Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 2301-2400

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Zombie haven (Z8)/T/There must be at least 1 undead in play to play this card.<br\>As long as Zombie haven is in play none of your zombie tokens may be destroyed by other players.
skipcard Zombie hunter (1Z)/T/As long as in play none of your living things may me destroyed by undead sources.<br\>Action: Destroy a zombie token.
skipcard Modesty Forbids/T/No card can force you to reveal the contents of your hand.
skipcard Shrink Ray/T/When Shrink Ray is destroyed, it emits a blinding flash of re-non-tokenizing energy, and any token that was originally a non-token Thing reverts to its original status. Action: Target Thing becomes a token, retaining its title and all other text. ("Bwahahahahaaa!")
skipcard Leap Baby (29)/T/Draw a card at the beginning of every fourth turn you take.
skipcard Dead Man's party/A/Remove all living things from play until your next turn
skipcard Huge Cyst/T/Attach to a living thing. Target cannot play action abilities.
skipcard Nuclear bomb/A/If there are no things in play you win the game else remove all cards in play all players draw or discard to 5 cards.
skipcard Punish (4P)/A/Destroy all Things that used an Action ability since the end of your last turn.
skipcard Purchase (5P)/A/Take control of target Thing. Its former controller gains 3 Money tokens.
skipcard Purloin (6P)/A/Take a card at random from target opponent's hand and put it in your own hand.
skipcard Red Tape/T/If a player would win or be eliminated from the game, that win or elimination does not take effect until Red Tape leaves play.
skipcard The Green Door/T/When this comes into play, secretly choose a letter from "ETAOIN SHRDLU". If an opponent plays a card without that letter in its title, it has no effect and is returned to their hand.
skipcard Yellow Brick Road/T/You may skip your turn to put a Brick token into play. If you control ten Brick tokens, you win the game.
skipcard Portable Hole (P0)/T/Place any number of your things onto Portable Hole, pass Portable Hole to another player who then destroys Portable Hole and gains control of passed things.
skipcard paperwork (P9)/T/Attach to living thing.<br\>Whenever you would use the action ability of the attached card flip a coin if tails the action does nothing.
skipcard blank white card/T/<br\> ("There's nothing there.")
skipcard Monty Hall/A/Draw and reveal three cards, then turn them face down. Have an opponent pick one of them, leaving it face down. Look at the two other cards and turn one face-up; the opponent then chooses one of the three cards to keep. You get to keep the other two.
skipcard Plunder (7P)/A/Move a card from the discard pile to your hand.
skipcard Pulverize (8P)/A/Destroy target Thing. Put it on the bottom of the draw pile rather than the discard pile.
skipcard Pass (9P)/A/Draw a card and end your turn.
skipcard Committee (C4)/T/Owner cannot Play actions or Action abilities. Thing: Place a living thing you control on Committee and give Committee and all things attached to another player.
skipcard Pawn shop (P12)/T/Thing: Destroy any number of your non living things, create a money token for each destroyed Thing.<br\>Action: Destroy a money token create a copy of a non living thing in play.
skipcard Night blade (B1)/A/Destroy a random living thing you control, Destroy a living thing controled by every other player.
skipcard Alone in the Dark/T/At the start of each player's turn, that player chooses a Thing they control. Until the start of their next turn, other Things they control (including any that come into play during that turn) are removed from play.
skipcard Angry Dan (D4)/T/When "Angry Dan" comes into play all opponets dicard thier hands ("There are three Dans at my work guess which one am I")
skipcard Psycho Dan (D4)/T/Discard a card to play. <br\>Action: Target discards a card at random. ("There are three Dans at my work guess which one am I")
skipcard Downer Dan (D4)/T/Discard your hand to play. At the end of your turn discard all cards, at the begining of your turn draw 3 cards. ("There are three Dans at my work guess which one am I")
skipcard Fries With That/T/Whenever a non-token Thing comes into play, its controller may also put a Fries token into play.
skipcard The Rich List/T/Play only if there are fewer than ten tokens in play. If a player has more than fifty tokens, they win.
skipcard Overclocking/A/Activate the Action ability of a Thing you control, six times. Then destroy that Thing.
skipcard Snowed In (1Q)/T/When you play this, gain 5 Snow Tokens. If there are no Snow Tokens in play, destroy Snowed In.%rIf a player would draw a card, they destroy a Snow Token instead if possible.
skipcard Witch Hunt (2Q)/T/Whenever a player draws a card, they must destroy one of their Things if possible.
skipcard Blameshifting (3Q)/T/Whenever a player draws a card, they must give their opponent control of one of their Things if possible.
skipcard Query/A/Look at target opponent's hand.
skipcard Quaff/A/Destroy one of your non-living non-token Things and draw three cards.
skipcard Quinquiplicate/A/Multiply every number on all Things in play by five.
skipcard Dark Secret/T/If this card is ever revealed from or discarded from your hand, you lose the game. While this card is in play, you cannot win the game.
skipcard Housefly/T/Whenever Housefly would be destroyed, roll a 20-sided die; if it comes up 19 or less, Housefly is not destroyed in this case. If Housefly is destroyed, whoever destroyed it wins the game.
skipcard Silencer Shot/A/Pick a card from those in play and place it in the discard pile. This does not count as "destroying" it.
skipcard Sythe Trap (T4)/A/Destroy Target living thing
skipcard Spike Trap (T2)/T/May be played on another player <br\>Action: Destroy random living thing.
skipcard Pit trap (T1)/T/May be played on another player <br\>Action: put living thing under this card
skipcard Unequal Treaty (<>)/T/Identify an opponent when this card comes into play. Action: Give one of your Things to the chosen opponent and take one of their Things.
skipcard Veil of Secrecy/T/When this card is destroyed, turn any face-down cards under it face-up and put them under your control. Thing: Discard one card to play a Thing face-down under Veil of Secrecy. Action: Destroy Veil of Secrecy.
skipcard Boss Battle/T/Players with KO tokens may not take turns. Action: Give target opponent a KO token. This ability may not be used in the turn you play this card. Action: Eliminate an opponent with a KO token.
skipcard Ice Age/T/When this comes into play, put an Ice token on every other non-token Thing in play. Things with Ice tokens on them are considered to have blank card text. Action: Destroy an Ice token. Any player may use this ability.
skipcard Amnesia Ray/A/Every player discards their hand.
skipcard Determinism/T/Whenever a player wishes to play a card, they must reveal their hand and call 'Action' or 'Thing'. A chosen opponent must pick a card of that type from the player's hand; that card is then played.
skipcard "Your mom's a card" (4Q)/A/Play in response to an Action to change its targets to the player who played it or their things. If played normally, target opponent discards a card at random.
skipcard "Bring it on" (5Q)/A/Each of your opponents may play an Action. Then, you draw 3 cards and play up to 3 Things and 3 Actions.
skipcard "Say hello to my little friend" (6Q)/A/Play a Thing with an Action ability, activate its Action ability twice and draw a card.
skipcard Eric Watson, Thousand-Armed Man/T/There is no limit as to how many cards may be attached to this card. No cards, rules, or tokens can change this.Action: Attach a card in play to Eric Watson ("Not your ordinary Eric Watson.")
skipcard Omnipotus the Omnipotent/T/Omnipotus the Omnipotent may destroy any card in play. The amount of cards destroyed per turn by Omnipotus the Omnipotent is unlimited. No card can destroy Omnipotus the Omnipotent or remove this card's abilities for any reason. ("B-but he doesn't have an Action to do that.")
skipcard Chairman Mao/T/All money tokens in play immediately go to this card. You make take control of one mechanical thing. If you have a machine controlled in this way, this card gains Action: Destroy 2 Things.
skipcard Robosaurus Rex/T/This card may not be destroyed by any living things. If you play any actions that involve numbers,you can roll a die and multiply each number on the card by the number on the die. Action: Destroy living thing. ("That meteorite is so gonna pay.")
skipcard Irresistable Force/A/Irresistable Force can destroy any Thing, even if that Thing says no card can destroy it.
skipcard Immovable Object/T/No card can destroy Immovable Object, even if that card says it can destroy any Thing.
skipcard Infinite Undo/T/Negate the effects of the most recently played card and return it to its controller's hand. You may play this card at any time.
skipcard The Price of Progress/T/When this comes into play, give every player five Money tokens. Whenever a card is played, anyone may destroy a Money token they control to negate that card's effects, unless the person playing the card destroys a Money token they control in response.
skipcard Armour Plating (R4)/T/Attach to a thing already in play, if attached thing would be destroyed, destroy Armour Plating instead.
skipcard Quantum Computer (Q8)/T/Action: Give control of a random thing under your control to another player, they give you control of a random thing they control.
skipcard Disgruntled Employee (E2000)/A/Play in response to an Action ability from a living thing. Action does nothing. <br\> ("Whatever")
skipcard Enough/A/If there are more than 100 cards in the discard pile, you win the game.
skipcard Tea Timer (T7)/T/Action: target thing cannot use action abilities untill your next turn.
skipcard Tea Time (T6)/A/Living things cannot use action abilities untill your next turn
skipcard Iced Tea (T5)/T/<br\> ("Oh, that's just lovley.")
skipcard Guilty Conscience/T/This card is played into another player's things. The person who plays this card picks a direction, left or right. If the player on that side of this card's controller is the target of someone else's action, duplicate the action on this card's controller.
skipcard Like Stepping Into a Wind of Mint/A/Make a copy of one of your things.
skipcard Ahtouchb'hag/A/This card may only be played in conjunction with another Action (i.e., in this situation, you may play two Action cards). The Action that Ahtouchb'hag is played with can neither be blocked nor immediately countered by another action.
skipcard A Little Less Conversation/T/If a player speaks, they must discard a card. Each player may play one extra Action each turn.
skipcard Token Avalanche/A/For each token in play, in turn, choose a randomly-selected non-token Thing and destroy it.
skipcard Lightning Storm/T/Whenever a card is played, roll a six-sided die. On a six, the player who played it must discard their hand.
skipcard Mystic Tome (7Q)/T/Action:Gain an Energy token%rAction:Spend 2 Energy tokens to make target player discard a card%rAction:Spend 3 Energy tokens to draw a card%rAction:Spend 4 Energy tokens to destroy target Thing.
skipcard Power Cell (8Q)/T/Comes into play with 5 Energy Tokens on it.
skipcard Token Bandit (9Q)/T/When this comes into play, chose a Thing. If it's a Token, gain control of it and put it on Token Bandits. Otherwise, move all Tokens that are on the chosen thing onto Token Bandit.
skipcard Flashbulb/A/Choose a Thing - its card text is blank for the remainder of the turn. You may play another Action this turn.
skipcard Token Convertor/T/Action: Destroy a token and replace it with a token of any type. Action: Put a Blank token into play.
skipcard Diplomatic Immunity (D4)/T/Comes into play with 3 delay tokens. Attach to a living thing whenever that thing would be destroyed, destroy a delay token instead. Thing and Action: Destroy 3 money tokens create a delay token. Thing and Action: Destroy a card you control create a delay token. Thing and Action: Discard a card create a delay token. (""It's costly to keep spies, especially ones that are known" -Number One")
skipcard Diplomatic Incident (D4)/A/Destroy all embassy tokens and Things that delay destruction. If not in play, make a copy of a Thing named "Diplomat" from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive and put it on the bottom of the draw pile, then shuffle it.
skipcard Diplomat (D4)/T/Thing: Make a copy of a Action named "Diplomatic Incident" from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive and put it on the bottom of the draw pile, then shuffle it. Action: Make an embassy token and give it to another player. Owners embassy tokens cannot use destroy effects against owner of Diplomat.
skipcard Stop Dithering/A/Look at an opponent's hand, and choose any number of cards from it. They must play them immediately, in an order of your choosing.
skipcard Brawl/T/Each player may play any number of cards during their turn (but only one Action ability).
skipcard Like This?/A/This Action card has the effect of an Action ability of your choice, from those on the Things in play.
skipcard Power Node (1R)/T/At the start of each of your turns, you gain an Energy token for every Node in play.
skipcard Turret Node (2R)/T/Action:Destroy a Token for every Node you control.
skipcard Finance Node (3R)/T/Action:Gain a Money for every Node you control.
skipcard The Thing Cycle/A/Shuffle the most recently discarded Thing into the draw pile, destroy a Thing you control, and play a Thing into your control; then draw cards until you draw a Thing and keep it, discarding the rest.
skipcard The Reverse Thing Cycle/A/Shuffle a Thing from your hand into the draw pile, put a Thing you control into your hand, and put the most recently destroyed Thing into play under your control; then draw cards until you draw a Thing and discard it along with the rest.
skipcard Soldier's Poem/T/Play on a living Thing you control. If that Thing is destroyed, take an extra turn at the end of your turn.
skipcard Vengler/T/Action: pick an opponent's thing it cannot use it's action abilities until the begining of you next turn. (""You know fighting with you is just exhausting."-Vengler")
skipcard Cosmic Dreamer (D8)/T/Thing: return a thing to it's controlers hand
skipcard Cricket/T/Living things cannot use action abilities while Cricket is in play.<br\>Action;destroy Cricket
skipcard Trap Node (4R)/T/When Trap Node leaves play, each Opponent discards a card for every Node you control (including the one that left play).
skipcard Storage Node (5R)/T/When Storage Node comes into play, draw a card for each Node you control (including Storage Node).
skipcard Filter Node (6R)/T/Before each of your turns, look at the a number of cards from the top of the deck equal to the number of Nodes you control. Put up to one of them back on top of the draw pile and the rest on the bottom of the draw pile.
skipcard Copy Machine (x2)/T/Action: Choose any token in play and create one more token of the same type under the same player's control. Roll a die: if you roll a 1, the copy machine has broken down and you must destroy this card.
skipcard Buoyancy Test/T/When this card comes into play, destroy every Thing with more words in its title than lines of ruletext; no such card may be played.
skipcard Phantom Assassin/T/Action: Destroy a Thing and return Phantom Assassin to your hand. You may not use this ability on the same turn in which you play this card.
skipcard Old Codger/T/Old codger may count as a zombie token if owner decides. (""What, What did you say"")
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