Dvorak Export: Free Dissociation deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Action Movies/T/
skipcard Africa/T/
skipcard America/T/
skipcard Asia/T/
skipcard Automobiles/T/
skipcard Bathroom/T/
skipcard Bedroom/T/
skipcard Chemistry/T/
skipcard Clock/T/
skipcard Country Music/T/
skipcard Disney/T/
skipcard Electricity/T/
skipcard Europe/T/
skipcard Fairies/T/
skipcard Feudalism/T/
skipcard Fire/T/
skipcard Football/T/
skipcard Geography/T/
skipcard Hammer/T/
skipcard House/T/
skipcard Greco-Roman Mythology/T/
skipcard Judeo-Christian Religion/T/
skipcard Math/T/
skipcard Medicine/T/
skipcard Modern Art/T/
skipcard Money/T/
skipcard Night/T/
skipcard Nintendo/T/
skipcard Oceania/T/
skipcard Pen/T/
skipcard Physics/T/
skipcard Politics/T/
skipcard Rock/T/
skipcard Sand/T/
skipcard Shakespeare/T/
skipcard TV Shows/T/
skipcard Water/T/
skipcard Wind/T/
skipcard Work/T/
@emit [name(%#)] pastes the Free Dissociation deck into the Dvorak Engine.

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