Dvorak Export: Good Morning... You're Doomed! deck

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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Celine Dion Album	good_morning_you_re_doomed	thing_equipment	Thing - Equipment		+1 to killing Critters. -1 to waking Crew Members. May be discarded at any time.  Preferably through the airlock.	"Everyone has the inalienable right to discard a Celine Dion album whenever they want!"	Spiralbound
Sky Squid	good_morning_you_re_doomed	thing_critter	Thing - Critter	2	Sprays a cloud of ink that makes it harder to hit (-1 to die roll).  This negative applies to all critters in play against you.	"WTF? Calimari on the wing? Ow! My eyes!"	Spiralbound
Hugh Jass	good_morning_you_re_doomed	thing_crew_member	Thing - Crew Member		Official Weasel Carrier.	"There's an art to carrying weasels.  Most folks just don't appreciate it these days."	Spiralbound
Background Lullaby	good_morning_you_re_doomed	action	Action		Target player gets -1 to their next attempt to wake a Crew Member.	"Hmm... Brahms, that's probably loud, let's give it a try."	Spiralbound

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