroyed, draw a card and gain a Node Token. (""How hard can it possibly be to clean up a node infestation?"")
skipcard Genie in a Bottle/A/You have a free wish. I'm not joking! Just create a new card and shuffle it into the deck.
skipcard Voodoo Puppet/T/When this comes into play, write target player's name on it. When Voodoo Puppet is destroyed, destroy a thing that player controls. When Voodoo Puppet is in your hand, that player is eliminated. If there is more than one name on Voodoo Puppet, all players are eliminated.
skipcard Voodoo Witch/T/Whenever a thing is destroyed, all things with the same name are destroyed as well.<BR>Action: Rename target thing.
skipcard Bury Alive (7T)/A/Move target Thing to the bottom of the discard pile.
skipcard Random Teleport (8T)/A/Shuffle target Thing into the draw pile. (""It's a temporary solution."")
skipcard Double Play (9T)/A/Return two Things to their controllers' hands
skipcard Privacy/T/Whenever you are forced to reveal your hand, draw a card. If you are permanently forced to show your hand, draw the whole deck and destroy this. ("There's still something called hand size limit, don't forget that.")
skipcard Robo-Arm/T/You have a second hand where you can put up to five cards. If you have to discard your hand, you can choose whether you want to discard your normal hand or your additional hand. When this card leaves play, put the two hands back together (and discard depending on hand size limit).
skipcard Criss Angel/T/<br\> (""Whoa! A wizard that doesn't do anything at all?"<BR>"He's not a wizard, he's an illusionist!"")
skipcard Bottled Fart (7T)/T/When Bottled Fart is destroyed, each player discards a random card.
skipcard Message In A Bottle (8T)/T/When Message In A Bottle is destroyed, look at the top five cards of the deck.
skipcard Bottle Of Barbed Wire And Salt (9T)/T/When a player destroys this card, they discard their hand (of cards). ("Aahh! Why do you keep these things together?")
skipcard Bottle of Rejuvenation/T/Whenever one of your things is destroyed, draw a card.
skipcard Homo Neanderthalensis/T/When this comes into play, club target living thing to death. (""Homo? So is he some kind of freakin' queer or what?" - Bub")
skipcard Folding protien (P223)/T/Thing and Action: Roll a six sided die and add the number of tokens in play if even create a copy of "Folding Protien" if odd create an energy or money token for every Folding protien in play. ("They are like little M. C. Echer bots creating self reflection everywhere.")
skipcard Inspector General (p7q)/T/Players must destroy a token whenever a non token thing whithout a corner value comes into play.
skipcard Corner Tax (Tx1)/A/All players destoy a money token for every thing in play with a corner value, if out of money they destoy the things instead.
skipcard Bottled Rage (B10)/T/If this card is revealed to be in your hand, discard it and all opponents must discard their hands. If this card is destroyed, discard your hand; if this card is destroyed by a Thing's Action ability, that Thing is destroyed as well. Action: Destroy a Thing.
skipcard The Bottle Is Half Empty (B0)/T/When this card comes into play, every player discards a card. No player with more than three cards in their hand may draw at the beginning of their turn.
skipcard Kung Fu Mastery (36)/T/Draw a card whenever an opponent plays an Action, and discard it if it is not also an Action. In any turn in which you do not play a Thing, you may play up to three Actions.
skipcard Exibitionist Gluttony/A/Destoy all food related things in play, create a money token for all things destroyed. (""It was worth it"")
skipcard Awkward Social Situation/A/All players turn away in horror, You get a money token for all non token things in play but skip your next turn.
skipcard Tanka (J2)/A/All players may compose a Tanka verse (57577 syllables) in a minute, if they do they get a poetry token, otherwise they give control of a thing to each of the players who did. ("My feelings for you. Increases through all of time. Wether hate or love. I wager you're the same way. That's why we play Dvoak.")
skipcard Credit Crunch/A/Every player discards two cards. Destroy all Money and Gold tokens.
skipcard Knuckle Down/T/Your maximum hand size is reduced by four. Action: Draw a card.
skipcard Jeeves/T/When Jeeves comes into play, put two Motive tokens into play. You may destroy a Motive token you control to negate the effects of any Action, or to destroy a Thing as it comes into play.
skipcard Bank Error (CC2)/A/Collect 2 money tokens
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