Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 1701-1800

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Time Bubble Cannon/T/Action: Destroy target thing and skip your next two turns.
skipcard Tower of Babylon/T/Seperate all things into play into X groups, where X is the number of players. All groups must contain the same amount of things, or as close as possible. Then, give each player a group. That is their new feild. All player's things and actions do not affect cards besides their own while this card is in play.
skipcard Tower of Babyloon/T/All things in play are considered Loony Babies. Loony Babies things may not affect other things with their effects besides themself.
skipcard Tower of Baaabylon/T/All things in play are now sheep.<BR> Action: Discard a sheep of yours, draw a card. ("Yum!")
skipcard All The Little Things I Own/T/Play with your hand revealed. All things in your hand are considered to be in your hand AND in play. (They can be discarded and destroyed. They count towards hand size limit.)
skipcard Poltergeist/T/Action: Choose two physically tangible, inanimate things controlled by two different players. They swap controller.
skipcard The Spanish Inquisition/A/Play this during your opponent's turn, shout: "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!", take a living non-token thing in play and burn it. (If you don't have a lighter, ask your neighbour.)
skipcard Mnemonic Device/T/As long as this card is in play, each time a player plays a card, he must say one word that rhymes with either the first or last word in the title of the card.
skipcard Elton John Stole My Wallet/A/Before playing this, say "Action" or "Thing". Target player discards all actions or things then. (Depending on what you said.)
skipcard Paper Dragon/T/Action: Eliminate an opponent with no cards in her hand.
skipcard By The Same Token/T/Whenever one of your tokens is destroyed, destroy an opponent's token.
skipcard Do-it-yourself kit (8G)/T/Action: You may play an extra Thing this turn.
skipcard Mind games. (9G)/T/Action: Target opponent selects a card from their hand. Then, you name a card. Your opponent reveals the card they selected; if it's the one you named, move it to your hand.
skipcard Chu-Chu/T/
skipcard Minna-hikkoshi!/A/Exchange hands with another player.
skipcard Speed Up!/A/Draw three cards.
skipcard Speed Down!/A/Target player discards a random card.
skipcard This Card Won't Let You Win/T/If you can read or pronounce this without accent, you are propably an English native speaker.
skipcard You Will Never Dance Alone/T/Whenever you put tokens into play with another card, this card generates the same amount of tokens with the same type and name.
skipcard Fat Old Pervert/T/All opponents play with their hands revealed. ("Mrs. Johnson started to realise that her neighbour's interest in astronomy was nothing but a cheap pretext.")
skipcard Easter Egg (1H)/T/When you play Easter Egg, gain a Candy token.
skipcard 10-Ton Weight (2H)/T/When you play 10-Ton Weight, you may destroy a Thing.
skipcard Fun with Tokens (3H)/T/When you play this, choose a Thing from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive. All Tokens are copies of that Thing while Fun with Tokens remains in play.
skipcard Porn Movie Factory/T/Whenever a female thing is in play, destroy this.<BR>Action: Gain 2 money tokens.
skipcard Michael Jackson Kidnapped My Monkey/A/Gain control of a living thing in play or search an opponent's hand for a living thing card and take it in your hand if he/she has one.
skipcard Empire of Fast Food/T/Action: Destroy this.<BR>Action: Destroy a money-related thing you control to gain a fast food token.<BR>Action: Destroy a food-related thing you control to become fat.<BR>As long as you are fat, opponents can't target you or your things in any way and you cannot draw cards. When this leaves play, you stop being fat.
skipcard Russian Roulette/A/Every player starting on your left rolls a die, anybody who rolls a one is eliminated. if everybody is eliminated the on who played this is the winner
skipcard Last days (D-1)/A/Remove all things in the discard pile from play. Create a zombie token for each Thing removed this way.
skipcard Mardi Gras (2sDay)/A/Remove all action cards in the discard pile from play. Create a bead token for each Action removed this way.
skipcard Crate (4H)/T/You may play up to three extra things the turn you play this.
skipcard Spring (5H)/T/When you play this, return a non-token Thing you control to your hand.
skipcard Gift Bag (6H)/T/When you play this, draw two cards.
skipcard Birthday Demand/A/Each of your opponents must either give you control of a Thing they control, give you a Thing card from their hand, or lose the game.
skipcard Reverse Engineering/A/Play in response to an Action ability - this card's text becomes a copy of the Action ability's text.
skipcard Tetris Attack/T/Whenever a Thing comes into play, if its owner controls four or more Things, they must destroy four Things they control.
skipcard Necromancer/T/Comes into play with 5 zombie tokens<br\>Action: Gain control of target undead. <br\>Action: Create zombie token.
skipcard Unicorn (U1)/T/As long as you control Unicorn you may not control any undead, if you do destroy Unicorn. Action: play a living thing from your hand
skipcard Ancient Zombie (Z1)/T/If targeted by an opponents Action flip a coin if heads it fails. <br/>Action: destroy target living thing.
skipcard Math Teacher/T/When this comes into play, choose two numbers. The first number is replaced with the second number on all cards (also cards not in play). This effect ends as soon as this card leaves play.
skipcard Playing God/A/Create a new card with title and text of your choice. Put it at the bottom of the draw pile. ("Yes, it can be related to winning.")
skipcard Spike (7H)/T/Play into an opponent's control. That opponent discards a card at random.
skipcard Grappling hook (8H)/T/When you play this, gain control of target physical Thing.
skipcard Memory (9H)/T/When you play this, play an Action from the discard pile, then shuffle that Action into the deck.
skipcard Ghast/T/if you have any undead in play this card comes into play with 3 ghoul tokens.<br/> (""What's the difference between a ghoul and a zombie? Ghouls are harder to kill" -Van Helsing")
skipcard Ghoul (G3)/T/if you have any undead in play it comes into play with 3 zombie tokens
skipcard Zombie Knight (Z3)/T/Comes into play with three armor tokens. Whenever zombie knight would be destroyed remove an armor token first, when there are no more destroy Zombie Knight. Action ability may only be played if there is another undead in play. <br/>Action: Destroy target living thing.
skipcard Skyrr's Blowback/T/Action: Destroy a Thing, then destroy all Things you control apart from this one.
skipcard Cutpurse/T/Action: Gain control of a token.
skipcard Illuminati Freemason Bolshevik Reptilian Telepathic Extraterrestrial 911 World Conspiracy/T/Nobody may look at your hand or take cards from it.<BR>Opponents' things are controlled by their usual controller and by you. ("They control EVERYTHING.")
skipcard Snoop Doggy Dogg Insulted Me/T/Play this in response to an action. Replace the words "target player", "target thing", "a player" and "a thing" in the action's text with "your mother".
skipcard Tsunami/A/Destroy all things in play except things that can be considered to fly.
skipcard Negitive energy plane/T/When this comes into play Replace all living things with a Zombie token.<br\> Every undead adds the folowing text "Action: destroy target living thing."
skipcard Positive energy plane/T/When this comes into play Destroy all undead.<br\> All living things add the following text"Action destroy target undead."
skipcard Hell/T/While in play All players must discard a card or destroy a thing they control to play an action ablity. (""Those things are meant to be temporary, Only suffering lasts forever" -Asmodous")
skipcard Weirdo Universe/T/As long as this is in play, all other Things in play have the following text replaced:<BR>replace: -> with:<BR>living thing -> non-living thing<BR>random -> target<BR>win/s -> lose/s
skipcard Gravity Cannon (9G)/T/Action and Thing: Eliminate target opponent. Every player may use this ability.
skipcard Rickroll/T/Play in response to an Action ability. That Action ability is cancelled, and the Thing it belongs to is destroyed and replaced by this card.
skipcard Nerd Parliament (Nerd!)/T/Action Abilities cannot destroy other things you control. ("No and no!")
skipcard The Ghosts Will Deceive Their Master/T/Immediately before this comes into play, destroy a thing.<BR>As long as this is in play, you cannot destroy things except this one.
skipcard Lord of the Forest (1GG)/T/Whenever a non-token thing is destroyed, you may draw a card.
skipcard NecroTech Dart Gun/T/Action: Create three dart tokens on this card.<br />Action: Destroy any number of dart tokens on this card to replace an equivalent number of zombies with human tokens. ("Enough is enough, Gill.")
skipcard DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING/T/For every action each player performs and thing they play, destroy a thing belonging to you. You may only destroy this card with this card when you are unable to destroy any more things with this card.
skipcard Sneaky Planting/A/Place a thing in your hand under the control of another player.
skipcard All-Purpose Repair Kit/T/If one of your Things is destroyed, you may choose to destroy this in its place. The saved Thing must be a physical object and not a creature.
skipcard Mario World/T/Any player may use this card's action ability. While this card is in play, anytime you would be eliminated turn in an extra life token instead.<br\>Action: Exchange 100 money tokens for an extra life token.
skipcard Zombie Processing Plant/T/Action Destroy any number of undead create a black energy token for each zombie destroyed in this way.<br/> (""Black is the new green"")
skipcard Think Tank/A/Each Zombie token in play may be exchanged for a money token as the owner of the token desires. If there no zombies in play you get three brain tokens.<br/> (""Black is the new green"")
skipcard Robert Mugabe/T/Every vote you cast counts one million times.
skipcard Technopoly/T/When this comes into play, give each player a Robot token. Action: Create a number of tokens of any type, equal to the number of Robot tokens you control. Any player may perform this action.
skipcard Pea Shooter/T/Action: Destroy a Thing you control, to force a chosen opponent to choose and destroy a Thing they control.
skipcard Morphic Resonance/A/Choose a player; they select two Things they control. Pick one at random and replace the other with a copy of it.
skipcard Soullessness (S)/T/When Soullessness comes into play, choose a player for it to affect. As long as Soullessness is in play, the affected player is immune from card-created win conditions and lose conditions. He can still win if everyone else loses or lose if someone else wins.
skipcard Overrun/A/Pick an opponent. If you have ten more non-token Things than that opponent has Things, then that opponent is eliminated.
skipcard Rapid Fire/A/You may play three more Actions this turn, provided that they are all Action abilities.
skipcard Malachite Obelisk (M)/T/At the start of each player's turn, flip a coin. If it comes up heads, the player may play two Actions this turn instead of one, but cannot play a Thing. If it comes up tails, the player may play two Things this turn instead of one, but cannot play an Action.
skipcard Pocket Universe/T/Cards you control or have in your hand can't affect or be affected by cards not controlled or held by you.
skipcard Squash Court/T/When this card is put in the discard pile, whoever controlled it last may destroy a Thing. That Thing's owner discards a card.
skipcard Rush/T/At the beginning of each player's turn, that player draws a card and immediately plays it. If it cannot be played, it is discarded.
skipcard Energy Vortex/A/Remove all energy tokens
skipcard Recession/A/Remove all money tokens
skipcard Mafia run casino/T/May be played on another player.<br />Controller can no longer discard any cards if Owner's hand contains Owner's hand size number of cards Owner can no longer draw.<br /> (""The house stands"<br />"You can't do that"<br />"I said, the house stands"")
skipcard Gold mine (1I)/T/Action: gain a Money token or three Slag tokans.
skipcard French Riot (2I)/T/Action: destroy a French thing you control. Target player discards a card.
skipcard Wand of Death (3I)/T/Action: Replace target living or undead Thing with a Corpse token.
skipcard Drunken Bartering (D)/A/An opponent of your choice gives you his whole hand, then draws as many cards as he gave you, at random, from your hand.
skipcard Gumball Machine (G)/T/After drawing but before playing any cards on a turn, any player may draw a card; he shows this card to the other players and must play it immediately if possible. Playing the drawn card <i>does</i> count as one of his card plays for the turn.
skipcard Kleptomania (K)/T/Whenever an opponent plays a Thing, it comes into play under your control. Each time this happens, you gain a theft token and a d6 is rolled. If the die roll is less than or equal to the number of theft tokens you have, destroy this card.%rThing: Destroy a theft token.
skipcard Big Dumb Object/T/Big Dumb Object cannot be destroyed by any card. This overrides all other cards. You cannot lose the game or be eliminated while you control Big Dumb Object. While you control Big Dumb Object, you cannot draw cards, play cards, or use Action abilities. (""I am overcome with wonder!"")
skipcard Chekhov's Gun/T/This card's Action ability cannot be used until it has been in play for 3 turns or more. Until this card's Action ability is used, no players other than you may see what it is.%rAction: Eliminate target player. Put all Things under their control under your control. Then destroy this card.
skipcard The Pointless Game/T/As long as this is in play, whenever anyone plays a Thing with a color in its title, any other player may say "Beetle <color>" (if the color is not "red") or "Beaver Cleaver" (if the color is "red"); the first to do this gains 1 Pointless token and destroys the Thing. If any player ever has at least 10 Pointless tokens, the player with the most Pointless tokens wins the game.
skipcard Beetle Red/T/ ("[[The Pointless Game deck")
skipcard Communist Government/T/As long as this card is in play, all things are controlled by everyone. If one person wins, everyone wins. If you create a card, any other player who votes against must discard his hand; if he does not have any cards in his hand, he is immediately eliminated. If you create a card and every other player votes to accept it, destroy this card.
skipcard Sniper Rifle/T/Once per turn (including opponents' turns), you may discard a card to destroy a Thing.
skipcard Decommissioning/T/Action abilities cannot be played.
skipcard Tight Bomb Pattern/A/Destroy a Thing, then destroy three other Things chosen at random.
skipcard P-Switch (P)/A/Until the end of your next turn, all tokens are treated as actual cards and all non-token Things are treated as tokens.
skipcard Gunpowder Factory/T/Whenever a thing other than this card is destroyed, destroy all things.<BR>Action: Gain 10 money tokens. ("Kerblamm!")
skipcard Lord of Paradox/T/Whenever cards' effects contradict each other, choose one of those cards, cancel its text and draw a card.
skipcard Cybercity/T/If you control a thing that requires a certain amount of tokens to win/eliminate opponents, destroy it before it has any effect.<BR>Action: Generate a token of any type and name.
skipcard Gangs on the military (MS-13)/T/Owner of this card chooses the valid target of all destroy effects.
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