Dvorak Export: Arcane powers deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Fireball/T/Deal 10 points of damage to your opponent.
loadcard Ice Shard/T/Freeze your opponent so that they cannot cast spells for 2 turns and the opponent takes 10 points of damage.
loadcard Forked Lightning/T/Inflict 15 points of damage to your opponent.
loadcard Tornado Clap/T/Your opponent gets sent flying inflicting 5 points of damage.
loadcard Divine Healing/T/Heal 20 points of damage.
loadcard Undying rage/T/All attacks do double damage for the rest of the game.
loadcard Shield/T/Take no damage for the next 5 turns. You can still use spells.
loadcard Meteor Shower/T/All players [including caster] takes 40 points of damage.
loadcard Chain Lightning/T/3 points of damage is inflicted upon 3 opponents
loadcard Nightfall/T/All players become hard to see and therefore spells may miss.
loadcard Ominous Haze/T/The caster and his alliance becomes hidden.
loadcard Earthquake/T/All players lose 1 random card and lose 5 points of health.
loadcard Slow Motion/T/Time slows for 3 turns giving the caster a 50/50 chance of dodging any spells cast at him.
loadcard Sonic Boom/T/A loud sonic boom sends all players flying inflicting 20 points of damage.
loadcard Snow Storm/T/Heavy snow falls on the field boosting frost attacks by 15 points.
loadcard Teleport/T/When used you dodge the next attack that is aimed at you.
loadcard Windchill/T/All heat-based attacks are removed from your opponents hand.
loadcard Summon/T/A wolf appears at the casters side and will deal 5 points of damage to the casters opponents for 5 turns.
loadcard Severe Burn/T/Your opponent takes 15 points of damage for the next 3 turns.
loadcard Spellbound/T/The opponent is trapped in an invisible barrier and cannot cast for the next 6 turns.
loadcard Guardian/T/The caster takes no damage until his guardian [who has 50 health points] is defeated.
loadcard Basic Healing/T/All allies recieve 5 points of health.
loadcard Shatter/T/Shards of glass are flung all around damaging all players by 12 points.
loadcard Hover/T/The caster hovers above the playing field. Attacks will not hit the caster for 5 turns until he/she lands.
loadcard Shrink/T/The opponent shrinks down to half size and means their magical energies will not be as powerful for 2 turns. (Half damage will be dealt)
loadcard Locust Swarm/T/A swarm of deadly locust assault the opponent dealing 45 points of damage.
loadcard Stampede/T/A stampede of raging bulls rips across the battlefield all opponents take 30 points of damage.
loadcard Avalanche/T/The opponent takes 30 point of damge and his hand of cards is rendered useless.
loadcard Rain Storm/T/Heavy rain causes the battlefield to go dark.Spells may miss and fire attacks do half the damage than usual [lasts for 5 turns].
loadcard Warp/T/The opponent suffers 60 points of damage.
loadcard Heatwave/T/The battlefield becomes dry and fire attacks now deal double damage. [lasts for 12 turns].
loadcard Invisibility/T/Any attacks aimed at you always miss [lasts for 6 turns].
loadcard Casters Blessing/T/The caster can choose another player. This player takes all the damage aimed at the caster for the next turn.
loadcard Bottomless pit/T/The opponent falls down a pit taking 35 points of damage.[the opponent remains in the pit for 5 turns unless he has a hover or teleport spell].
loadcard Sacrifice/T/The caster takes 500 points of damage to inflict 1000 points of damage to the opponent [If it is a 1 on 1 game then this card should be avoided. The caster dies first therefore losing. If he is in an alliance then the game continues without him].
loadcard Revive/T/The caster brings the chosen player back to life with full health.
loadcard Mind control/T/For the next 2 turns the casters chosen player is under his control. The caster can tell said player to cast any spell. Should the player go against the casters will, he shall be killed and removed from the game.
loadcard Full Moon/T/The moon increases the casters power by 25 points.
loadcard Rewind/T/Play after an attack has been dealt to the caster. All damage dealt to the caster due to that attack is not counted.
loadcard Volcano Tempest/T/Deals 90 points of damage to the opponent but deals 50 points of damage to the caster.
loadcard Legendary Healing/T/Heals 100 points of health to all allies including caster.
loadcard Shard Onslaught/T/A deadly barrage of 100 ice shards [each shard deals 1 point of damage] is launched at the opponent and cannot be avoided unless a card such as teleport is used.
loadcard Stone Strike/T/A massive stone sword is thrust right into the opponent dealing 99 points of damage.
loadcard Tsunami Strike/T/A massive tsunami sweeps over the battlefield damaging all players by 75 points. The tsunami cannot be dodged and the only defense is a shield. Any enemys within the bottomless pit are defeated.
loadcard Lava Flow/T/A stream of Lava flows through the battlefield damaging all opponents by 25 points.
loadcard Dragon Breath/T/The caster sets his opponents on fire, the damage lasts for 3 turns. (5 damage per turn)
@emit [name(%#)] pastes the Arcane powers deck into the Dvorak Engine.

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