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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Solar Panel	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	S3	At the beginning of a turn of yours where the light of the sun touches Solar Panel, gain 2 Energy tokens. Other players cannot block the sun's light. Action: Destroy X Energy tokens you control and play X Actions.		Corrigan
Post-	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	Pfx	Play onto a Thing. That Thing adds "Post" to the beginning of the first word in its title. When the card with Post- on it is destroyed, put a copy of it into the draw pile.		Corrigan
-ism	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	Sfx	Play onto a tangible Thing. That Thing adds "ism" to the end of the last word in its title and is now an abstract Thing and cannot be destroyed by tangible Things.		Corrigan
Multiplier	cards_1001_1100	action	Action	3x	Make two copies of target card in your hand and put them in your hand.  You may destroy 5 Things you control; if you do, add the text "You may take an extra Action the turn you play this" to the bottom of the copies.		Bucky
Token Fun Pack	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action:Destroy this.  You gain three Tokens of types of your choice and one token of a type of each opponent's choice.		Bucky
50% Off	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		All numbers referred to in digit form are considered to be halved.		Zaratustra
Arson	cards_1001_1100	action	Action	P8	Hold a lit match or lighter up to target Thing. Once it catches fire, wave it out. Any blackened or burnt-off parts are considered to not exist.	Fire is my only friend.	Corrigan
Shockwave	cards_1001_1100	action	Action	H2	Put a coin on each corner of this card. Put Shockwave in the middle of the table. With your finger, flick each coin away from its corner. Any Things touched by a coin are destroyed.		Corrigan
Token Minority	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	F2	The player who controls the fewest tokens draws 2 cards each turn.	See? We got a black guy! We're not racists!	Corrigan
Three's the Charm	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Draw two cards and mark somewhere that this card has been played. Whoever plays this card for the third time wins the game.	"I shall succeed where you have failed!"	GreenLiquid
Greatest Ploy Ever	cards_1001_1100	action_ploy	Action-Ploy		Players must immediately reverse their hands so that the other players can see their cards but they cannot. When drawing cards, players may not see the card themselves. When playing a card, once they have seen the card's text, they must play the card if able. This condition can only be reverted if Greatest Ploy Ever is played again.		GreenLiquid
Coupon Cozen	cards_1001_1100	thing_arbitrary	Thing-Arbitrary		This Thing counts as two Things for the purpose of cards that care about how many Things a player has/are in play.	"Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers... well, I'll cut you a break this time."	GreenLiquid
The Fantastic Four	cards_1001_1100	thing_collective	Thing-Collective		Put 4 Member counters on this Thing. Whenever this card would be destroyed, remove a Member counter from it and erase one this Thing's Actions. Action: Flip 2 coins & destroy 1 Thing for each head. Action: Your Things can't be destroyed until the beginning of your next turn. Action: Use a Thing's Action ability. Action: Discard 1 card & destroy 1 Thing.		Corrigan
'X'-treme Dvorak	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	XD	Hand size is infinity for all players. On their turn, each player draws 4 cards. Each player may play 3 cards per turn, regardless of their type.	"Extreeeeeme!"	Corrigan
Anti-	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	Pfx	Play onto a Thing and 'Anti' to the beginning of its name. Invert all key words in its text. ('destroy' becomes 'return from the discard pile', etc.)		Corrigan
Game-balance Committee	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: Ignore all of target Thing's text until the end of your next turn.		Bucky
Decay	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Remove target sentence from a card.	Time is the ultimate equalizer.	Bucky
The Bucky Response	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Remove all text from target Thing.  Remove it from the game at the end of the turn.	If a card's too broken, just refuse to play with it.	Bucky
Art Attack	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Give each player X sticky notes, where X is the number of Things he/she controls. Each player has X8 seconds to create a relevant, legible image for each Thing they control and stick it onto the respective Thing. If a player is unable, he/she discards their hand and does not draw cards for X turns.		Corrigan
Rats	cards_1001_1100	thing_collective	Thing-Collective		Put 5 Rat counters on this card. Whenever this card would be destroyed, remove a Rat counter from it instead. When this Thing has 0 Rat counters on it, it is destroyed. Whenever a Thing is destroyed, draw X-2 cards, where X is the number of Rat counters on this card.		Corrigan
-omatic	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	Sfx	Play onto a Thing with an Action ability and add 'omatic' to the end of its title. That Thing is now mechanical. It uses its Action ability every turn of yours and does not cost an Action.		Corrigan
Wand of Polymorph	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a Thing, and replace it with a Thing from your hand.		Kevan
Wand of Taming	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: Gain control of a living Thing.		Kevan
Wand of Create Monster	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: A chosen opponent must play a Thing from their hand, or reveal their hand to show no Thing cards.		Kevan
Double Standard	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	2S	You cannot play Things and your opponents cannot play Actions.		Corrigan
Cheers!	cards_1001_1100	action	Action	C	All players increase their hand size by 3.		Corrigan
Pity	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	N2	Whenever a Thing would be destroyed by a targeting Thing or Action, its owner may weep to negate the destruction.	Have a heart.	Corrigan
Hatchery	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a token, then reveal and discard cards from the deck until you reveal a Thing - put that Thing into play in place of the token.		Kevan
Petrifying Gaze	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Destroy a Thing and replace it with a Statue token.		Kevan
Overlord	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: Put a Minion token into play. Action: If you control more Minion tokens than the number of non-Token Things in play, destroy a Thing.		Kevan
Stockpiles	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		All your tokens gain the text "Action: Destroy this and draw a card."		Bucky
Proxy	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	5B	Action: Discard an Action.  This ability has the same effect as that Action.		Bucky
Sea Cucumber	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	C2	When this Thing is destroyed, put 2 copies of it into play under your control.		Corrigan
Autographed Jersey	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Play this card onto a Thing. When the Thing with this card would be destroyed by a Thing, you may prevent its destruction by attaching this card to the enemy Thing.	"Of course it's real!"	Corrigan
Meteor Shower	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Take 15 poker chips or similarly-sized flat objects and throw them onto the table. Destroy any Thing it touches. If any chips touch the discard pile, remove that many cards from the game, beginning from the top. If any touch the draw pile,   put that many cards into the discard pile, beginning at the bottom.		Corrigan
Invisible Hand	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		If your hand is empty after playing this card, draw five cards.		Kevan
The Lord of the Xerox	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Whenever a player duplicates a card, they must put a card from their hand into yours. When this card would be destroyed, flip a coin and prevent the destruction if it comes up tails.	You do NOT copy reports without my permission.	Corrigan
Toxic Cloud of Venomous Death-Poison	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Destroy all organisms in play.	There is no limit to how many redundant adjectives you can have. Seriously.	Corrigan
Couch	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: Put a Thing with an Action ability on this card. Action: Remove a Thing from this card.  For every turn a Thing spends on this turn, put a Rest counter on it. A Thing can remove X Rest counters from it and use its Action ability X times. While a Thing is on Couch, it cannot use its Action ability.		Corrigan
52 Card Pickup	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Every player discards their hand.		Kevan
Rummage	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Whenever you draw a card, you may give it to an opponent to draw another card instead.		Kevan
Tower of Hubris	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		If Tower of Hubris is in play at the start of your turn, you win the game. If the Tower leaves play or leaves your control, you lose the game.		Kevan
Schroedinger's Cat	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	S3	The next time a player plays a card or uses a Thing's Action ability, destroy Schroedinger's Cat and eliminate that player.	C'mon, aren't you tempted a little bit?	Corrigan
Blind	cards_1001_1100	action	Action	O3	Randomly pick a player; that player must play with his/her eyes shut until the beginning of your next turn.	Blaan-ded by the light!	Corrigan
Defibrillator	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: Put the top card in the discard pile in your hand if it was in the discard pile for fewer than 3 turns.		Corrigan
Bubble Shield	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Opponents may not play Actions that would affect your hand or your Things, and you may not play Actions except for Bubble Shield's Action. Action: Return Bubble Shield to your hand.		Kevan
Prize Conveyor Belt	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Draw and reveal cards until you decide to stop, or until you have revealed ten. Take the last card you revealed and put it into your hand; discard the rest.		Kevan
Carousel Room	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Players may not play cards normally. As an Action, they may reveal a card at random from their hand, and play it.		Kevan
Magnetic Wall	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	3D	All metal Things are under your control they and all have erased text.		Corrigan
Aggressive Swear Jar	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	4L	Whenever a player cusses (vote if unsure), destroy a random Thing under his/her control.	"You could just as easily say 'darn', you know."	Corrigan
Closest to Mao as We Can Get With One Card	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		When a player's hand is empty (but not on the turn this card is played), they win. When a player asks a question, all other players must say "Nice question, thank you for asking". Players can't talk unless one first says 'point of order', then all players put down their hands and cease play. When players are done talking, one must say 'end point of order'.		Corrigan
Simon Says	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		At the end of each player's turn, they may say 'Simon says play a Thing' or 'Simon says play an Action'. If the next player does not play a card of that type by the end of their own turn, they are eliminated.		Kevan
Malfunction	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Play in response to a Thing using its Action ability. Destroy that Thing, and its Action ability has no effect.		Kevan
Heist	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Gain control of a Thing belonging to an opponent. That opponent may then play any number of cards from their hand.		Kevan
Andy Warhol	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	A4	Action: Create a copy of one of your Things, except the copy's colour cannot be the same as the original card's colour. If you copy the same card more than once, each copy must be a different colour.	"I call it 'Red Shot Tollbooth'."	Corrigan
Artistic Pressure	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Each player, after drawing a card, must create a new card that the majority approves of. The same card may not be created more than once, and no cards can be copies of pre-existing cards.		Corrigan
Evil Snowman	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	B2	When this Thing is destroyed, gain 3 Water tokens. Each Water token has 'Action: Destroy this and play a Thing from your hand.' Action: Roll a six-sided die and destroy target Thing on a roll of 4 or lower.		Corrigan
Permanency	cards_1001_1100	action	Action	SPFPSDW	Target Player's next Action becomes a Thing: every turn after it's played, it will be replayed with the same targets and effects.		Zaratustra (Spellcaster deck)
Surrender	cards_1001_1100	action	Action	PP	Forfeit the game. Do not perform this gesture accidentally.		Zaratustra (Spellcaster deck)
Poverty Riot	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		If you control no Things, destroy 5 Things. If you control the fewest Things of any player, destroy 2 Things.		Corrigan
Chameleon Bigot	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Once per turn (including those of your opponents), you may change this card's colour. This doesn't cost an Action. Action: Destroy a Thing whose colour is different from Chameleon Bigot's colour.		Corrigan
Beehive	cards_1001_1100	thing_collective	Thing-Collective		This Thing comes into play with 20 Bee counters on it. When this Thing has 0 Bee counters on it, destroy it. When Beehive would normally be destroyed, destroy 2 Bee counters instead. Action: Create a Honey token if you have 2 or more Bee counters. Action: Destroy a Honey token and put a Bee counter on this Thing.		Corrigan
Insurance Policy	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		If a Thing you control is destroyed or leaves your control, put it back into play under your control at the end of the turn. At the start of each of your turns, you must discard a card or destroy Insurance Policy.		Kevan
Mafia	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Destroy a Thing and return this card to your hand. If you discard this card on an opponent's turn, or if an opponent views your hand with this card in it, you lose the game.		Kevan
Golden Goose	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Either draw four cards and give this card to an opponent, or draw a single card.		Kevan
Impermanency	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Things are played as Actions. Any 'Action:' clauses on Things are enacted upon being played.		Zaratustra
A Subtle Commentary	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Destroy a non-Thing.		Zaratustra
A Blunt Commentary	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Play only if target opponent controls a card with 'Destroy a Thing' in the rules text. That opponent has to eat it.		Zaratustra
Train Roof Shootout	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		At the start of each player's turn, return all Things they control to their hand.		Kevan
My Turn Now	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Play in response to an opponent using the Action ability of a Thing. Gain control of that Thing.		Kevan
Charity Drive	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Each player must give a Thing they control to another player.		Kevan
Survivor Elimination	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Each player writes down the name of another player on a slip of paper. All players then reveal their slips of paper simultaneously. Eliminate the player whose name appears on the most slips.		Corrigan
Urgency	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		On all cards other than this one, replace the word 'may' with 'must'.		Corrigan
Achilles' Heels	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Each player writes down the name of a Thing they control (keeping it a secret). When a Thing whose name was written down is destroyed, its controller is eliminated.		Corrigan
Tit for Tat	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Whenever any player plays an Action, any other player may play an Action for free, immediately afterwards.		Kevan
Everyone Loves Einstein	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Say X of Albert Einstein's famous sayings and draw X cards. You cannot use the same one multiple times. If a player proves that any of the sayings were not by Einstein, you discard 3 cards.		Corrigan
King of the Beggars	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		While this card is in play, all other players have a hand size of 1 and you have a hand size of 2.	"He's a wealthy man. He has a baseball cap and a toque."	Corrigan
Black Cat	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	13	Whenever a card effect involving chance (including random selection) is used, it always comes out in the worst possible way for the player using the effect or controlling the card.		Corrigan
Capture the Flag	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Put a Flag token into play under an opponent's control, and end your turn. If you gain control of an opponent's Flag token, you win the game. If an opponent gains control of this card, you lose the game.		Kevan
King of the Hill	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Whenever this comes into play or changes owner, put five Tick tokens into play, then destroy any Tick tokens in excess of five. At the start of your turn, destroy a Tick token. When there are no Tick tokens in play, you win the game.		Kevan
Sudden Death	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Whenever an Action targets a Thing, destroy that Thing.		Kevan
Summon	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Play a Thing from your hand.		Corrigan
Patience Test	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		When you play this card, do not reveal that you have played it until after the following occurs: Repeatedly poke target player on the arm (slowly, and no gouging) until they tell you to stop or you have poked them 15 times. You draw 15-X cards, where X is the number of times you poked the player. That player then draws X cards.		Corrigan
Dot Com Bubble	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Play this card in the middle of the table; it is neutral. When this card is played, each player puts X Things they control on it. When Dot Com Bubble is destroyed, all the Things on it are destroyed too. If, after 5 turns, Dot Com Bubble isn't destroyed, each player draws 2X cards and Dot Com Bubble is destroyed, but the Things on it are returned to their controllers.		Corrigan
Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy all Portal tokens, then put a Portal token into play under any player's control. Action: Give control of a Thing you control to a player who controls a Portal token. Destroy a Thing that they control.		Kevan
Weighted Companion Cube	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Play into the control of an opponent. At the end of each of their turns, they must reveal their hand; if they had a card that could have been played to destroy the Cube, they lose the game.		Kevan
Ditto	cards_1001_1100	thing_pokemon	Thing - Pokemon		You may consider this cards creator to be the same as the creator of a chosen card on the table.		Kyevan
Attachment	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		You may play this on an opponent. Whenever your hand is not touching your hand, hand a card from your hand to your hand. I mean opponent.		Zaratustra
Knight of Autumn	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: Roll a 6-sided die and destroy target Thing if it is not red, yellow or orange on a roll of 5 or lower.		Corrigan
December's Guardian	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Action: Roll a 6-sided die and destroy target Thing if it is not blue, purple or black on a roll of 5 or lower.		Corrigan
Corduroy Warrior	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Only a player wearing an article of clothing with corduroy on it can control this card. Action: Destroy a Thing controlled by a player not wearing an article of clothing with corduroy on it.	"Remember the Seventies!"	Corrigan
sudo rm -rf /	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		One opponent of your choice must think of a reasonably common English word. If you can guess this word within three tries, all Things are destroyed, all hands are discarded, and everyone draws a new hand.	I told you password was a bad password!	Kyevan
Card That Seems Useless But Could Rock in the Right Situation	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		On all cards other than this one, replace 'destroy a Thing' with 'destroy a Thing controlled by an opponent'.	It seems arbitrary, I know, but it could devastate your opponents in a combo. That's what these kinds of cards are for.	Corrigan
"Butler!"	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Look at the top X cards in the draw pile, where X is the number of players. Give each player a card for their hand, with you deciding which one for each player.	I could have made it a Thing, but I feel like I should add more Actions.	Corrigan
Nathan Explosion	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		While you control this card, you must speak in a deep, gravelly and menacing voice. If you don't, destroy Nathan Explosion. Whenever one of your organisms is destroyed, draw a card. Your hand size is 5+X, where X is the number of black Things you control. Action: Destroy target non-black organism.		Corrigan
Booby Trap	cards_1001_1100	action	Action		Play in response to a Thing being destroyed, if you played that Thing during your last turn. It stays in play, and you may destroy up to four Things instead.		Kevan
There Can Be Only One	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		If two or more copies of this Thing are ever in play, all players with a copy of this thing lose.		Kyevan
Zombie With a Chainsaw	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		Each turn, flip a coin. If it comes up heads, destroy a random living Thing (this Thing is not living). If it comes up tails, destroy Zombie With a Chainsaw. These do not count as Actions.		Corrigan
Orange Juice	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing	C3	Action: Destroy Orange Juice and look through the draw pile until you find a card with the letter C in its cornervalue or you have looked through 30 cards. If you find a card with a C in its cornervalue, put it in your hand.		Corrigan
Myphenitic Energies	cards_1001_1100	thing	Thing		You may destroy this card at any time in order to add 1 to any number (in words or figures) on any card in play for the rest of the turn. That includes Actions.		Depressi

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