Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 101-200

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Anti-Numeration (+NaN)/T/Corner-values are ignored while this card is in play.
skipcard Corrupted Throne/T/Players must ask your permission when playing Actions. You may discard two cards and say no to an Action. If you do so, it has no effect.
skipcard Pass the Trash/A/Each player draws 2 cards, and then passes 2 cards to the player on their right.
skipcard Get Out of Jail Free/A/If you are eliminated from the game with this card in your hand, you may play it at a later time to return to the game.
skipcard Richard Dawkins/T/Action: Destroy a Thing that describes a fictional or religious entity or phenomenon.
skipcard Advance to Go/A/Collect 2 Money Tokens.
skipcard Creative Accounting/A/Trade up to 10 of your Tokens for the same number of Tokens belonging to another Player.
skipcard Quick Fingers/A/Move one card per remaining player from the top of the discard pile to the top of the deck. You choose their order.
skipcard Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (2M)/T/Hand size is 3.
skipcard Club Sandwich (1S)/T/When you play this, place any number of cards under it. When this is destroyed, all those cards are played.
skipcard Atomic Glue (3M)/A/Two cards in play are glued together by an edge. If one is destroyed, the other is as well.
skipcard Get Out of Jail Free/A/If you are eliminated from the game with this card in your hand, you may play it at a later time to return to the game.
skipcard Reverse/A/Reverse the turn order. Your turn ends and play starts with the player after you in the new turn order
skipcard Draw Two (D)/A/The next player who would take a turn draws 2 cards instead.
skipcard Wikipedia Says It's True (WP:OR)/A/Choose a card in play, and replace any one word on it with any other word. It reverts at the end of your turn. Nobody can win or lose the game this turn.
skipcard Cult of Dvorak/A/Pick a player; unless they can persuade a new player to join the game within the next three minutes, they must discard their hand. (When the new player joins, they draw five cards; you choose where they sit.)
skipcard House of Cards/A/Make a house of cards out of your Things. The last Thing you place on the house before it collapses should be destroyed. If your card house doesn't collapse, destroy the final Thing you placed.
skipcard Photocopier/T/This Thing will behave as a duplicate of any one Thing in your possession. You must announce which Thing this card is duplicating, and that property may not change until this Thing passes out of play.
skipcard Colour Change/A/You may convert any one Action in your hand into a Thing, whose effect will occur every turn once it is played.
skipcard Flash Memory Card (1V)/T/Thing:Play a card onto this card from your hand. Do this only if the cards played on this card contain fewer than 256 words. %rAction:Return a card from Flash Memory Card to your hand and immediately play it.
skipcard Cram Session (7E)/T/Any Player who plays 10 different cards in the same turn wins the game.
skipcard Rogue Armorer/T/Whenever you are forced to discard a card from your hand by an opponent's Action, you may destroy an Armor Token you control instead. Action:Gain an Armor Token.
skipcard Sledgehammer ice-cream (8O)/T/This card employs blunt damage as its flavour. Action: destroy an inanimate Thing that it would be physically possible to hit with a sledgehammer in real life.
skipcard Hot Potato (6G)/A/When you play this card, play a song as well. When the song ends, the player whose turn to play currently is discards their hand.
skipcard Amoeba (3U)/T/At the end of your turn, cut this card in half. All pieces of this card are considered copies of the original.
skipcard Token Gun (2R)/T/Action: Spend five burnable Tokens. Destroy target Thing.
skipcard Nuke (13?)/A/For every Thing in play, flip a coin; if Heads, destroy that thing. Each player flips a number of coins equal to the number of cards in their hand and randomly discards one card for each Tails.
skipcard Power Plant/T/Gain an Energy token at the start of each of your turns.
skipcard Whine (0O)/A/Each player gives you a card from eir hand.
skipcard Selfless Heroism/T/Put a counter on this whenever you prevent the destruction of a Thing you don't control. If this has fifteen counters on it, you win the game.
skipcard The Dreaded Legal Department/A/Destroy any Thing or counter any Action which makes reference to a copyrighted work of fiction.
skipcard Free-For-All/A/For the next fifteen seconds, all players may play any number of Thing and Action cards. When a player has no cards in hand, that player may draw a card.
skipcard Token Reduction Treaty/A/All players besides you choose and destroy 6 tokens they control. You choose and destroy 2 tokens you control.
skipcard Jamming Device/T/Action cards may not be played. Action effects of Things may still be used.
skipcard Brazen Buckyism/A/Pick a Thing. Draw a card and take another Action; For the purposes of that Action, the chosen Thing's text is blank.
skipcard In-jokes suck (ZR)/T/All cards with the word "Dvorak" or "Bucky" as part of their title have no effect.
skipcard The old guard (9V)/A/Eliminate a player or player subsitute that wasn't there at the start of the game.
skipcard James Bond (MI6)/T/When James is destroyed, he is sent to your hand instead of the discard pile. Action: Look at another Player's hand, and show them a chosen card from your hand.
skipcard Genetically Enhanced Robots (5Q)/T/This card may not be destroyed twice by an opponent in the same manner.
skipcard Demonic Editor/T/Action: Destroy a Thing with six or more lines of text in its text box.
skipcard Last Will and Testament/T/If you lose or must leave the game, you may give all your Things in play (other than this) and cards in hand to the player or players of your choice.
skipcard Stack of Energy Tokens (10E)/T/This card counts as 10 Energy Tokens. The tokens must be handled as a group and may not be individually targeted or destroyed.
skipcard Token Spectrum (2F)/A/If for each letter of the alphabet you control a Token with a name that starts with that letter, and you also control an untyped Token, you win.
skipcard Public Storage (2P)/T/The maximum hand size for all players is increased by 1.
skipcard The Gold Standard (3$)/T/You may play extra Things with numbers in their corner value, if you destroy the same number of money-related Tokens you own.
skipcard Hotel (4$)/T/Play on an opponent. Whenever it's their turn, they must give you one money-related Token, one Thing or one card.
skipcard Port Town (3:1)/T/You may exchange three Tokens of the same type for a Token of any type.
skipcard Atlantic City/T/Action:A random player must give you X things, where X is 1 times 2 for each Building you control, with a maximum of 16.
skipcard Stun Ray/A/Play in response to someone else playing an Action card. Prevent the Action, and they must discard the card, and may not play any further Actions this turn
skipcard Triplicate (3X)/A/Choose a card whose name does not start with 'Tr'. Rephrase the title so it begins with 'Tr' and triplicate one of its effects.
skipcard Correction! (B-)/A/May be played out of your turn. Destroy or counter all cards whose color is wrong for their type, or are missing creator information, or have a grammar/typographical error.
skipcard Lava Well (3R)/T/Action:Gain 2 Heat, Light or Energy Tokens. (both must be of the same type)
skipcard Orchard (2F)/T/Action:Gain 2 Apple or Pear Tokens. (both must be of the same type)
skipcard Elemental Well (4E)/T/Action:Gain 2 Air, Earth, Fire or Water Tokens. (both must be of the same type)
skipcard Hyperspeed/A/You may play any number of Things or Actions (or activated card actions) this turn. If you don't win the game by the end of your turn, you are eliminated.
skipcard Fiat Uno/T/Actions may only be played if the first letter of one of the words in their title matches the first letter of one of the words in the title of the top card of the discard pile.
skipcard Loadstone/T/Play into the control of any player. They may not play Thing cards. Action: Discard your hand to destroy all Things you control.
skipcard Project Genesis/T/At the start of your turn, put the top card of the deck face down on Genesis. If there are more cards on Genesis than the number of tokens you control, destroy Genesis and all cards on it. Action: Discard your hand, then put all cards on Genesis into your hand.
skipcard Remote Manipulator Arm/A/Choose one - perform an Action on any Thing in play as if you controlled it; or perform one Action on each Thing you control that has an Action.
skipcard Tokens of My Affection/A/Each other player gains a token of any type (their choice). For each token gained in this way, you gain a token of the same type.
skipcard Fusion/Fission (8A)/A/If playing single-deck Dvorak, split the deck and discard pile so each player has one and change play to multiple-deck. If playing multiple-deck Dvorak, combine all decks and discard piles so there's one of each, and change play to single-deck.
skipcard Bank (AT)/A/If played as an Action, gain five Money Bag tokens. If played as a Thing, gain two Money Bag tokens every turn.
skipcard Volcano (2F)/A/If played as an Action, gain five Lava tokens and destroy a Thing. If played as a Thing, gain two Lava or Smoke tokens every turn, and destroy this to destroy a Thing.
skipcard Token Mill/T/Gain an untyped Token at the start of each of your turns.
skipcard Buyout/T/Action:If you control at least 100 Money and Gold tokens, you win the game. If not, gain a Money Token.
skipcard Search and Destroy/A/Destroy all Tokens of a type of your choice
skipcard Huh? (WTF)/A/Draw a card for each card an opponent has drawn since you last discarded a card. Then, discard a card for each card an opponent has discarded since you last drew a card, independent of this card.
skipcard Kick 'Em When They're Down/A/Play in response to an effect which destroys a Thing. Destroy another Thing controlled by that player.
skipcard Loan Shark/T/Counts as a Fish. For every counter on Loan Shark, you must destroy a Token you control at the start of each of your turns, or else you lose the game. %rAction: Gain 10 Money Tokens and put a counter on Loan Shark. %rAction: Spend 10 Money Tokens plus one for every counter on Loan Shark to remove a counter from Loan Shark.
skipcard Greek Gift/A/Give any number of Tokens to an opponent. At the end of their next turn, that opponent must destroy twice as many Tokens as you gave him, or all his Tokens if he doesn't have enough.
skipcard Taste The Rainbow (7C)/A/If you have cards of five different colors in play (including this one), you win.
skipcard Day of the Dead/A/Starting with you and going clockwise, each player chooses a living Thing from the discard pile (if there's one there) and puts it into play under their control.
skipcard Auction House/T/Action: Reveal the top card of the draw pile. Going once round the table starting on your left, each player bids an amount of their tokens for it. The highest bidder loses the number of tokens they bid, and takes the card; if it's a Thing card, they may put it straight into play. If the bid is tied, the card is discarded.
skipcard Cold Potato/T/If you control Cold Potato at the end of your turn, discard a card. Action: Give this Thing to any player.
skipcard Tempermental cloning machine (^v)/T/Action:Create one card exactly the same as this one, but add a number 2 to the title if there is no number, or increase the number by one if there is. Then create a card named "Mutant" Including these two sentences but add an extra sentence or "limb" on the end; Shuffle the newly created cards into the deck.
skipcard Catch 22 (22)/T/This card cannot be destroyed and/or discarded. This card must be played immediately after it is drawn. If a card or cards is going to be destroyed/discarded and this card is in play it must be this one.
skipcard Irresistible force (POW)/A/This card moves any and all card or cards of the players choice to the discard pile.
skipcard Shotgun/T/When Shotgun comes into play, put two Shell tokens into play. Action: Destroy a Shell token you control, to destroy a Thing.
skipcard Tarot Reading/A/Draw a card for each player; reveal it and put it into their hand. Each player must play or get rid of their card before the end of their next turn - if a player still has the card in their hand at the end of their next turn, they lose the game.
skipcard Longest Road/T/If you have fewer Things in play than any other player (not counting tokens, or this card), then you must give this Thing to (one of) them.
skipcard Lightning Reflexes/T/Anytime anyone plays an action, you may also play an action. At the beginning of your turn, before you draw, discard a card or destroy Lightning Reflexes.
skipcard Space Time Object Replacement Device (AT)/T/Action: Choose a player. Give a thing you control to that player, then take a thing that player controls. Flip a coin. If it is tails, destroy this card.
skipcard GIR (AT)/T/Action: Flip a coin. If it's heads, destroy target thing. If it's tails, destroy this card.
skipcard Power Level Scouter (9000+)/T/If you have more than 9000 Things in play, you win the game.
skipcard Rules Misunderstanding (TT)/T/Things no longer count as Tokens if they did, and vice-versa. Tokens no longer count as Things if they did, and vice-versa.
skipcard There are 10 kinds of people in the world... (10)/A/Until another card says otherwise all numbers shall be written and pronounced in Binary. I.E. 3 becomes 11 and is pronounced One-one.
skipcard Dexterity (tung)/A/Play this card immediately. You may not use your hands for the rest of your turn. Failure to do so results in the player receiving two poisoned tokens to be placed on the next Thing they play. Poisoned Tokens may not be exchanged and kill living Things after five turns; this time is halved for each additional token. Round down.
skipcard Halved (1/2)/A/Each time this card is played fold it in half. The seventh person to play this card wins.
skipcard Gimmicky Crossover (MVDC)/A/Add all cards of another Dvorak game to the deck (adding each of that deck's special rules is optional - you may add all, none or any number of them). Shuffle the deck afterwards.
skipcard BZAAAAARG (QQQ)/A/Choose a player. On their next turn, they must play one random Thing followed by one random Action, if possible. All decisions required by them shall be made randomly.
skipcard E E E E E (E)/T/As long as this card is in play, whenever any player says a word with the letter E in it (no matter how many times the letter E appears in that word), all other players may each draw one card (but may choose not to or simply not notice the opportunity).
skipcard Annoyance (Argg)/A/As soon as this card is drawn place it face down under the top card of the deck. The person who drew the card may decide whether or not to draw another.
skipcard Timelaser (Zap)/A/The person who draws this card immediately picks the top five cards off the deck and destroys one of them. They then put them back in any order they wish.
skipcard Crowded room (1,2,3...)/T/This card counts as an infinite number of things once played. This card cannot be removed from play unless the card used to destroy specifies that it is able to remove ALL or an infinite amount of Things. The player is said to control an infinite amount of things.
skipcard Production Overload/A/Pick a positive, finite integer N. Look at the top N cards of the deck. If they are all Things, play them all; otherwise, discard them all and end your turn.
skipcard Let's do it again!/A/Destroy all Things. All players discard their hands. Shuffle the discard pile into the deck. Everyone draws 5 cards.
skipcard Shield (1S)/T/Play onto a Thing. That Thing cannot be destroyed while this is in play.
skipcard Alphabet Coup/T/If, while this card is in play, a player has cards in his/her control and/or in his/her hand that, between them, have all the letters of the alphabet represented in their corner values (at least once for each letter of the alphabet), that player wins the game.
skipcard X-ray Vision/A/Shuffle the discard pile into the deck and place the deck face-up.
skipcard G-Bomb (GB)/A/All Things in play now have 3 Poisoned Tokens placed on them. Poisoned Tokens may not be exchanged and kill living Things after five turns; this time is halved for each additional token. Round down.
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