Dvorak Export: Barbeque deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Heineken (-1)/T/Play on target player.
loadcard Beer (1)/T/
loadcard White Wine (1)/T/Needs to be consumed with fish.
loadcard Red Wine (1)/T/Needs to be consumed with meat.
loadcard Jack Daniels (2)/T/If <i>The Nathan</i> is in play, both cards are destroyed. (""Gimme that bottle"")
loadcard Polish Vodka (2)/T/Play on target player. They go temporarily blind => Each player may steal one item on the table from this player, starting with the person who played this card.
loadcard Sangria (3)/T/May only be played together with a Spain reference, or if you have a Spain guest in play.
loadcard Keg (3)/T/You cannot eat this turn. (""No time, drinking"")
loadcard Lame Salad (1)/T/
loadcard Lame Salad (1)/T/
loadcard Crudités is just French for lame salad (1)/T/You may switch this for a 2 point food, in this case the card is playable as an action.
loadcard Carrots (1)/T/ (""Nobody likes carrots" -Shone")
loadcard Cucumber (2)/T/Flip a coin: Heads: 2 points, as normal. Tails: bloody diarrhea => lose 2 points instead.
loadcard Cigarette (1)/T/One player of your choice loses his appetite this round.
loadcard Bun (1)/T/You gain an extra point if you consume this with a burger.
loadcard Pasta Salad (3)/T/
loadcard Bacon Rod (2/1)/T/ (""Because, hey, bacon on a stick!"")
loadcard Garlic Bread (2/1)/T/You lose one guest due to halitosis.
loadcard Burger (2/2)/T/
loadcard Burger (2/2)/T/
loadcard Burger (2/2)/T/ (""The card should say Burger-King, not Burger-Thing!"")
loadcard Veggie Burger (2/2)/T/ (""An abomination against nature"")
loadcard Sardines (2/2)/T/
loadcard Chicken Wings (2/2)/T/You gain an extra point if you control Hot Sauce.
loadcard Sausages (2/2)/T/Easily Divided: 2 points for you, 1 point for a player of your choice.
loadcard Salmon (2/3)/T/
loadcard Corn on the Cob (2/4)/T/You may spend extra turns cooking this to butter it. If you do, each extra turn makes this food worth an extra point.
loadcard Pigeon (2/5)/T/
loadcard Scampi Delicacy (3/1)/T/
loadcard Bacon!!! (3/2)/T/ (""Food of the gods"")
loadcard Roadkill (3/2)/T/Flip a coin: Heads: 3 points, as normal. Tails: Puking => lose 2 points instead. (""No idea what this is, but hey, free food!"")
loadcard Baked Banana (3/2)/T/May only be consumed as dessert (to finish the game).
loadcard Duck! (3/3)/T/May be used as an action card instead to ignore the effect of one action on you.
loadcard Skunk Steak (3/3)/T/Discard <i>all</i> guests in play due to awful odours.
loadcard Chicken after Three Days (3/3)/T/Play only if this would let you win the game. If you do not win, lose all your points. All opponents lose four as well.
loadcard Spare Ribs (4/3)/T/ (""Have you got one to spare?" *Badum-Tish*")
loadcard Red Wine Marinated Beef (4/3)/T/ (""French"")
loadcard Fatty Loin (4/3)/T/One thing on the barbeque is destroyed. ("*Woosh* "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!"")
loadcard Half A Cow (5/2)/T/Divide 4 extra points among your opponents as you see fit. This steak is just too big.
loadcard Octopus (8/2)/T/Divide the eight points as fairly as possible, ignoring bonusses.
loadcard The Shone/T/If you consume alcohol, you may destroy a guest.
loadcard The Ace/T/Comes into play with 3 counters. You may ignore an action for each. (""Yeah, but I have a knife"")
loadcard The Vincent/T/Assign to any player when played. You may not play vegetables. (""What do you mean, vegetables?"")
loadcard The Arno/T/Immunity to puking.
loadcard The Nathan/T/One extra point for every vegetable consumed.
loadcard The Didier/T/Comes into play with 5 counters. For each counter you may have someone discard a card at any time due to distraction. This card may be destroyed by anyone by throwing away a cigarette. (""Bump it, bump it, c'mon, bump iiiit!!"")
loadcard The Atan./T/Comes into play with 3 counters. For each counter you may have someone discard 2 cards at any time due to distraction. If The Atan and The Didier are in play at the same time, the universe is destroyed and the game must be rebooted. Only points are kept. (""Have you seen this YouTube clip?"")
loadcard The Muslim/T/Assign to any player when played. You may not eat pork.
loadcard The Hippie/T/Assign to any player when played. You may not eat fish, meat and poultry. Can be discarded by throwing away a vegetable. (""Go, fetch!"")
loadcard Designated Driver/T/Assign to any player when played. You may not consume alcohol.
loadcard Captain Cook/T/Reduce your cooking costs by 1, you can never go below 1 turn of cooking.
loadcard The Colonel/T/All poultry you eat gives double points.
loadcard Incredibly Hot Sauce./T/For all barbeque foods you eat you may flip a coin: Heads: Double the points. Tails: Destroy the food.
loadcard Mad Cow Disease/T/There may be no beef on the table! Playable as action: if played when someone eats beef this player must discard their hand.
loadcard Binge Drinking/A/Consume all alcohol in your hand at the same time (show your hand to prove this!).
loadcard Burnt Meat/A/One barbeque food is destroyed.
loadcard Ants! Ants!/A/One piece of meat is destroyed.
loadcard Lighter Fuel Spillage/A/Destroys three things in play.
loadcard Water Fight/A/The barbeque is doused => cooking times reset.
loadcard Playing With Fire/A/All barbeque food is stalled one turn due to people stealing the lighter fluid for entertainment.
loadcard Heavy Rain/A/Everything on the barbeque is destroyed.
loadcard Gross Negligence/A/Everything on the barbeque is destroyed.
loadcard One Glass Too Many/A/Target alcohol consuming player loses 3 points due to puking.
loadcard Sea, Food!/A/Target player with points over 10 loses 5 points (needs to be used while consuming a food) due to puking.
loadcard Incredibly Nasty Campfire Story/A/Opponents of your choice pukes up 6 points, all other players lose 2.
loadcard Swimming Pool/A/Target player gets a chair chucked at their head and loses 2 points.
loadcard Water Balloon Counter/A/Cancel target action. (""Duck!" "Oh, I like duck"")
loadcard Blackened Upper Body/A/Target opponent loses a turn to go wash.
loadcard "It Looks Ready To Me"/A/Consume a barbeque food before it is done cooking for one point less.
loadcard Everything's Better Onna Stick/A/One consumed barbeque food is worth an extra point.
loadcard BBQ, A Poem By AM/A/You may throw one guest onto the barbeque. They are worth 5 points and take 4 turns to cook. (""All those people, all that blood, come what may, not what should"")
loadcard "There's Nothing Wrong With This"/A/You may retrieve the top food from the discard pile and put it into play. (""You're not gonna throw that away, are you?"")
loadcard The Bum/A/Target opponent hands you one thing from the barbeque which would be finished this turn. (""Please?"")
loadcard King Salami/A/Divide one barbeque food between you and the owner (the points are split evenly, rounded down).
loadcard Raccoon Burglary/A/Target player loses 2 random cards.
loadcard Cooler Run/A/Draw 2 cards.
loadcard Cooler Run/A/Draw 2 cards.
loadcard Supermarket Run/A/Draw 3 cards. (""Anyone got a car? Anyone NOT drunk?"")
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