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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Feedback	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Give one card to the player to your left.  In order, every player gives one more card to the player to their left than they received, ending with the player to your right.  If any player doesn't have enough cards, they must draw up to the required number, give them all, and lose a turn.		Binarius
Dark Magic Attack	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Return target Thing to its controller's hand; its controller is so stunned that they discard a card.		Binarius
Lucite	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Actions may not be played, unless they would destroy Lucite.		Kevan
Incubate	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Destroy any number of tokens. For each token destroyed, its controller must draw a card.		Kevan
The Parking Lot is Full	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Whenever a player puts a Thing card into play, they must then return a Thing card they control to their hand.		Kevan
Lawyers, Guns, and Money	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Discard your hand.  If you discarded at least... 1: gain control of target Thing. 2: gain control of two more target Things. 3: control target player during their next turn. 4: Each opponent discards their hand. 6: You win the game.		ChippyYYZ
Redeemer	cards_2101_2200	action	Action	0	Destroy target Thing and three other Things at random.		Binarius
Desert	cards_2101_2200	thing_terrain	Thing - Terrain		Maximum hand size 3.  At the beginning of their turn, every player must flip a coin and may only draw a card if they get heads.		Binarius
Préemption de l'État	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Immediately after any Thing is played, you may discard a card to put it under your control.		Binarius
Reverse Time	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Whenever a player would draw a card, they must instead put a card from their hand on top of the draw pile. Action: Take the top card of the discard pile, if it is an Action. Thing: Take the top card of the discard pile, if it is a Thing. Any player may use these two abilities.		Kevan
Swipe	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Put a non-token Thing from play into your hand.		Kevan
Chaos Field	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Whenever a card is played, it goes to the discard pile immediately with no effect. The player who played it then draws a card, and plays it immediately.		Kevan
Revolver	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action: Create a Bullet token (maximum 6).  Action: Destroy a Bullet token and destroy a Thing.		Binarius
Drinking Bird	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Play onto a Thing with an Action ability.  That Action ability now happens once per turn automatically.		Binarius
Out With The Old	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a Thing you control and draw a card.		Binarius
Anything You Can Do	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Pick an opponent. If they played an Action card during their most recent turn, play a copy of that Action. If they played a Thing, create a copy of that Thing and put it into play.		Kevan
Arms Race	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Reveal the top card of the draw pile; if it is a Thing, put it into play, otherwise discard it. Repeat until you have at least as many non-token Things in play as an opponent of your choice.		Kevan
If You Can't Beat Them	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Destroy all Things you control. Create a copy of each Thing belonging to a chosen opponent, and put them into play under your control.		Kevan
The Hands of Fate have doomed this man.	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Destroy one of your non-token Things to play this card into any player's control.  This card's controller may not win the game.		Binarius
Imperial Battleship, halt the flow of time!	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		When your turn ends, take another turn.		Binarius
Atmospheric conditions in outer space often interfere with transmitting.	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Flip a coin whenever any player would activate an Action ability.  If tails, the ability fails.		Binarius
Trumpet Herald	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Whenever you play a card, destroy Trumpet Herald. Action: Draw a card.		Kevan
Parallel Universe	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Looking at the cards in your hand and the non-token Things under your control; if there are two cards with the same name, you win the game.		Kevan
Hamedo	cards_2101_2200	reaction	Reaction		Play immediately in response to an Action to negate its effect; the player who played it discards a card instead.		Binarius
Ten Flaming Torches	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		If you have three Juggle tokens, you win.  If you lose control of Ten Flaming Torches, discard your hand.  You may not play Actions other than the following.  Action: Create a Juggle token.		Binarius
Sidestep	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Prevent a Thing from being destroyed. You may play this card at any time, without it counting towards your Action-per-turn limit.		Kevan
Zener Deck	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action: Name a vowel. Draw and reveal a card; if the first vowel in its name is the vowel you named, you may put that card into your hand. If not, discard it.		Kevan
1000 Blank White Cards	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action: Create a Thing card with no card text and a name of your choice, and put it into your hand.		Kevan
The Cursed Card	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Do not read this card's text. If you have read this far, you are now cursed.	Muahahahahahaha.	Pongo
The Flying Dutchman	cards_2101_2200	thing_vehicle_aquatic	Thing - Vehicle/Aquatic		You may not win.  The Flying Dutchman may not be destroyed by an Action ability.  Action: Destroy a Thing.		Binarius
Commandeer	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Activate the Action ability of an opponent's Thing as if you controlled it.		Binarius
The Sorcerer	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Shuffle the discard pile into the draw pile and draw a card.		Binarius
Post Peak Oil	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Whenever a Thing uses its Action ability, put a Depletion token on it. Things with Depletion tokens on them cannot use their Action abilities. When Post Peak Oil leaves play, destroy all Depletion tokens.		Kevan
Ceasefire	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Whenever a player plays a card or an action ability, they must discard their hand. When this happens, destroy Ceasefire.		Kevan
Pressure	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing	1N	Each player must play at least one card on each of their turns. Any player who fails to do so is eliminated.		Bucky
Fit of Rage	cards_2101_2200	action	Action	2N	Destroy target Thing you control. Destroy target Thing an opponent controls.		Bucky
Generic Token Producer	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing	3N	Gain an Energy token at the start of each of your turns.   Thing:Gain a Money token.		Bucky
Caesar's Favor	cards_2101_2200	reaction	Reaction		Play immediately when any Thing is to be destroyed.  Flip a coin; if heads, prevent its destruction.		Binarius
Brooding Silence	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing	...	Thing and Action: Create a Silent Brooding token.  Thing and Action: Destroy two Silent Brooding tokens and play as many cards from your hand as you wish.		Binarius
Dutch Fugue	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		You must destroy a non-token Thing at the beginning of your turn.  If no other Things are in play, you win.  If one of your Things is destroyed, destroy Dutch Fugue.		Binarius
The Great Flood	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		When another thing is in play, put it in the discard pile.		ChippyYYZ
Hitman	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action:   Spend 20 Money Tokens. If you do, eliminate target player.		ChippyYYZ
Optimus Prime, You've got Prostate Cancer.	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Choose target mechanical or electrical Thing. Destroy it at the end of its controller's next turn.		ChippyYYZ
Sneak Preview	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Play with the top card of the draw pile facing up.		Binarius
Steady State Theory	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Whenever a non-token Thing is destroyed, its controller may immediately play a Thing in its place.		Binarius
Cream of the Crop	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Draw four cards at the beginning of your turns, and discard three at the end.		Binarius
Fault Line	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Choose a player. They must divide their Things into three groups. Pick one of those groups at random, and destroy all the Things in it.		Kevan
Missile Commander	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a Thing, and skip your next turn.		Kevan
Holding The Wrong End	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Play in response to a Thing being destroyed. That Thing is not destroyed, and its controller puts a copy of it into play under their control.		Kevan
Summoner	cards_2101_2200	thing_party_member	Thing - Party Member		Action: Put a Thing into play.		Binarius
Highly Concentrated Evil	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		If this card is destroyed, the player who destroyed it is eliminated.  If you are eliminated, play this card into the control of the opponent who eliminated you.		Binarius
Flat Earth Society	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		You may not play Actions, including on the turn that this card enters play.  If an opponent plays an Action that affects you, ignore it.  You may destroy this card at the end of your turn.		Binarius
Ultimate Sacrifice	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Each player secretly chooses 'yes' or 'no', then all players reveal their choice simultaneously.  If you chose 'yes' and no other player did, you win the game.  Otherwise, each player who chose 'yes' discards their hand and destroys all Things they control.		jtwe
Disintegrating Pistol	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action:  Destroy this.	"Heh! Well, what do you know, it... disintegrated."	ChippyYYZ
Disintegration-Proof Vest	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Effects within the game cannot remove Disintegration-Proof Vest from the game or cause this card to be physically damaged or destroyed. If you leave the game, this Thing stays in play.		ChippyYYZ
See-Saw	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Whenever you play a Thing, you may destroy another Thing you control (other than See-Saw), to destroy a third Thing.		Kevan
Reintegrating Pistol	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		When this is in the discard pile, put it on top of the deck.		ChippyYYZ
Reintegration-Proof Vest	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		This card and the card directly underneath it cannot leave the discard pile.		ChippyYYZ
Assimilation Drive	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Create a new Thing card. Take one sentence from each of any number of Things in play, and add them to that Thing card's text. Put it into play under your control.		Kevan
The Thing	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a Thing and replace it with a copy of this card.		Kevan
Bodysnatcher	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		At the start of each of your turns, you may gain control of a Thing with a Pod token on it, until the end of that turn. Action: Put a Pod token on a Thing.		Kevan
Last Meal	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		When this card comes into play, draw five cards.  At the end of your turn, you are eliminated.		Binarius
Leech	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		At the beginning of their turns, target opponent must draw two cards and give you one.		Binarius
Action Factory	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action: Draw cards until you draw an Action.  Play it and discard the rest.		Binarius
Master of the House	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action: Take another player's hand and keep it until it is their turn.  In the meantime, you may peruse their cards at your leisure and, if you wish, show other players their cards.		redtoast
What a Dick	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Take another player's hand from them, put one of their cards in your own hand, then disdainfully toss the rest away from the target player.  While they scrabble around on the floor for their cards, you and the other players may laugh derisively.		redtoast
The Horrible Death-Ray	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Destroy one of another player's Things.  It must be removed from the game entirely, not placed into the discard pile.  Shredding or burning it is encouraged.		redtoast
-ophile	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing	Sfx	Play this card onto another Thing. That Thing adds "-ophile" to the end of its title's last word, and also adds the following to the end of its text: "Action: Look through the draw pile and take the first Thing with an effect of the same type as this one (draw, destroy, etc.) and put it in your hand."	Somehow, this seems wrong.	Corrigan
Weekend Warfare	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Destroy a number of Things equal to the number of the current week in the current month (i.e., if it's the first week of the month, destroy one Thing).		Corrigan
Searing Guitar Solo	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Roll two six-sided dice and draw a number of cards equal to the result. Then, roll two six-sided dice and discard a number of cards equal to the result. If you do not have enough cards in your hand for the discard, make up for the difference by destroying the appropriate number of your own Things.		Corrigan
Hall of Mirrors	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Whenever an Action or Action ability specifically targets a single Thing, you may change it so that it targets a different Thing. If you do, destroy this card.		Kevan
Every Problem Is A Nail	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Whenever you play an Action card, its card text reads "Destroy a Thing." instead of its original text.		Kevan
Quarter on a String	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Action: Play as many Things as you want this turn.		redtoast
Everybody Just Calm Down	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		While this card is in play all players can only play one card or use one Thing's action during their turn.		redtoast
Mystery Box!	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Draw five cards, but do not look at them.  You may draw one of these cards during anyone's turn but must play it immediately.  All Actions drawn must target you, even if the card specifies to target another player.		redtoast
Can't Make Change III: The Search for Spock	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Each player must pass an Action card in his or her hand to the player on his or her right, or reveal his or her hand to show there are no Action cards there.  Then, each player that was passed an Action card, starting with you, plays that card if possible.		jtwe
Gold Medal Winner	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Draw a card, or four cards if you control more Things than any other player.	It's not whether you win or lose, but whether you can scam the judges into giving you the gold that counts.	jtwe
Balance Beam	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		At the end of each turn, if you played the same number of Actions and Things this turn, draw a card for each Action you played.  If you played a different number of Actions and Things this turn, destroy Balance Beam.		jtwe
Universal Currency	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		All Tokens in play, regardless of their type, are now Universal Currency Tokens.		redtoast
L.L. Zamenhof	cards_2101_2200	a_o	Aĵo		Faro: Celtabula ludisto nur povas paroli Esperanton ĝis lia proksima turno.		redtoast
General Mills	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Every turn, be it the controlling player's or otherwise, create a Wheat Token.  Action: Destroy five Wheat Tokens; create and immediately play a blank Thing called "Cereal."		redtoast
symbol	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing	§	Action:Target player skips their next turnAction:Destroy target thingAction:draw a card	That could mean anything	gill_smoke
Puppet Master	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Puppet Master's owner shares control of all animate things, and may use any action or thing abilities		gill_smoke
Monarchy	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		As long as there are more than two players owner of Monarchy cannot be targeted by Destroy effects	it's good to be the king	gill_smoke
Bullet Time	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		At the end of your turn, if you didn't take the previous turn, take another turn. You may not draw cards. If your hand is empty, destroy Bullet Time.		Kevan
Texas Hold 'Em	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		As long as Texas Hold 'Em is in play, players can only have two Things in play at any time and all Things in play must be turned face-down (both rules excluding Texas Hold 'Em).  ''Any player may use Texas Hold 'Em's action.''  Action: Discard all of your Things and play two more Things.		redtoast
Bah Humbug	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Block a player from drawing cards.  Bah Humbug may be played at any time.		redtoast
Doggy Discipline	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		If a player tries to play an Action, smack them with a rolled-up newspaper while shouting "No!  Bad!", then discard the Action.  This card can be played at any time.		redtoast
Triple Triad	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		Thing: Gain control of target Thing whose cornervalue is numerically less than one of your Things' cornervalues.  Any player may use this ability, but they may only use each of their Things once.		Binarius
Dollis Hill	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing	JB	Nobody may play Things.  Whenever any player plays an Action, give them Dollis Hill.  Dollis Hill may only be destroyed by its controller or by a player in knip.		Binarius
Boost	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Draw two cards; you may play one of them, if it is an Action.		Binarius
Swap Market	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing	4N	Action:Discard a card and then draw a card.		Bucky
Cargo Wagon	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing	5N	Your maximum hand size is increased by 10.		Bucky
Liquify	cards_2101_2200	action	Action	6N	Destroy target Thing.  Its controller gains a Goo token for every word in that Thing's name.		Bucky
Wanton Destruction	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Destroy as many Things as you wish.  While doing so, however, you must yell with barbaric fervor and furiously pound the table or applicable playing surface at least twice.		redtoast
Wonton Destruction	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		Scalding hot soup!  Target opponent discards half their hand, rounding down.		Binarius
Utopia	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		If any player has fewer than five cards in their hand at the end of their turn, they may draw until they have five cards.		Binarius
Corner Kick	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		All Things with no cornervalue receive a cornervalue of 1.		Binarius
Daler Mehndi	cards_2101_2200	thing	Thing		While Daler Mehndi is in play, all players must speak with Indian accents.  Action: Spawn one Tunak Tunak Tun Token.		redtoast
Musical Chairs	cards_2101_2200	action	Action		All players pass their Things to the player on their right and their hand to the player on their left.  If there are only two players, discard this card as soon as it comes into your hand and draw another card.		redtoast

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