Dvorak Export: Dvanguard set

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Skill/T/When Skill is in the discard pile, shuffle this card into the deck.
loadcard Power/A/Activate your persona's Power ability.<BR><BR>When Power is in the discard pile, shuffle this card into the deck.
loadcard Ganondorf,<BR>King of Evil/T/If your life would become 0 or less, instead replace this card with Ganon. <BR>Skill - Monster Hordes: At the end of your turn, deal 1 dmg to each opponent with fewer Things than you. You may play Skills as Things, and you gain a token of any type when you do.<BR>Power - Blight Curse: Target opponent can't play Powers and deals 1 less dmg. That player may shuffle a Power or Skill from their hand into the deck to end this effect.
loadcard GANON/T/You start with 25 life. If this replaces Ganondorf, King of Evil, your life total becomes 5. <BR>Skill - Triforce of Power: You may play Skills as Things. At the beginning of your turn, if you control a skill, deal X+1 dmg to target player, where X is the number of Skills you control.<BR> Power - Dark World: Turn target thing face-down and gain control of it. It counts as a Skill card while it's face-down.
loadcard Piccolo,<BR>Z-Fighter/T/Things you control are green. When you play a card besides the first in a turn, deal target opponent 1 dmg. <BR>Spec - Weighted Cape: Whenever you discard a Skill Card, draw three cards. You may play one of them.<BR>Power - Special Beam Cannon: Deal any number of target players 5 dmg each.
loadcard Tony Stark,<BR>Iron Man/T/Your starting hand size and max hand size are increased by two. You can't play the only card in your hand. You may play an extra card per turn from your Upgrade zone.<BR>Special - Target Lock: Play Skills as Actions with "Flip a coin. Heads: deal 3 dmg to target player and return this card to your hand. Tails: deal 2 dmg to target player."<BR>Power - Upgrade: Set aside the top 4 cards of the deck face-up in your Upgrade zone.
loadcard Starscream,<BR>Ambitious Traitor/T/Whenever the opponent with the most life takes damage, that player gives you a random card from their hand.<BR>Skill - Betrayal: You may discard a Skill to choose Action or Thing and have another player draw and reveal a card. If it was not of the chosen type, discard it and deal that player 4 dmg.<BR>Power - Null Ray: Deal target opponent 1 dmg for each card in their hand fewer than 4. Things they currently control are blank until the end of their next turn.
loadcard Fallout,<BR>Wasteland Survivor/T/If each non-Token Thing you control would be destroyed, choose one not to be destroyed.<BR>Skill - Survivalist: You may discard a Skill to draw 2 cards and gain 2 life.<BR>Power - Megaton Bomb: Deal 8 damage to each opponent, deal 5 damage to yourself, and destroy all Things.
loadcard Jean-Luc Picard,<BR>Starfleet Captain/T/Skill - Red Alert: You may discard a Skill (not as a reaction) to prevent all damage to you and make your Things indestructible until your next turn.<BR>Power - To Boldly Go: Take two extra turns after this one. During those turns, you may not play Powers, and when you would draw a card, instead look at the top 2 cards of the deck, discard one of them, then draw the other.
loadcard Maarek Stele,<BR>Imperial Ace/T/Once per turn, instead of playing a Thing or an Action, you may play an Action or a Thing.<BR>Skill - Dogfight: You may play Skills as Things. When you do, deal target opponent 1 dmg for each Skill you control. You may shuffle a Skill you control into the deck to negate 3 dmg from a single source.<BR>Power - Proton Torpedoes: Choose target Thing. Choose randomly unless you control 2 skills. You may destroy it and deal 5 dmg to its controller.
loadcard John Egbert,<BR>Heir of Breath/T/Whenever you discard a card, deal 1 dmg to target player.<BR>Skill - Alchemize: You may discard a Skill to look at the top 5 cards of the deck, choose one, and either play it immediately or put it into your hand. Then shuffle the deck.<BR>Power - The Windy Thing: Return all Things to their controller's hands. Opponents must immediately discard down to their hand size minus 2. For each Thing you returned to your hand, deal 2 dmg to each opponent.
loadcard Kevan Davis,<BR>Primordial Architect/T/You win when you have 30 or more life.<BR>Skill - Genesis: Play Skills as Things. At the start of your turn, for each Skill you control, draw a card and gain 1 life.<BR>Power - More Equal Than Others: If you have less life than an opponent, gain 6 life. If you have fewer cards in hand than an opponent, draw 3 cards. If you control fewer Things than an opponent, gain control of target Thing.
loadcard Ender Wiggin,<BR>Dragon Commander/T/Whenever you play a Thing or a Thing you control is destroyed, deal 1 dmg to target player.<BR>Skill - Prodigy: When your hand contains only Skills, you may discard them and draw 4 cards for each.<BR>Power - Command: Gain 3 Ship Tokens, or 5 if you have less than 10 life. They have "When an opponent plays a non-Power Action, you may destroy two Ship Tokens you control to negate that Action."
loadcard O5,<BR>The Overseer Council/T/Your starting hand size and max hand size are increased by two.<BR>Skill - Secure, Contain, Protect: Play Skills as Actions with "Move target Thing to your Containment Zone."<BR>Power - MTF Alpha-9 ("Last Hope"): You may put the top card of the deck into your Containment Zone face-up. Deal damage to target opponent equal to the number of Contained cards. You may play a card from your Containment Zone. If it is a Thing, you may play it under any player's control.
loadcard Discord,<BR>Spirit of Chaos/T/If a player or a card not in the deck would be chosen randomly, flip a coin. On heads, you choose instead. You may look at cards being chosen from.<BR>Skill - Twists and Turns: Once during your turn (even before drawing) you may copy an opponent's persona's Skill abilities until your next turn.<BR>Power - Anarchy: Gain control of a random non-Token Thing. Target player discards a random card. Deal 5 dmg to a random player. Put a random card from the discard pile into your hand.
loadcard Urza,<BR>Planeswalker/T/Skill - Artifice: Play Skills as Things. If the first card you draw in a turn is a Thing or a Skill, you may put it into play and draw a card.<BR>Power - Urzatron: Return 3 Skills you control to your hand to either deal 10 dmg to target opponent or 7 dmg to each opponent.
loadcard Peridot,<BR>Homeworld Emissary/T/Things you control are green.<BR>Skill - Repair Bots: Play Skills as Actions with "Gain 1 life, then return a Thing from the discard pile to play. It's blank until your next turn.<BR>Power - Finger Gadgets: Look at the top three cards of the deck, play up to two of them, and put the rest back in any order. Deal target opponent 3 dmg. You may discard a card to return this card to your hand OR look at target opponent's hand and have them discard a card OR deal target opponent 2 dmg.
loadcard Batman,<BR>The Dark Knight/T/Things you control are black.<BR>You may play an additional Action Ability each turn.<BR>Skill - Batarangs: Play Skills as Actions with "Target opponent discards a card and takes 3 dmg."<BR>Power - Batcave: Look at the top 7 cards of the deck. You may reveal a non-Power Action, a Thing, and any number of non-Action non-Thing cards. Put those cards into your hand and gain 2 life. Shuffle the deck.
loadcard Frisk,<BR>The Fallen Child/T/Players deal X less damage to you, where X is that player's Friendship. This can't reduce damage below 2 unless their Friendship is 3 or higher.<BR>Skill - Determination: You may discard a Skill to gain 1 life and draw a card. When you do, until your next turn, you take 1 less damage from all sources.<BR>Power - Act: Target opponent gains 1 Friendship. If their Friendship is at least 6 minus the number of players the game began with (min 2), that player is now on your team.
loadcard Whitney,<BR>Goldenrod Gym Leader/T/Things you control are pink.<BR>Skill - Metronome: Once during your turn, you may discard a Skill to play the top card of the deck. If the top card of the deck is a skill, gain 5 life instead of playing it, then shuffle the deck.<BR>Power - Rollout: Gain 1 Momentum, then deal target opponent dmg equal to twice your Momentum.
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