Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 1801-1900

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Fibonacci's rabbits (ln(e))/T/Comes into play with two rabbit tokens.<br />Thing: Create rabbit tokens equal to the number of rabbit tokens already in play.
skipcard Bad Drug bust (DEA)/A/Destroy all non living things of a target player.
skipcard Dawn of War/T/When this comes into play, every player gets 5 morale tokens. When this card leaves play, destroy all morale tokens. As long as this card is in play, whenever a player destroys a non-token thing that player receives a morale token; whenever a player's non-token thing gets destroyed by an opponent, destroy one of that player's morale tokens. If a player has zero morale tokens, he is eliminated.
skipcard Commisar/T/Action: Destroy one thing you control and draw three cards.
skipcard Marriage/A/Gain control of all things controlled by target opponent. ("What's your's is mine and what's mine is mine.")
skipcard Contradiction/A/Win the game. Lose the game.
skipcard Contraction/A/Remove up to five words from a card's text. You may not remove the first or the last word of the card text in this manner.
skipcard Insertion/A/Insert one word between two words of a card's text. You can't insert this word at the start or end of a sentence.
skipcard Powertron (T200)/T/When this comes into play, destroy 200 non-money tokens you control or destroy this thing.<BR>Action and Thing: Eliminate opponent.
skipcard Being Lord Voldemort (Evil)/T/Other players have to refer to you saying "you know who". If they say your real name, they are eliminated.<BR>Thing: Generate a zombie token.
skipcard Goal: 21! (Goal)/T/Play this only if you control 10 or less things.<BR>If somebody controls 21 or more things, he/she wins.
skipcard Coffeeshop with Free Refills (C)/T/Whenever any player has no cards in hand, he redraws to his maximum hand size.%r Action: Discard your whole hand.
skipcard Loopholes Galore/T/Destroy a thing, negate an action, and play a card. <i>Any</i> player may take an action to discard one card to change, add, or remove one word in this card's text located before the italicized word "Any".
skipcard Eystar, the Soul-Drinking Sword/T/You may play this under an opponent's control.<BR><BR>At the beginning of your turn put a doom token into play. If you control 4 doom tokens, you are eliminated.<BR><BR>Action: Destroy target thing other than this one.
skipcard Earth-Filled Coffin/T/You may skip a turn to draw three cards.
skipcard No Reflection/T/Play under another player's control. Any player may spend an action to look at your hand.
skipcard The Inn Crowd/T/Whispers and rumours - all opponents must reveal any cards they draw.
skipcard Reformed Property Laws (R)/T/Every one plays with his hand face up. Each player may play cards from any other player's hand; no one may play cards from his own hand.
skipcard Lapse (L)/A/Take a non-token Thing from play into your hand, resolve any consequences of its leaving play, then put the card back into play under the same controller. If there are decisions to be made when the card is played (other than its controller), you make them.
skipcard Qwerty (Q)/T/All special rules, whatever their source, are repealed when Qwerty enters play. No player may propose any new cards or special rules while Qwerty is in play. ("The natural enemy of Dvorak!")
skipcard Suicide Belt/T/Attach this to a living non token thing.<br />Action:Destroy this card and all cards attached to it, and 10 random things in play. Any player may use this ability.<br /> ("Bomb blast kills 11, more as this story developes.")
skipcard Momma/T/This cards action ability is played during anothewr players turn, it's use counts against your next turn, and may only be played once between your turns <br />Action: prevent last action's effects.<br /> ("my momma says No.")
skipcard Vampire/T/Destroy a living thing you control to play, and after every time you draw a card, If you cannot, destroy Vampire.<br />Action: Destroy two target living things
skipcard Vampire Slayer (V)/T/If Vampire Slayer is destroyed for any reason, it goes into the hand of a random player instead of the discard pile.%rAction: Destroy any monster or undead. ("Back in the day, there was always just one of these, no more no less.")
skipcard Zen Fortress (Z)/T/Your maximum hand size is decreased by one. Whenever you are forced to play a card randomly or a card of an opponent's choice, you can choose to play nothing instead. No card can make you discard against your will.
skipcard Oubliette (O)/T/Action: Remove a creature (living, undead, robotic, etc.) in play from the game. If the target was not a token, flip a coin; on "tails", destroy Oubliette. (Cards removed from the game by Oubliette are not returned to play when Oubliette is destroyed.)
skipcard Mass Haste/A/Each player gains a Haste token with the text "On your turn, you may play one additional card of any type."
skipcard Simplify (1T)/A/Each player may choose a Thing they control. Destroy all other Things.
skipcard Stab/A/Choose one - destroy target living Thing; or, target player discards two cards.
skipcard Sorrow (E3)/T/When you play this card, create 70 Sorrow tokens under your control. A player who controls one or more Sorrow tokens cannot win.%rAction: Put half of your Sorrow tokens under the control of target player.
skipcard My Old Guitar/T/If you control any other Things, no other player may take control of My Old Guitar. If another player takes control of this card, lose the game. Your hand size is 8.
skipcard Chinese Factory/T/Whenever a token is created, it is considered to have been created by you, and you can decide to create it or not. When this card has been in play for ten turns, destroy all Things in play. (""Yeah, Made in China, whitey."")
skipcard Blank Cards (1000)/T/All other cards are considered blank.
skipcard Frigid Blast (F)/A/Each Thing in play with an Action ability gets a Freeze token. Freeze tokens have the following text: "The Thing to which this is attached can destroy one of its Freeze tokens as an Action ability, but may not use any other Action abilities."
skipcard Exploit Strange Vulnerabilities (E)/A/Each Thing in play whose text includes a special defense from destruction or removal from play loses that part of its text until the end of the turn and is destroyed. ("It's like a high-frequency kryptonite silver bullet and a stake through the heart, and it's yellow.")
skipcard Brainstorm (B)/A/Every player makes a new card, subject to the usual approval process; continue until each player has gotten exactly one new card approved. Instead of shuffling them into the deck, shuffle them separately and deal one (face-down) to each player.
skipcard Sudden Death (KO)/T/When this comes into play, all players draw cards up to their maximum hand size.%rPlayers may not draw cards.%rIf a player does not play any cards during their turn, they must discard a card.%rAny player with an empty hand loses.
skipcard Race To The Finish (1st)/T/When this comes into play, all players draw cards up to their maximum hand size.%rPlayers may choose not to draw cards at the start of their turn.%rIf a player does not play any cards during their turn, they must draw a card.%rAny player with an empty hand wins.
skipcard Elegy of Emptiness/A/If you have no cards in play and no cards in your hand, you win.
skipcard Whirling Winds (W)/A/Each player who controls at least one Thing simultaneously gives a random Thing he controls and all attached cards and tokens to the next player in turn order. Do this whole process a number of times equal to the number of players in the game.
skipcard Hailstones like Grapefruits (H)/A/Every tangible Thing (including locations and Universes) in play is destroyed.
skipcard Yesterday's Treasures (Y)/A/Take a number of cards of your choice from the discard pile equal to the number of players; show these cards to all players. Shuffle these cards and deal one (face-down) to each player.
skipcard Loafing/A/draw 2 cards skip your next turn. ("Friedey's Special")
skipcard Skip (1)/A/Target player skips their next turn. ("Corner value in Spanish")
skipcard Draw Two (1)/A/Target player draws 2 cards. ("Corner value in Spanish")
skipcard xkcd Comic Strip Tacked to the Wall (X)/T/The good morale inspires you to draw an extra card during your draw phase. ("[http://xkcd.com xkcd]")
skipcard Noxious Cloud (N)/A/Each player must discard 1d6 cards (roll separately for each player). Any player who does not have enough cards discards all they have and skips his next turn.
skipcard Jester's Dance (J)/A/Two target creatures (living, undead, robotic, etc.) exchange places and controllers, taking any attached cards and tokens with them.
skipcard Home Base (4I)/T/When Home Base comes into play, gain a Worker token. At the start of your turn, you gain one Money token per Worker you control, or 5 per Home Base (whichever is less)%r%rAction:Spend 3 Money tokens. Make a copy of a Thing named "Worker Unit" from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive and put it into play.
skipcard Worker Unit (5I)/T/Action:Gain a Money token.%r%rAction:Destroy two Things you control and discard a card. Make a copy of a Thing named "Barracks" from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive and put it into play.
skipcard Barracks (6I)/T/At any time during your turn, you may destroy one Barracks, three of your living Things and two other Tokens to make a copy of a Thing named "MechFab" from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive and put it into play.%r%rAction: gain an Infantry token.
skipcard Netherspite (RGB)/T/When this card enters play, each player (starting with you) chooses a different color, and gains a token whose name and color is that color. <BR><BR> At the end of each turn, if no player controls a Thing with a color in its name, each player loses the game.
skipcard Inspiration (I)/A/Draw 1d6 cards. You do not have to discard at the end of this turn.
skipcard Twilight (T)/T/Action: Discard X cards to draw X random cards from the discard pile. Any player may use this Action ability, but your opponents must take X = 1.
skipcard Unnatural Compulsion (U)/A/You may play as many Actions and Things this turn as you wish, but you make not invoke any further Action or Thing abilities this turn. If you are directed to draw cards this turn, you may choose to ignore the direction. If you still have any cards in your hand at the end of your turn, you are eliminated.
skipcard MechFab (7I)/T/Action:Destroy two Things you control. Make a copy of a Thing named "MechaTank" from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive and put it into play.%r%rAction:Discard a card. Make a copy of a Thing named "Mech Worker" from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive and put it into play.
skipcard Mech Worker (8I)/T/At the start of your turn, you may have Mech Worker use the Action ability of any of your Buildings.%r%rAt any time during your turn, you may destroy two of your Mech Workers to make a copy of a Thing named "Home Base" from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive and put it into play.
skipcard MechaTank (9I)/T/Action:Destroy target token.%rDestroy this: Destroy target token%rDestroy this, two other non-token Things, 3 living Things and 4 other things you control: Make a copy of a Thing named "Ultimate Weapon" from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive and put it into play.
skipcard Naked Mile Run/T/All players play with their hands revealed.%r%rAt the start of each player's turn, that player draws an additional card for each player of the opposite gender in the game.
skipcard Ultimate Weapon (1J)/T/When you play this, destroy one of your non-token Things. If this would be destroyed, you may destroy three of your other non-token Things instead.%r%rDestroy 10 of your Things: Target opponent must destroy 8 of their Things, or all their things if they have less than 8%rAction:Target player with no Things loses the game.
skipcard Toll bridge/T/Opponents must give you control of a non living token in order to play a thing. ("Stop. Pay toll.")
skipcard Troll bridge/T/Opponents must give you control of a Living thing in order to play an action. (""You don't want to eat me. I'm too little, my brother is much bigger." -Billy goat")
skipcard Troll/T/Destroy this card if it's the only living thing in play.<br\>Action: Destroy target thing. ("Nobody likes trolls")
skipcard Zener Reading/A/Name three cards. All opponents reveal their hands - if any of those cards were there, take them into your hand.
skipcard Wiki Vandal/T/At the end of your turn, put a Vandalism counter on a non-token Thing other than this one which does not have a Vandalism counter on it. Things with Vandalism counters on them lose all rules text.
skipcard Whimsey (3)/T/Tap this Thing and another untapped Thing you control: Choose one - untap target Thing; tap target Thing; target player draws a card; or target player discards a card.
skipcard Turnabout Dvorak/A/Tap or untap all Things target player controls. Draw two cards. ("OBJECTION!")
skipcard Untap Phase/T/When you play this card, take an additional turn after this one. At the start of each player's turn, that player untaps all Things they control.
skipcard Arise From the Fiery Depths/A/Pick a card that has been put out of play by another card and play it.
skipcard Box of One Dozen Starving Crazed Weasels/T/Action: Give control of a random Thing you control to target player.%r%rWhenever this Thing changes controllers, its new controller must discard two cards or destroy another Thing he or she controls. (""Okay, I'll take that."")
skipcard Mine/Mime (M1)/A/Card may be played as an action or a thing.<br/>When played as an action: take control of a target thing<br/> When played as a thing: You may play this on another player. If owner speaks they must discard a card, if unable to do so they loose. If playing online, non game required chat counts as speaking.
skipcard Cereal killer / Serial killer (O0)/A/Card may be played as an action or a thing.<br/>When played as an action: destroy all foods an create a cereal token for each item destroyed in this way.<br\> When played as a thing: if action ability is not played for three consecutive turns destroy serial killer Action: destroy random animate thing.
skipcard Democracy/T/As long as this card is in play, a number of approving votes that equals or exceeds quorum (half the number of players, rounded down, plus one) is needed to add, change, or repeal cards or special rules.
skipcard Lion/T/Action: Shout "Jesus Christ!" and draw a card. (">:3")
skipcard Jim Morrison/T/You control all reptile things as long as Jim Morrison is in play.
skipcard Johnny Rotten/T/For every turn that Johnny Rotten is in play, you may destroy one thing of your choice. This card may not be destroyed unless two destroying effects aimed at this card are played in the same turn.
skipcard Bernie/T/You must discard this card 2 turns after it is played. You can attach this card to a person under your control. While this card is attached to a person, the person to which this card is attached may not be destroyed.
skipcard Rubik's Cube/T/This card may be played under another player's control. The player who controls this card must skip every other turn. After each turn skipped in this way, put a counter on this card. If this card ever has 6 counters on it, destroy it. ("Who is this Rubik and why is his Cube so difficult?")
skipcard Reese's Pieces/T/When this card comes into play, you gain 10 Reese's tokens. If you ever control no Reese's tokens, destroy this card. Action: Destroy a Reese's token and play 2 more actions this turn. ("Who is this Reese and why are his Pieces so delicious?")
skipcard Last Chance for this turn/A/Roll a die. If it's even you may draw 2 cards and destroy one thing.
skipcard Too Quiet/T/You have an unlimited hand size. You may play any number of cards per turn (but only one Action ability). If you play a card, destroy Too Quiet at the end of your turn.
skipcard Four / Fore! (F4)/T/Card may be played as an action or a thing.<br/>When played as an action create 4 tokens of any type.<br\>As a thing, Action: Remove target living thing from play until your next turn.
skipcard CD (Q15)/T/Card may be played as an action or a thing.<br/>When played as an action double your money tokens.<br\>As a thing, Thing: create a song token.
skipcard Fizzle Champion/T/You may not play any more cards on the turn you play this. If any player plays an Action card which has no effect on the game once it has resolved (apart from that card going to the discard pile), then they win the game.
skipcard Hard Bargain/A/Choose an opponent. They may choose two Things you control and gain control of them; you may then choose one Thing they control, and gain control of that.
skipcard Plinth Charming/A/Put any card from play or from your hand onto the top of the draw pile. You may play another Action this turn.
skipcard Strange Atractor/T/All cards attached to Strange Attractor are considered removed from the game. When Strange Atractor leaves play all attached things are destroyed. <br\>Thing:Attach a thing to Strange Attractor.<br\>Action:Remove a thing from Strange Attactor to a random player. ("This is an abstract Idea not a living person")
skipcard Kilgore wuz here/A/Look at target players hand. Instead of going to the discard pile when played this card goes into the hand of the person it was played on.
skipcard Scranton Pa./T/No living things can use action abilities.
skipcard Last Stand/A/Choose a Thing you control. Activate one of its Action abilities three times, then destroy it.
skipcard Catastrophizing/T/Play this card under any player's control. Whenever an opponent would gain a token, they gain three tokens of that type instead. ("Am I jumping to the worst possible conclusion?")
skipcard Fortune Telling/T/Play this card under any player's control. Whenever any opponent would draw a card, he or she may return a card from the discard pile to his or her hand instead. ("Am I predicting the future instead of waiting to see what happens?")
skipcard Mental Filtering/T/Play this card under any player's control. Whenever you would draw a card, target opponent draws a card, then gives you a card from his or her hand instead. ("Am I focusing on the negative and overlooking the positive?")
skipcard house party/A/remove all of a players living things from play until your next turn
skipcard Pet Octopus (O8)/T/your hand size is 8
skipcard I had no choice/A/play in response to an action or action ability that targets you or Things you control. For the rest of that players turn you choose the targets of all actions and action abilities they use.
skipcard No Time For That Now/T/Whenever an Action card is played, its final sentence shall be ignored.
skipcard Insurance Policy/A/You may play this card whenever a card says you lose the game. Discard your hand. The card that caused you to lose the game is destroyed and you do not lose the game.
skipcard Oh no you don't!/A/You may play this card whenever a card says an opponent wins the game. Discard your hand. The card that caused the opponent to win the game is destroyed and the opponent does not win the game.
skipcard Curse/T/Play this onto another thing. Whenever the card that this card was played onto is destroyed by a card played by an opponent, this card is destroyed and the opponent that played the card shows you their hand. Pick a card from their hand and destroy it.
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