Dvorak Export: Frankenstein deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Thunderstorm/A/Quick, get it ready! Draw three cards.
loadcard Rotting Torso/T/
loadcard Bolts/T/
loadcard Broken Arm/T/
loadcard Broken Leg/T/
loadcard Bloody Head/T/This can only be put in play if you already control a Body and Bolts.
loadcard Woodcutter's Head/T/
loadcard Iron Bar/T/
loadcard Lower Leg/T/This can only be played if you control an Iron Bar.
loadcard Graverobber/T/Action: Choose a Body Part from the discard pile and put it into your hand.
loadcard Lost on the Moors/A/Destroy a member of Staff.
loadcard Saboteur/T/Action: Discard 2 cards to acquire a Body Part or piece of Equipment from an opponent.
loadcard The Hound/T/Opponents may not steal Body Parts or Equipment from you. Action: Destroy the Hound to destroy a member of Staff.
loadcard Mob With Torches/T/At the end of a Player's turn, if that Player has more than four cards in their hand, destroy all Staff and Body Parts they control, and destroy Mob With Torches.
loadcard Lightning Strike/A/If you control a Head, a Body, two Arms and two Legs, you win the game.
loadcard Lightning Strike/A/If you control a Head, a Body, two Arms and two Legs, you win the game.
loadcard Twisted Arm/T/
loadcard Bony Torso/T/
loadcard Call the Police/A/Make an opponent discard cards until they have 3 or less.
loadcard Dredging the River/A/Draw cards until you have drawn 3, or until a body part is drawn.
loadcard Igor/T/Action: Draw a card; if it is not a Body Part or Equipment, discard it.
loadcard Brainwashing/A/Gain control of a member of Staff.
loadcard Skeletal Arm/T/
loadcard Doberman Legs/T/This card counts as two legs. This card can only be played if the Hound is in play, and replaces it.
loadcard Flock of Bats/T/Action: Discard a card to force an opponent to discard a card of their choice.
loadcard Undertaker/T/Whenever a member of Staff goes to the discard pile from play, you may draw a card.
loadcard Farewell to Arms/A/Destroy all Arms.
loadcard Professor's Head/T/When Professor's Head comes into play, you may draw a card.
loadcard Fragile Torso/T/Any Player may discard their hand to destroy Fragile Torso.
loadcard Angry Mob through Secret Passage/A/Discard your hand, and destroy up to three body parts.
loadcard Bright Sunshiney Day/A/Make a player discard 2 cards of their choice.
loadcard Mind-swap Device/T/Action: Exchange a card of your choice from your hand, with a random card from an opponent's hand.
loadcard Lovely Day/A/If any player has a Lightning Strike or Thunderstorm card in their hand, they must discard it.
loadcard Mind-Draining Device/T/Players must discard down to four cards at the end of their turns.
loadcard Necronomicon/T/During their draw phase, if a player has less than 2 cards, they draw up to 3 instead of the usual draw phase.
loadcard Learn from Experience/A/Retrieve any Action from the discard pile.
loadcard Lightning Conductor/T/Action: Draw a card; if it is not Lightning Strike, discard it.
loadcard Leading the Mob/A/Discard one of your Staff to destroy up to two body parts of an opponent.
loadcard Stolen Plans/A/Destroy one of your Staff. Look at the opponent's hand, and take a card of your choice from it.
loadcard Maggot Infestation/A/Destroy a Body Part.
loadcard Shallow Grave/A/Shuffle the discard pile into the draw pile.
loadcard I Was Very Drunk/A/Destroy all Legs.
loadcard Virulent Disease/T/At the end of each Player's turn, they must destroy a Staff member they control. If they have no Staff, destroy Virulent Disease.
loadcard Inspiration/A/All players draw 2 cards.
loadcard Transplant Doctor/T/Whenever a Body Part goes to the discard pile from play, you may draw a card.
loadcard Malfunction/A/Destroy a piece of Equipment.
loadcard Bubbling Potion/A/During this turn, you may play any number of cards from your hand (but may not use any actions from Things in play).
loadcard Metal Arm/T/Metal Arm counts as Equipment rather than a Body Part.
loadcard Metal Leg/T/Metal Leg counts as Equipment rather than a Body Part.
@emit [name(%#)] pastes the Frankenstein deck into the Dvorak Engine.

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