Dvorak Export: Cluedo

This is a tab-separated dump of the deck, designed for import into Lackey's carddata.txt.

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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Miss Scarlett	cluedo	suspect	Suspect		Colour: Red		
Colonel Mustard	cluedo	suspect	Suspect		Colour: Yellow		
Mrs White	cluedo	suspect	Suspect		Colour: White		
Reverend Green	cluedo	suspect	Suspect		Colour: Green		
Mrs Peacock	cluedo	suspect	Suspect		Colour: Blue		
Professor Plum	cluedo	suspect	Suspect		Colour: Purple		
Dagger	cluedo	weapon	Weapon				
Candlestick	cluedo	weapon	Weapon				
Revolver	cluedo	weapon	Weapon				
Rope	cluedo	weapon	Weapon				
Lead Piping	cluedo	weapon	Weapon				
Spanner	cluedo	weapon	Weapon				
Cellar	cluedo	room	Room				
Ballroom	cluedo	room	Room				
Billiard Room	cluedo	room	Room				
Conservatory	cluedo	room	Room				
Dining Room	cluedo	room	Room				
Hall	cluedo	room	Room				
Kitchen	cluedo	room	Room				
Library	cluedo	room	Room				
Lounge	cluedo	room	Room				
Study	cluedo	room	Room				

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