Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 1401-1500

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Item/T/
skipcard Mortarboard/T/Your maximum hand size is increased by two. ("How academic!")
skipcard Panama Hat/T/ ("They're actually made in Ecuador.")
skipcard Pink Elephant/T/Place this under another player's control. For as long as this is in play, the player with this card under their control may only play cards that destroy this. ("Are you sure he didn't mess with my drink?")
skipcard Groundhog Day/A/Remove the draw pile from the game.
skipcard Take your doll clothes and go home/T/May not be played, if forced to discard you may play this instead. Everyone else loses (Take all cards with you). ("Fine, I don't want to play anymore.")
skipcard I Win!/A/When played you win.
skipcard I Lose./A/When played you are eliminated.
skipcard Panic Room/T/You may not play Things. If you would be eliminated from the game, destroy this Thing instead. Action: Destroy this card.
skipcard Veganism/T/When Veganism comes into play, destroy all Things that represent non-plant organisms. No non-plant organisms can be played while Veganism is in play.
skipcard Decapitated Chicken/T/When played, give Decapitated Chicken to any player (including you). After 4 turns, destroy Decapitated Chicken. If Decapitated Chicken is brought back from the discard pile, it has "Action: Flip a coin and destroy a random Thing if it comes up heads."
skipcard Citation Needed/A/Either destroy a Thing or counter the effects of an Action card, if there is no Wikipedia article with the same title as that card.
skipcard Forest (1)/T/This cards action ability may be only used once per turn <br />Action: Create a Tree Token. Player may take an additional Action this turn.
skipcard Dryad/T/Card can only be played if you if you control a forset, tree, or green card in play.<br />Action: Create a Tree Token.
skipcard Lesser Curse of Undeath/T/While in play Whenever a living thing would be destroyed thier owner may create a Undead token.
skipcard Mulligan/A/Discard your hand, and draw as many cards as you discarded.
skipcard Infuse (2U)/A/Draw a card. You may play an extra Action this turn. Choose a player at random and put this card into that player's hand.
skipcard Bind (1G)/T/Play when a Thing's Action ability is played. Cancel the effects of that Action ability.
skipcard No Smoking Sign/T/Play in response to any Thing or Action card being played. Cancel that card and destroy it if it's in play. Cards with that name may not be played.
skipcard Safety Goggles/T/If a card would force you to discard a card, you may choose not to.
skipcard Precognition/T/Each opponent may nominate two (and no more than two) cards by name, during their turn. An opponent may only play a card from their hand if they nominated it during their previous turn.
skipcard Forty Thieves/A/Destroy five Things you control, to gain control of a Thing.
skipcard Mummy Lord/T/When this card comes into play all undead Things and tokens come under your control.
skipcard ADD/A/Player may take any number of actions this turn. All Action abilities may only be played once. ("Q: How many kids with ADD does it take to screw in a light bulb.<br />A: Oh look a butterfly.")
skipcard Theory of Relativity (E=MC^2)/A/Player may Discard any number of actions. Destroy equal number of Things.
skipcard The Elephant of Surprise/T/When this card comes into play, draw two cards and play them immediately.
skipcard The Cask of <i>Rejected</i>/A/Secretly write the name of a Thing you controlled that was destroyed by target opponent. That player has 10 guesses or 1 minute, whichever comes first, to name it. If he or she can't, he or she is eliminated. ("For the love of God and all that is holy, Montresor! My anus is bleeding!")
skipcard Homer Tax ($X)/A/Target the Thing in play with the highest number in its corner value, or the most words in its title if there are no Things in play with corner values. <i>(You choose if there is a tie.)</i> Destroy it. Its controller discards a card. (""Dad, that's the homeowner tax."")
skipcard Grand Slash/A/Each opponent may discard any number of cards in secret. The opponents with the most cards left in hand after discarding are eliminated. ("No one likes to be the target")
skipcard Monopoly Breaker/T/Action: Eliminate target player with the most things in play form the game. Distribute their things evenly between all players as you see fit. Any excess things are discarded.
skipcard Token Magnet/A/Gain control of all tokens in play. (If a token is on a Thing, you may move it onto any other Thing.)
skipcard Mousetrap/T/Whenever a card is played, it has no effect, it is put into your hand, and Mousetrap is destroyed.
skipcard Flamethrower/A/Replace every Thing in play with a Fire token.
skipcard Temporary Blindness/A/Until the end of his turn the selected player must play blindfolded.
skipcard Hack/T/Play onto a Thing with an Action ability - it loses its Action ability. Put an Action card from your hand under this card when it comes into play. Action: Play a copy of the Action card under this card.
skipcard Sugar in the Tank/T/Play onto a Thing with an Action ability - its controller must discard a card to use its Action ability (and cannot use it if they have no cards in hand).
skipcard Buckyball (1B)/T/Play onto another Thing; that Thing's text is "This card intentionally left blank."
skipcard Buckybot (2B)/T/Play into another player's control. %r%rWhenever you play an Action, an opponent may play an Action (or Action ability) in response. The response happens before the original Action.
skipcard Scam-block lotion (3B)/T/You may destroy this in response to an Action (or the Action ability of a Thing) to nullify it.
skipcard Field of Crows/T/If you have ten Crop tokens in play, you win the game. Any player who controls a living Thing may taken an Action to destroy two Crop tokens. Action: Put a Crop token into play.
skipcard Taxation/A/For each type of token in play, destroy one token of that type. Draw a card.
skipcard Bill (Pk)/A/Draw two cards.
skipcard Reverse (1)/A/Play now goes in the opposite direction. In a two player game player takes another turn. ("Corner value in Spanish")
skipcard Sell Out/A/Give one card you control to your opponent in exchange for 5 of their money tokens. If the card you are trading to your opponent is music or movie related, they give you 10 money tokens.
skipcard Surprise Ending/A/Replace the word "win" with "lose", or vice versa, on any card in play.
skipcard A Not-Card/T/This card is considered to not exist. No cards or rules affect it in any way after it is played (however, it can be affected when it is in your hand or draw pile). ("Pretend it's not there")
skipcard Nail It Down/T/Attach to one card currently in play. The attached card may not be controlled by any other player than the one currently controlling it. The attached card also may not be discarded, returned to the draw pile, or put in any player's hand. (""Now it won't move"-Gill")
skipcard Rip it out/T/Attach to one card currently in play. <br/>Action: Destroy this card and the one attached to it. Any player may play this action ability. (""Get it gone"-Gill")
skipcard Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot/T/At the start of your turn, roll a four-sided die. On a 1, draw a card; on a 2, target player discards a card; on a 3, destroy target Thing; on a 4, gain a Money token; on a 5, gain a Toast token. (""Hi-yaa, yarrr, braaaaains, bleep"")
skipcard Kick Combo (4B)/A/When you play this, you may destroy a Thing you control to return this card to your hand. %r%rTarget player discards a card. You may take an extra Action this turn.
skipcard Insurance Policy (5B)/T/Whenever one of your non-Token Things is destroyed, you gain two Money tokens.
skipcard Incinerate (6B)/A/Destroy target Thing. Its former controller gains 5 Energy tokens.
skipcard nothing (WTH?)/T/Does nothing
skipcard Feedback Loop/T/Whenever an Action card is played, the player who played the Action can play a number of copies of that Action equal to the number of Feedback tokens in play. Then put a Feedback token on this card.
skipcard Building Site/T/When playing a Thing, if you choose to destroy a Scaffold token you control, you may play another Thing that turn. Action: Put a Scaffold token into play.
skipcard Blue Tigers/T/When Blue Tigers comes into play, put three Stone tokens into play. If there are ever no Stone tokens in play, destroy Blue Tigers. Action: Roll a six-sided dice, and put that many Stone tokens into play. Roll another, and destroy that many Stone tokens.
skipcard Slow Acting Poison/T/Play this on another player When you have 10 poison tokens you are eliminated<br />Action: Create a Poison token. Any player may play this action ability.
skipcard Infernal Pact/T/When this card is destroyed the owner is eleminated and the card is removed from play. <br/>Action: Play one card from the discard pile. Remove actions from play after they are used this way. ("Sign right here.")
skipcard What's mine is yours/A/Give a non token thing you own to another player
skipcard Transmogrification Ray (7B)/T/Action: Target Token loses its current type and becomes a type of your choice.
skipcard Freezer (8B)/T/Action: Put target non-Freezer Thing under this card. It is not considered to be in play until it ceases to be under a Freezer.%r%rThing: Remove a Thing from under Freezer.
skipcard Flea Market (9B)/A/Look at the top six cards of the deck and put one of them in your hand.
skipcard Black Knight/T/The Black Knight comes into play with four Limb tokens on it. Whenever Black Knight would be destroyed, you may destroy a Limb token to prevent its destruction. Action: Put the most recently-played Thing into an opponent's hand.
skipcard Action: Destruction! (Ha!)/A/You may play this on an opponent's turn. If an action is being played as this is being played, that action does nothing. Otherwise, destroy half a thing.
skipcard The Cup of Human Kindness/T/Action: Gain a Sip token. <BR><BR> If you control two or more Sip tokens, whenever you play a Thing's action ability, flip a coin; if it is tails, cancel that Action. If you control four or more Sip tokens, you may draw and play two additional cards on each of your turns.
skipcard Draw Combo (1C)/A/When you play this, you may destroy a non-Token Thing you control to return this card to your hand. %r%rDraw a card. You may take an extra Action this turn.
skipcard Token Combo (2C)/A/When you play this, you may discard a card to return this card to your hand.%r%rGain two Energy or Money Tokens for each time you've played a Token Combo this turn. You may take an extra Action this turn.
skipcard Refresh (3C)/A/You may discard any number of cards when you play this. Draw a card. Draw an additional card for each card you discarded. You may take an extra Action this turn.
skipcard Hellish Siphon (616)/T/Action: Play the top of the draw pile as though it were in your hand. ("It takes the future and turns it into the present")
skipcard Are you Serious?!/A/Target player discards their hand if you can find a joke published on the internet contaning the exact title of a thing you control. ("Quick! To Uncyclopedia!")
skipcard March of the ... uhh... everything/T/All things (and tokens) in play are living, except for this one. ("Lessee...an abstract concept, an animal, a machine, and...what's THAT thing?")
skipcard Go Meat!/A/You may give an opponent control of a Thing you control that is made of meat. <i>(Humans and other animals, living and recently dead, qualify.)</i> If you do, take all cards in that player's hand into your hand. If you don't, draw a card. ("I say Hillshire, you say Farms!")
skipcard Kick It Up a Notch (BAM)/T/If a player would draw cards, they must draw an additional card. If a player would discard cards, they must discard an additional card. If a player would destroy a given number of Things, they must destroy an additional Thing.
skipcard Exception Handler (-1)/T/You may destroy this at any time during your turn. If this is destroyed, all effects but the destroying are aborted, and the game continues from the beginning of the next player's turn.
skipcard Wild Draw 4 (W4)/T/The next player draws 4 cards during their turn, unless they play another card called Wild Draw 4. In that case, the -next- player draws 8 cards during their turn, and so on.
skipcard Eleven/T/ ("That's ridiculous. It's not even funny.")
skipcard Principia Discordia/T/Action: Draw, destroy or play five cards. ("Hail Eris!")
skipcard Bottleneck/T/No player may draw more than one card per turn.
skipcard Headstone/T/Cards may not be taken from the discard pile.
skipcard Roshambo/T/Action: Play rock-paper-scissors with a chosen opponent. The winner may destroy a Thing.
skipcard Window to Nothing/T/All players' hand sizes are halved, rounded up. ("This window leads to nothing, not even darkness.")
skipcard Boot Disk/T/Action: If you have no Things in play except for this, take ten cards from the draw pile; play the Things and discard the Actions.
skipcard Forked Lightning Blast/A/Destroy three Things under the control of one player.
skipcard Treadmill/T/You may return a non-token Thing you control to your hand during your turn, to take an extra Action.
skipcard Refuelling/A/Starting with you, each player draws until they have five or more cards in their hand.
skipcard Cargo Ship/T/Any player may take an Action to destroy all tokens of one type, under their control, and draw a card. At the end of a player's turn, they must destroy all but one token they control.
skipcard Power of 3/T/Triple the effects of any other cards you play. Additionally you may play and draw three times the number of cards you normally would during a turn.
skipcard Mining Rights/T/When a Thing comes into play, gain control of it. If it was not a token, destroy this card.
skipcard Asteroid Field/T/When this comes into play, put three Large Asteroid tokens into play. When a Large Asteroid is destroyed, put three Small Asteroid tokens into play. If there are no Asteroid tokens in play, you win the game.
skipcard Nest/T/When this comes into play, put three Eggshell tokens into play. Action: If you control a living Thing, destroy an Eggshell token. If there are no Eggshell tokens left after this, create a new card which is a copy of the living Thing, and put it into play.
skipcard Patience (4C)/T/Actions cannot eliminate players from the game. Text on Action cards cannot cause players to win the game.
skipcard Selfishness (5C)/T/At the start of your turn, choose an opponent. That player must give you one of their Things. Any other player may give you a Thing to prevent this.
skipcard Self-Control (6C)/T/You cannot at any time be forced to do anything you could normally do during your turn.
skipcard Duplicate (D8)/A/Imitate the last person's turn. (Play a copy of each card they played, then discard as many cards as they did.)
skipcard Replicate (R8)/A/Replace the Things you have in play with copies of target opponent's Things.
skipcard Geminate (G8)/A/Replace your hand with a copy of target opponent's hand.
skipcard Paintball/T/Whenever a Thing (other than this one) would be destroyed, return it to its controller's hand instead.
skipcard Sorting Error/A/Gain control of a Thing. Its previous controller then gains control of a random Thing you control.
skipcard Impatience/T/When this comes into play, draw ten cards. You do not draw cards at the start of your turn.
skipcard Disposable Weapon Forge/T/When forge is destroyed destroy all tokens on it<br />Thing: Create a metal token. <br />Action: Destroy 3 metal tokens, Create a Weapon token. <br />Action: If you posses an animate non token thing destroy a weapon token to destroy an animate thing an opponent controls.
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