Dvorak Export: 1920's Sci-Fi Deck

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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Prototype Portal	1920_s_sci_fi	thing	Thing		Action:Sacrifice this card then discard a card,flip a coin  if heads add a card from any other dvorak to your hand.		
Mob Extortion	1920_s_sci_fi	action	Action		Your opponent discards a card then you can play  play another action this turn		
Attack Blimp	1920_s_sci_fi	thing	Thing		Action:Destroy a thing.		
Ancient Horror	1920_s_sci_fi	thing	Thing		When this card comes into play destroy all other things in play		
Molotov Cocktail	1920_s_sci_fi	action	Action		Destroy a thing		
Occult Collector	1920_s_sci_fi	thing	Thing		You win if you have 5 or more artifacts.		
Book of Ancient Magics	1920_s_sci_fi	thing_artifact	Thing-Artifact		You can play an extra action each turn		

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