Dvorak Export: Constructed booster pack

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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Ultimate Beacon	constructed_booster_pack	thing	Thing		Before the game begins, name a card.  Sacrifice Ultimate Beacon, Action: Search your deck for the named card, place the chosen card into your hand, then shuffle your deck.		JakeTheWolfie
Curse of Binding	constructed_booster_pack	thing_curse	Thing - Curse		Attach to target deck.  Attached deck cannot be searched through, cannot have any cards revealed from it, nor can it be shuffled. If attached deck is empty, sacrifice Curse of Binding.		JakeTheWolfie
Protective Aura	constructed_booster_pack	action	Action		Target thing gains indestructible until the beginning of your next turn.  You may play this at any time.		JakeTheWolfie
Untitled	constructed_booster_pack	thing	Thing				
Untitled	constructed_booster_pack	action	Action				

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