Dvorak Export: Combo Pirates/v1

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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Banana Tree	v1	thing	Thing	1	Use(1): put a coin on this. If it has 3+ coins, remove them all, gain 6 coins, increase the Income and draw a card. If this has a coin on it, things that destroy Treasures can destroy it.		Bucky
Commandeer	v1	action	Action	1	Gain control of a Boat this turn. When you give it back, draw a card.		Bucky
Blockade Cruiser	v1	thing_boat	Thing - Boat	4	+1 maximum hand size.  Use(2): Each opponent discards a card or pays 3 coins. Opponents with no cards in hand don't need to pay.		Bucky
Alert the Creditors	v1	action	Action	3	Target opponent destroys one of their Treasures. If it cost 5 or more, increase the Income.		Bucky
Grapeshot	v1	action	Action	3	Destroy any number of target Things with combined costs no higher than your Combo Points. (including the point from playing Grapeshot)		ChippyYYZ
Hire Robbers	v1	action	Action	5	Destroy target Treasure unless its owner spends 8 Coins to protect it.		Bucky
Coin Chest	v1	thing_treasure_box	Thing - Treasure Box	4	This becomes Used when you acquire it.   Use(0): Gain 1 gold, then gain 1 more for each Treasure you have. Afterwards, destroy this.		Bucky
Smuggler's Yacht	v1	thing_boat	Thing - Boat	3	+1 maximum hand size.   Use(1): Discard a card to draw a card.		Bucky
Starting Income	v1	rule	Rule	+2	Each player gets +2 Coins at the start of their turn	Everyone has 2 income at the start of the game	Bucky

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