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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Glue Spray	cards_1601_1700	thing	Thing		Whenever a player discards a card, they must discard their entire hand as well.		Kevan
No Time to Sleep	cards_1601_1700	thing	Thing		Everybody may take up to 2 actions per turn. Nobody may generate more than 1 token per turn.		Zt
Happy Valentine's Day, Bitches!	cards_1601_1700	action	Action		Each player votes for a thing in play he/she loves most. (If there is a draw, the player who controls most things decides. If there's still a draw, flip a coin.)  Ironically, the thing beloved by most players is instantly destroyed. Isn't it mean?		Zt
Nanorobots	cards_1601_1700	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a non-token thing you control. Put a token of any name and type under your control or on any of your cards.		Zt
Peak Oil	cards_1601_1700	thing	Thing		Whenever a player plays an Action, they must destroy a Thing they control. If they have no Things, they cannot play Actions.		Kevan
Charged Boost	cards_1601_1700	thing	Thing	6E	During your turn, you may return this card to your hand to take an extra Action.		Bucky
Poison Dart	cards_1601_1700	action	Action	7E	Target player discards two cards.		Bucky
Card Cannon	cards_1601_1700	thing	Thing	8E	Action: Destroy target Thing and discard a card.		Bucky
Xbox Achievements	cards_1601_1700	thing	Thing		A player gains an Achievement token the first time they do each of the following: destroy a Thing, draw more than one card at once, return a Thing to someone's hand, force an opponent to discard a card, and generate a non-Achievement token. A player with five Achievement tokens wins the game.		Kevan
Prime Number Machine	cards_1601_1700	thing	Thing		Action: Create a token on this card.
Action: If there is a prime number of tokens on this card, draw n cards, where n is equivelant to the number of tokens on this card. Pongo Rampage cards_1601_1700 action Action 9E Destroy any number of Tokens. Bucky Broken Thing cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Whenever a Thing would come into play, you may destroy it and put this card into play from your hand, in its place. Kevan Paper Jam cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Play onto a Thing. It can no longer use its Action abilities, if it has any. Kevan Empire of Smiley Pink Happiness cards_1601_1700 thing Thing You shall be crushed by my... uh... giant flower. Pongo Empire of This Room cards_1601_1700 thing Thing While this card is in play, the room in which the game is being played is considered a seperate country for the purposes of this game. If playing online, then imagine the server and all computers connected to it as being in a seperate country. Pongo Empire of a Slightly Bad Smell cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Players may not play any card that would prevent, neutralise or otherwise cover up an odour. What's that smell? Pongo OMNIVAC cards_1601_1700 thing Thing When you play this card, destroy all of your other Things. You may not control any other Things. Whenever OMNIVAC would be destroyed, you decide whether or not it gets destroyed. Action: Target player discards a card. Corrigan Русская передача cards_1601_1700 thing Thing If anyone can read or pronounce the following sentence, they win the game: Вы можете прочитать русского? Я никогда не знал! Вы не можете прочитать это. Это пугает Вас? Corrigan Random Attack! cards_1601_1700 action Action Random player destroys a random thing she controls. Random player discards a card. Random player draws a card. A random amount of cards from the discard pile is shuffled into the deck by a random player. Discard X cards when playing this to replace X occurrences of the word 'random' on this card with 'target'. Zt Baltic Friends cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Nobody may draw cards anymore, unless they drink 0.01 l. of Wodka every time they draw a card. ineve'shoughtshisdrinkcoube memakesodrung Zt Chrononauts cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Action: Play an action card from the discard pile. Then remove the played card from the game, unless you destroy two things you control. Zt Antipathy cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 1F Choose an opponent. If that Opponent targets any of their own Opponents with an Action or other effect, they must target you. Bucky Voucher cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 2F You may destroy this at any time to draw a card or gain four Energy tokens. Bucky Overkill cards_1601_1700 action Action 3F Destroy target Thing. Destroy it again if possible. If it's not in the discard pile afterwards, move it there. Finally, if it's still in play, remove it from the game. Bucky Disrepair cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Whenever a Thing uses an Action ability, return that Thing to its controller's hand. Kevan Federation Against Copyright Theft cards_1601_1700 thing Thing If there is more than one Thing in play with the same name, you may destroy any number of those Things, at any time. Kevan Creeping Mould cards_1601_1700 thing Thing At the start of each player's turn, they must put a Mould token into play under their control. If a player has five or more Mould tokens, they lose the game. Kevan Andrew's Lucky Coin cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Whenever a random decision has to be taken, you decide instead. Zt Petrified Wood cards_1601_1700 thing Thing If there are at least 7 cards in the discard pile and there are only things in the discard pile, eliminate an opponent and destroy this. Action: Take a card from the discard pile and shuffle it into the deck. Zt Think, Copy, Win cards_1601_1700 action Action Create a copy of a thing in play. You may change (not: add!) up to 2 words in the new card's text, as long as the new text makes sense to everybody. Then give the new card to an opponent or shuffle it into the deck. Zt Mirror Neurons cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Whenever any player plays an Action card, each of their opponents (going clockwise) must play a copy of that Action. Kevan Impound cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 4F Play onto another Thing. You now control that Thing until Impound is destroyed. Any player may give you 6 Money-related Things to destroy Impound. Bucky Affluence cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 5F Gain a Money token at the start of each of your turns. Bucky Demount cards_1601_1700 action Action 6F Return a non-Token Thing to its controller's hand. Bucky Token Vampire cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Destroy a token at the beginning of your turn. If there are no tokens in play, destroy this card. Pongo Token Zombie cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Destroy a token other than a Zombie Token at the beginning of your turn, and put a Zombie Token into play. If there are no tokens in play other than Zombie Tokens, destroy this card. Pongo Doomsday Device cards_1601_1700 thing Thing If anyone except you destroys one of your Things (including this), or you destroy this, destroy all Things in play. Pongo Gleancrawler cards_1601_1700 thing Thing At the end of your turn, return to your hand all Things in the discard pile that were put into the discard pile from play this turn. Does it have trample as well? Zt Health and Safety cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Actions that would destroy Things may not be played. Kevan Arena Duel cards_1601_1700 thing_rule Thing - Rule Give each player 5 Stamina tokens. When only one player has any Things remaining (excluding this card), they win the game. "The last one standing wins by default." Bucky Reserve Stock cards_1601_1700 thing Thing You may discard a Thing card from your hand to prevent a Thing from being destroyed. Kevan No Surprises cards_1601_1700 action Action Each player reveals their hand and discards all Action cards. Kevan Do the Zombie Walk! cards_1601_1700 action Action Use the Action abilities of all Things you control whose title includes the word "zombie", or who have been in the discard pile at least once. Corrigan Generic Evil Shaman cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Action: Destroy a tangible Thing you control; if the Thing was living, destroy a Thing. If the Thing wasn't living, draw a card. Corrigan Evil Semantics cards_1601_1700 action Action Choose a thing in play you do not control and choose two words. Replace all occurrences of the first word with the second word in the thing's text. The new text has to make sense. Zt Discard Attack cards_1601_1700 action Action When playing this card, discard X cards to perform X of the following actions. Each of the actions may only be taken once. Action: destroy target living thing. Action: draw a card. Action: gain control of a token in play. Action: choose and draw a card from the discard pile. Zt Nuclear Bunker cards_1601_1700 thing Thing B100 Indestructible. Zt Mobility Bonus cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 7F Whenever Mobility Bonus enters or leaves play, draw a card. Bucky Mountain Spring cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 8F Action: Gain 2 Water tokens. Bucky Threatening Glare cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 9F Action: Target Player cannot play Actions until the start of your next turn. Thing: Target Player cannot play Things until the start of your next turn. Bucky Subtle Plan cards_1601_1700 action Action 3D You may reveal and discard this when an opponent plays an Action. You play that Action instead. Zaratustra Rehash cards_1601_1700 thing Thing +Inf When you play this, if the top card in the discard pile is an Action, put it under this card but visible. Whenever you play an Action, its text is replaced with the text of the card under this one. Zaratustra Think Green cards_1601_1700 thing Thing -Inf You cannot draw cards. Whenever an opponent's card goes to the discard pile, you may put it in your hand. Zaratustra Plagiarise cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Gain a reader token each time you play an Action card. If your ever have more than 18 reader tokens, lose half of them, rounded down. Holly added by gill_smoke Work Internet Crackdown cards_1601_1700 thing Thing While this card is in play, only one card may be played by each player, each turn. Holly added by gill_smoke Show Breasts cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Action: Gain one reader token, but place it on this card. Reader tokens on this card do not count towards victory, and leave play with this card. Holly added by gill_smoke Roflstomping cards_1601_1700 reaction Reaction 8D Play when you destroy a Thing to draw a card. If it was a token draw two additional cards. HAHE ROBBLE ROBBLE 8D jtwe Holiday Bonus cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 1G When you obtain this, draw 3 cards. Bucky Mind Control cards_1601_1700 action Action 2G Look at target player's hand. Play one of their cards for them. Bucky X-Ray Glasses cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 3G You may look at any player's hand or the top card of the draw pile at any time. Bucky Automaton cards_1601_1700 thing Thing The Automaton counts as a player. Place its turn immediately after yours. When the Automaton comes into play, deal it a hand of five cards from the top of the draw pile. The Automaton always plays the card on top of its "hand". If the Automaton plays a card illegally, discard that card. If the Automaton is ever given a choice of any kind by a card, that card is discarded. Pongo Shoot cards_1601_1700 action Action Eliminate target player. "But I have a gun!" Corrigan Vladimir Putin cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Whenever a vote is taken, your vote counts as thirty votes. Whenever an opponent's Thing attempts to destroy a Thing under your control, flip a coin and destroy the opponent's Thing if the coin comes up heads. You can't destroy Vladimir Putin. Corrigan Junk Bonds cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 4G When you play this, discard two other cards. Draw an extra card every turn. Bucky Gain 6 Energy Tokens cards_1601_1700 action Action 5G Do what the title says. Bucky Cornered Beast cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 6G Once per turn, you may discard a card with a cornervalue to destroy a Thing with no cornervalue. Bucky Old People Stampede cards_1601_1700 action Action Destroy a Thing whose rules text is in a smaller font size than that of this card. Corrigan Creepy Bespectacled Guy cards_1601_1700 thing Thing C5 No other players can look at the cards in your hand or take cards from your hand. Mmble mrmble hrmshmnehh... Corrigan Busker cards_1601_1700 thing Thing S3 Action: Target player must give you control of one of his/her Things. Your maximum hand size is 4. Corrigan The Element of Surprise cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Oh Each player, at the beginning of his turn, must either name an element in the Periodic Table of Elements that no player has named previously or be eliminated. Gimlear Fast Draft Card Maker cards_1601_1700 thing Thing FD Action: Create a new card of the type "Thing" and put it in play in front of you. This card may have any title and cornervalue you choose, but its text must read "This card does nothing." Gimlear Prize Kiosk cards_1601_1700 action Action if you have more tokens than any other player you win. gill_smoke Census cards_1601_1700 action Action if you have more non token living things than any other player you win. gill_smoke You Drank the bong water cards_1601_1700 action Action Target player discards a card and skips their next turn gill_smoke Subhuman cards_1601_1700 thing Thing M1 No cards whose titles reference philosophy, physics, politics, psychology or associated concepts may be played while this card is in play. "Hate...P!" Corrigan Subsandwich cards_1601_1700 thing Thing E3 This card can only be destroyed by an opponent who controls two or more living Things. Corrigan Subway cards_1601_1700 thing Thing N4 Action: Give control of any number of your Things to an opponent. They must then give you control of an equal number of their things. Corrigan 'Nuff Said cards_1601_1700 action Action Discard your hand. Zaratustra No Items cards_1601_1700 action Action Return all cards in play to their controller's hands. Zaratustra Final Destination cards_1601_1700 thing Thing When this comes into play, every player may play a Thing. If any player has more than three Things in play at any time, they must destroy a Thing. When a player's last Thing is destroyed, they lose the game. Zaratustra Drunken Monologue cards_1601_1700 action Action Draw two cards and play them both. A chosen opponent makes any decisions required. Kevan added by gill_smoke Ask the Audience cards_1601_1700 action Action Draw a card. If you have more than ten people in play, draw another. Kevan added by gill_smoke LiveJournal Server Down cards_1601_1700 action Action Play in response to any card, to prevent it being played. Kevan added by gill_smoke The Hilton Empire cards_1601_1700 thing Thing As long as this is in play, you are considered to control an endless amount of money tokens. - Money, money, money!!!!!!!! - So he controls all the railroads, but I've got the Electric Company, the Water Works and this hotel in Pennsylvania Avenue, you know... Zt You bought this vacuum cleaner and... cards_1601_1700 thing Thing ...now your soul belongs to Satan! During your turn you may take as many actions as you want and destroy any number of target things other than this using this card. Whenever your turn ends you are eliminated. There's just this minor drawback... You know, it's nothing really, just sign here. Zt Waiting for a miracle cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Action: Draw a card. If it is yellow, eliminate an opponent. Zt Controled Burn cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Whenever you draw a card you may discard it and draw another. gill_smoke Extra Life cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 1UP If you would be eliminated destroy this card instead. gill_smoke Ponzi scheme cards_1601_1700 action Action Take all money tokens and redistrubite them in the following manner give one to each other player then one to yourself for each token one player has. if there are not enough to give a round to the other players you get the rest. "Two for you and one two for me. Three for you and one two three for me" gill_smoke Box of Tricks cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Action: Reveal your hand, and play an Action card from it at random. Return it to your hand at the end of your turn. Kevan Runaway Steamroller cards_1601_1700 action Action Destroy a Thing and replace it with a Pancake token. Kevan Corner cards_1601_1700 thing Thing "-1 x -1 = +1 is stupid and evil." Kevan added by gill_smoke I Am The Wisest Human Of All cards_1601_1700 action Action The player with most cards in their hand may draw three cards. Kevan added by gill_smoke God Lets Little Children Starve cards_1601_1700 action Action The player with fewest cards in their hand must discard their hand. Kevan added by gill_smoke Stupid and Evil People Call Me Crazy cards_1601_1700 action Action Draw four cards and reveal them to a chosen Opponent - he or she picks one of them to go into your hand, and the rest are discarded. Kevan added by gill_smoke Paradox bomb cards_1601_1700 thing Thing 7G Action: Destroy target universe. If there are no universes in play, then destroy all Things instead. Bucky Crossed Wires cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Each player may use the Action abilities of Things controlled by their opponents, but may not use those of Things they control themselves. Kevan Blender cards_1601_1700 action Action Take X amount of cards, where X is the amount of cards you discard when you play this, and combine some part of each of their effects onto a new card, and put that card into play. Game and Watch Kirby Ye Olde English cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Thou shalt not play cardes of the vermilion colour. Thou shalt collect four score energetick tokeyns and prevail over thy opponentes. Geez, I wish you could stop that ridiculous Shakespeare imitation. Zt Jesus Christ Himself cards_1601_1700 thing Thing Action: Destroy a food-related thing you control to generate 10 food tokens. Action: Replace all water tokens with wine tokens. Action: Return a living thing from the discard pile to play under your control. Zt

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