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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Immunity Necklace	fun	thing	Thing	3	You can't lose the game and your opponents can't win the game.		
The Annihilator	fun	thing	Thing	0	You can't win the game.    Pay all of your coins, Action:	Destroy another target Thing then discard your hand.	
Moneybags	fun	action	Action	5	You win the game if you have the most coins among all players at this moment.		
The Latest Gadget	fun	thing	Thing	5	You always pay 1 less coin than required.    Action:	Draw a card.	
Clairvoyance	fun	action	Action	0		Name a card, then flip over the top two cards of the deck, if one of these is the card you named you win the game, otherwise, put these cards into the trash.	
Miner	fun	thing	Thing	1	Action:	Take up to 2 coins from the pot, each other player draws a card.	
Stock Exchange	fun	thing	Thing	2	Pay 1, Action:	Each player keeps one card then passes the rest of their hand clockwise.	
Zombie	fun	thing	Thing	3	Action:	Select a Thing from the trash and put it into your hand.	
Meteorite	fun	action	Action	4		Drop this card from above your head while standing so that it flips over at least once completely, if it lands face up destroy all Things.	
Sniper	fun	action	Action	3		Target player pays 1 to the pot or they lose the game.	
Tax Collector	fun	thing	Thing	1	At the end of each players turn that player must either sacrifice a Thing OR Pay 1 to the pot. If they don't they lose the game.		
Force Field	fun	thing	Thing	0	Your Things cannot be the target of Actions.     At the end of each of your turns pay 1 or sacrifice Force Field.		
Market Value	fun	action	Action	4		Gain control of target Thing an opponent controls, that player wins the pot.	
Spell Book	fun	thing	Thing	2	Action cards go back to your hand after you play them instead of to the trash.		
Mendicant	fun	thing	Thing	0	You win the game if this is the only Thing you control and you have no cards in hand. Mendicant cannot be the target of Actions.		
Do or Die	fun	action	Action	1		Flip a coin: If you win the flip, destroy target Thing. If you lose the flip, you lose the game.	
Texas Showdown	fun	action	Action	1		Start bidding a number of coins and/or cards from your hand then continue clockwise until the highest bet stands, Roshambo a tie. That player pays that much to the pot and/or discards that many cards then searches the deck for a card, puts it into their hand then shuffles the deck.	
Crystal Ball	fun	thing	Thing	1	Pay 1, Action:	Choose 1 - Look at target players hand. OR Look at the deck then shuffle it.	
Run the Gauntlet	fun	action	Action	2		Roshambo once with each opponent. You win the game if you do not lose or tie with anyone.	
Flux Capacitor	fun	thing	Thing	3	Pay 3, Action:	Target player puts their hand into the trash then draws that many cards.	
Bounty	fun	action	Action	2		Flip a coin: If you win the flip, take the pot.	
Bring order to the Galaxy	fun	action	Action	5		If Each player has an even number of Things, you win the game.	
Robin Hood	fun	action	Action	1		Throw this card at target player, if it hits them without being swatted away, swap your coin pool with that player.	
Ooze	fun	thing	Thing	4	Whenever an opponent plays a Thing you may put a coin on Ooze, If Ooze has 3 coins on it, you win the game. If Ooze leaves play, any coins on it go to the pot.		
Dragon	fun	thing	Thing	8	Money that would go to the pot is instead given to you.		
Treasure Chest	fun	thing	Thing	1	If you control Things whose corner costs sum together to give an exact total of 10, you win the game.		

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