Dvorak Export: Battle Deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Peek (1sp)/A/Choose a card from an opponent's hand and look at it.
loadcard Precognition (3sp)/T/Counter target action.
loadcard Telepathy (5sp)/T/Counter target action. If you have Psychic Style, put the card into your hand. ("Oh I'll handle it.")
loadcard Mind Rot (4sp)/A/Target player discards a card. If you have Psychic Style, they discard another card.
loadcard Inner Sight (2sp)/A/Look at target player's hand.
loadcard Brain Burst (4sp)/A/Destroy target undead or biological thing or token. ("Go for the brain!!")
loadcard Leech Consciousness (5sp)/T/All actions cost 1sp more to play. If you have Psychic Style, whenever an action is played, gain sp cost/2 rounded up.
loadcard Amulet of Donag (4sp / 3hp)/T/Action: 6sp: Take control of target thing. ("Sometimes the amulet speaks. And it is rude.")
loadcard Psionic Dampener (5sp / 4hp)/T/Action: 5sp: Biological creatures take 2 damage.
loadcard Distortion Tower (7sp / 5hp)/T/If an opponent's thing were to deal damage, that damage is also reflected upon itself.
loadcard Rune Bolt (6sp)/A/Destroy 1 thing or distribute exactly 5 damage among things. ("We've all heard of lightning bolts.")
loadcard Mana Quake (7sp)/A/Destroy 2 things.
loadcard Implosion Portal (10sp)/A/Destroy all things and runes in play, except evolution cards.
loadcard Illumination Army (4sp)/A/Put 3 arcane tokens into play each with 5 hp. If you have Arcane Style, put 1 extra into play.
loadcard Ray Obelisk (7sp)/A/Deal 9 damage to target thing or 1 damage to any player.
loadcard Mirror Beam (6sp)/T/Destroy target thing that uses an action to destroy another thing.
loadcard Deconstruction Wave (4sp)/A/Destroy all runes in play.
loadcard Fountain of Mana (0sp)/T/If you have Arcane Style, gain 1 extra sp each turn while this rune is in play.
loadcard Crystal Orb (4sp / 2hp)/T/As long as this thing is in play, roll a die each turn. If it is 4 or higher, gain 1sp.
loadcard Glowing Core (6sp / 4hp)/T/All Arcane damage dealt by cards under your control have their damage increased by 1.
loadcard Mini Quake (5sp)/A/Deal 2 damage to any number of things. ("It was a really mini quake!")
loadcard Tremor Bolt (2sp)/A/One opponent discards a card.
loadcard Fog of Pebbles (6sp)/T/Things you control take 3 less damage.
loadcard Boulder Hammer (4sp / 6hp)/T/Action: 3sp: Deal 2 stone damage to target thing.
loadcard Stone Mitts (4sp / 6hp)/T/This comes into play attached to a thing. If the thing it is attached to leaves play, attach it to another thing. If you control no other things, attach it to an opponent's thing. If no things are in play destroy it. Attached thing does 1 extra stone damage whenever it deals damage.
loadcard Rock Golem (3sp / 5hp)/T/Action: 1sp: Deal 1 stone damage to target thing. Rock Golem is immune to lightning damage.
loadcard Stone Giant (6sp / 10hp)/T/This thing can only be destroyed by damage, not by "destroy effects". It takes 1 less damage from all attacks on it. Stone Giant is immune to lightning damage, and is immune to rune effects.
loadcard Fortified Gate (4sp)/T/This thing is indestructible.
loadcard Hot Spring (3sp / 5hp)/T/Reaction: 2sp: prevent 1 damage to any thing you control that is not a fire type.
loadcard Mud Statue (3sp / 5hp)/T/Reaction: 5sp: Counter an action.
loadcard Soar (4sp)/T/Prevent 4 damage to target thing. ("NOPE!")
loadcard Gale-Force Winds (5sp)/A/Return target thing to its owner's hand.
loadcard New Lands (5sp)/A/Draw a card. If you have Sky Style, you may play it without paying its cost.
loadcard Forced Diplomacy (3sp)/A/You and an opponent must trade a card. Do not reveal anything about the cards until the trade it complete. ("Is that an oxymoron?")
loadcard Flash (4sp)/A/Switch a thing in play under your control with a thing from your hand without paying its sp cost.
loadcard Overcast (3sp)/T/Arcane, lightning, and light damage is reduced by by 2.
loadcard Cloud Golem (4sp / 4hp)/T/Action: 3sp: Destroy a token. This thing is immune to stone damage.
loadcard Bird Folk (3sp / 5hp)/T/Action: 4sp: Deal 1 damage to target thing and prevent 1 damage to another thing until it is your turn again.
loadcard Clarity Bell (3sp / 4hp)/T/As long as this is in play, you are immune to discarding cards.
loadcard Evolution Stage 1 (4sp)/T/All your things have +1hp. This card cannot be destroyed.
loadcard Evolution Stage 2 (4sp)/T/All your things have +1hp. This card cannot be destroyed. Play this only if you have Evolution Stage 1 in play.
loadcard Evolution Stage 3 (4sp)/T/All your things have +1hp. This card cannot be destroyed. Play this only if you have Evolution Stage 2 in play.
loadcard Rapid Growth (5sp)/A/Put a copy of a target biological thing into play under your control.
loadcard Feeding Frenzy (5sp)/T/Choose a card in the discard pile. Prevent an amount of damage equal to that card's sp cost to your things distributed however you'd like. ("Yum.")
loadcard Metabolism (4sp / 3hp)/T/As long as this is in play, you may play either one extra action or one extra thing each turn. If you do not have Biological Style, that card's sp cost is increased by 1.
loadcard Flesh Mongrel (3sp / 1hp)/T/Action: 3sp: Deal damage equal to this thing's hp to target thing.
loadcard Scale Beast (4sp / 2hp)/T/Action: 2sp: Play another biological thing this turn.
loadcard Brood Bog (3sp / 5hp)/T/Action: 2sp: Put a biological thing token into play that has 1hp. That token has "Action: 3sp: Sacrifice a biological token in order to deal 1 acid damage to target thing. You may play this action as many times this turn as you wish, as long as you keep paying 3sp and sacrificing tokens."
loadcard OctoBeast (3sp / 2hp)/T/Action: 5sp: Choose one: Deal 1 damage to 8 different things, or deal 1 damage to target player.
loadcard Gelatinous Blob (4sp / 1hp)/T/Action: 2sp: turn this card into a copy of target biological thing. It loses this ability.
loadcard BioPaste (4sp / 5hp)/T/Sacrifice this card to bring back any biological card from the discard pile into play under your control.
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